Get Smart! 5 Easy Ways To Tighten Your Home Security

March 2, 2023 – 3 min read

There are many things we can’t control when it comes to our home life. Teenage moods. A neighbour’s yappy terrier. But knowing your family and most treasured belongings are as safe and secure as possible is within your power. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your home security set-up isn’t out of date.

“With the latest advances in smart home security, it’s easier than ever to protect the home front,” says David Linehan, The Good Guys Buyer – Tech Accessories. “These days, that means Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras that can send crystal-clear live alerts to your smartphone, voice-controlled smart locks, and vigilant video doorbells that see all.”

Here are five simple tactics to help you create and maintain an up-to-the-minute secure home that’s as safe as houses.

Close-up view of a woman pressing the button on a video doorbell next to the front door of a house

#1 All The Video Doorbells And Whistles

There are some tech inventions that make us wonder how we managed without them, such as mobile phones, car reversing cameras, and now video doorbells.

“This one simple device has completely revolutionised and streamlined the way people manage their home security and everyday life,” says David Linehan. “Video doorbells always let you know who’s at the door without having to answer it, let you speak to visitors remotely, and allow you to keep tabs on every coming and going or delivery, even when you’re not home. Plus, they can provide video evidence should the worst happen.”

“With the latest advances in smart home security, it’s easier than ever to protect the home front. These days, that means Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras, voice-controlled smart locks, and vigilant video doorbells that see all.”
Front on image of a Ring Video Doorbell 4

#2 Get A View From The Top

One of the best ways to secure your home is by keeping watch on what’s going on outside with an up-to-date security camera system. From anywhere, at any time, you can get a real-time take on what’s happening at your property via your compatible smartphone, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. And forget the dark, cropped or grainy images of old! You can now see it all in crisp high definition, cover larger areas such as big driveways or gardens, and stay in the picture around the clock with colour night vision.

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#3 Unlock Smarter Living

Retire that sketchy spare key under the pot plant! With a smart lock, you can breeze in and out of your home without compromising on security. Keep it simple with a model that opens by punching in a pin code of your choosing. Or go full Ocean's Eleven with one with bank-grade fingerprint security, such as the eufy Security Smart Door Lock Touch.

Arms loaded with groceries? With the eufy WiFi Smart Door Lock, just summon Alexa or Google Assistant to open the door with your voice. Or pick a one-stop smart lock – the eufy Video Smart Door Lock comes equipped with an integrated video doorbell and motion detection.

A woman installing a sleek white security camera in the ceiling of her home

#4 Be A Bright Spark

One of the top deterrents for unwanted visitors? Good lighting in all the right places – and smart lighting takes it to the next level. No matter whether you’re home or away, you can brighten, dim and change the colour of the lights inside and outside your house with your smartphone. Want to streamline the process even more? Use Wi-Fi to connect to a smart home speaker and you can instantly become your home’s lighting director just by using your voice. To step up surveillance in typically dark zones like your backyard, also consider installing a security camera such as the TP-LINK Outdoor HD Pan/Tilt Security Wi-Fi Camera with weatherproof housing, and night vision to catch intruders in the act.

#5 Install It All With The Good Guys Home Services

To transform your home into Fort Knox, you’ll need to make sure all your new home security equipment is installed correctly! That’s where The Good Guys Home Services come in! Our trained experts will check that everything is in the best spot for your home and in full working order, while you sit back and enjoy the benefits of a smarter, safer home!


Need to beef up your home security? Head online or in-store today for instant peace of mind. We’ve got you covered with the latest in home security tech, from security cameras and video doorbells to smart locks and smart lighting.

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