The Fisher and Paykel Kitchen Suite Spot

June 8, 2023 - 2 min read

Two of the leading kitchen trends for 2023 are seamless, integrated appliances and, of course, the dark tone trend. Introduced in 2019, the dark kitchen appliance trend still dominates with all major market-leading brands introducing it more heavily into their 2023 ranges.

Beautiful bright open plan kitchen with Fisher and Paykel appliances


The only concern with the dark appliance trend is that where you may have previously picked your fridge from one trusted brand and your upright cooker from another, you may now need to check that your choice of appliance finishes doesn’t clash, because let’s face it – one brand’s matte black range isn’t quite the same as another’s polished anthracite.

Saving the day are those brands who are bringing out ‘suites’ of matching appliances, such as Fisher & Paykel. With their modern take on integration and matching pieces for every corner of your kitchen, you can easily nail these two top kitchen trends in one hit.

Design Freedom

Fisher & Paykel, well known for their innovative design and technologically advanced appliances, have on offer kitchen appliances that allow the ultimate design freedom. Choose from a suite of appliances that you can effectively mix’n’match to create your ultimate kitchen – whether that is in the latest dark stainless steel, or integrated to seamlessly blend in with your kitchen.

“Mix'n'match to create your ultimate kitchen design - whether that's in the latest dark stainless steel or completely integrated to seamlessly blend in with your kitchen”

Appliance Integration

So, what is Kitchen Appliance Integration? Simply put - integrated Kitchen Appliances fit flush with your cupboards to give a seamless look, and often allow for fronts that match your kitchen cabinetry. So instead of traditional white, or stainless finishes they are built to have a matching panel of your own kitchen cabinetry neatly fit onto the front. The result is an almost or completely concealed finish, perfect for a sleek modern or minimalist kitchen design.

Pick all integrated appliances, or alternatively, you can also choose to integrate some products and reveal others. Imagine your dishwasher, placed perfectly for everyday dish washing and an additional concealed half Fisher & Paykel dishdrawer situated just to take on that extra party load. Or an integrated rangehood above a stunning statement freestanding cooker in black. What about a concealed fridge? Actually – scrap that, with Fisher & Paykel’s stunning range of French door fridges who’d want to cover up those beauties! And with so many different configurations available there’s a Fisher & Paykel refrigerator, with ActiveSmart™ technology, designed to improve your fridge’s performance, to suit any shape or style of kitchen.

Go Dark And Broody

Once you’ve decided to jump in on the stunning black appliance trend your newest crush will be Fisher & Paykel’s Black Stainless Steel range. True to their word – Fisher & Paykel offer this stunning dark finish across their range of products so you can have a full matching suite of products in your new kitchen. Choose from fridges, dishwashers, ovens, cooktops, rangehoods and freestanding cookers that are all designed to not only be functional but also complement each other with their broody, dark good looks.


Get in on the trend and learn more about Fisher & Paykel's stunning kitchen range here.

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