The Entertainer's Fridge Every Family Needs

30 November, 2023 - 4 min read

Thought you were up to speed on fridges? Think again. Not all fridges are designed with entertaining in mind, but the Fisher & Paykel 538L Quad Door Fridge stands out as the premium choice for hosts and families alike. A real pro at making your entertaining a breeze, it goes beyond basic refrigeration. This Fisher & Paykel appliance is engineered to elevate your hosting game, offering smart features that enhance freshness, ensure convenience, and cut down on unnecessary food waste. If you're in search of a fridge that transforms every gathering into an effortless event, your quest ends here. So, take a seat, relax, and let's delve into the sophisticated world of entertainment-enhancing refrigeration.

Flexible Storage For Every Day And Entertaining

We all know modern life is busy – but who knew a fridge could be on hand to help you out? The Fisher & Paykel 538L Quad Door Fridge is ready for everything life throws at you, offering a clever, flexible design that works for you and your family. With four separate compartments – including the bottom right hand compartment which is a Variable Temperature Zone that can be set to Chill, Fridge, Soft Freeze or Freezer. So you can stay cool, calm and collected whether you’re entertaining the masses or just juggling your everyday life. Whether you want to get ahead of your week and have frozen meals galore? Or increase your fridge capacity to store more delicious fresh produce. The Variable Temperature Zone let's you adjust zones giving you full control over the way your food is stored and cared for. Whatever you need, this quad door fridge is ready to do the job. If only it could make the dinner for you as well…

Fresher Food Means More Savings

These days, saving money is a priority for most families, and the Fisher & Paykel 538L Quad Door Fridge has wallet-friendly features on tap. “Chill Mode is perfect for helping with your cost of living as it keeps meats, poultry and fish fresh for around three times longer than the standard Fridge Mode,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Refrigeration and Laundry. 

All black Fisher & Paykel 538L Quad Door Fridge

Host Smarter, Chill Better

Ever wonder how to keep your party platters perfectly chilled? Meet ActiveSmart™, the tech virtuoso featured in the Fisher & Paykel 538L Quad Door Fridge. This innovative technology fine-tunes temperature, airflow, and humidity, ensuring your culinary creations shine. No more worrying about limp salads or lukewarm drinks, this fridge has it covered. What makes it even more impressive? ActiveSmart™ is your very own personalised fridge assistant - capable of knowing you, your family, and your fridge preferences.

Perfect For Wine Lovers

If you’re partial to a drop of vino, you’ll be delighted to learn this Fisher & Paykel fridge is your ideal kitchen multitasker. Able to easily convert a section to keep beverages at the ideal temperature, you can reduce the need for a dedicated bar fridge – four stackable bottle holders lets you keep all your drinks in one convenient space, while the handy Chill Mode quickly chills your tipple to serving temperature. Plus, you’ve got instant access to a slimline water dispenser whenever you’re ready to rehydrate.

“Chill Mode is perfect for helping with your cost of living as it keeps meats, poultry and fish fresh for around three times longer than the standard Fridge Mode"

Save Time, Every Day

Unexpected guests have you hot under the collar? You can relax as Chill Mode again has you covered. As well as cooling your drinks quickly, the Fisher & Paykel 538L Quad Door Fridge works as quickly as you do, with a feature that has food ready-to-go. “This quad door fridge offers Soft Freeze – a mode that’s ideal for food that’ll be consumed soon,” says Peter Simic. “Food stored in Soft Freeze Mode only needs a quick thaw rather than a full defrost, so it’s perfect for portioning food. It’s a great option for meal preppers and busy families alike.”

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