My First Home Office: The Must-Have Tech For Home Leavers

June 16, 2022 - 4 min read 

So you’ve made the leap and moved into your own place. Congrats! Whether you’re settling into a rental, share house or newly purchased digs, chances are there’ll be bills to pay and work to be done. Time to designate a room – or quiet corner – as your new home office, and kit it out with the essential tech to fuel your productivity and keep you adulting like a pro. Here’s what you’ll need.

Young woman using a laptop and smartphone while seated in her plant-filled home office.

Where To Put Your Home Office

Carving out the perfect space for your home office means considering everything you’ll need for your work day. Spoiled for space? Go ahead and designate a whole room! If not, simply find a quiet, cosy corner with the following:

The Computer

Laptop or desktop? It’s up to you! If you work between home and the office, a lightweight, portable laptop is a reliable option. The latest models come packed with useful features like LEDs for minimising eye strain (great for when you’re putting in overtime or pulling an all-nighter before exams). But, if work or study involves complex software, a desktop computer with more RAM and storage might be your best bet.

Save On Your First Computer

Lenovo IdeaCentre 23.8" Pentium

This slim, all-in-one PC has a huge 1TB hard drive. That’s ample space to store work files, programs and multimedia.

lenovo computer product image

Splurge On Your First Computer

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 14.4" i5 - Platinum

Work (or play!) no matter where the day takes you with a whopping 19-hour battery life and Bluetooth connectivity.

Microsoft computer product image

The Monitor

You’ll be staring at it for a good chunk of your day, so choosing the right monitor (or second screen to dock with your laptop) is vital for ergonomics and workflow. “With home monitors, it’s all about size, and bigger isn’t always better. A 24-inch monitor is ideal for a small, narrow desk in a cosy, working corner. If you’ve got room to play with, go all out with a huge 49-inch monitor instead of a double or triple screen setup,” says Jason Tavoletti, The Good Guys Buyer – Tech.

Save On Your First Monitor

Dell 24" FHD Monitor

Banish eye strain with the low blue-light technology of this monitor, perfect for compact home offices or a second screen.

Dell monitor product image

Splurge On Your First Monitor

Samsung 32" Curved UHD Monitor

This curved beauty with 4K display fits more of your documents and web pages on-screen for less scrolling, multiple window comfort and next-level visual detail.

Samsung monitor product image
“If you’ve got room to play with, go all out with a huge 49-inch monitor instead of a double or triple screen set-up.” Jason Tavoletti, The Good Guys Buyer – Tech

The Keyboard And Mouse

Type, point, click… you know the deal, and you’ll need a keyboard and mouse to get it all done. Sure, a laptop has a touchpad and keyboard, but upgrading to standalone options (or wireless ones) can boost ergonomics, help you type faster and more accurately, and jazz up your desk layout. If your work involves numbers, a keyboard with a number pad is a game changer!

Save On Your Computer Accessories

Logitech Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

A practical, portable, wireless set-up with 24 months of keyboard battery life and 12 months of mouse power. Batteries included!

Logitech mouse and keyboard product image

Splurge On Your Computer Accessories

Microsoft Arc Wireless Mouse

The aesthete’s choice, this slick and flexible trackpad scrolls vertically or horizontally with the swipe of your finger – when you’re done, just power it down by snapping it flat.

Microsoft mouse product image

The Printer

Hard copies of assignments, scanned documents for emailing, PDFs requiring signatures… having a home printer for all that is undeniably handy. Entry-level laser printers are affordable and compact, especially if you only need black and white ink. But, if you print regularly – and in colour – invest in an inkjet printer with a continuous ink supply system (CISS). This means less frequent cartridge changes – a win for the planet and your back pocket.

Save On Your First Printer

Canon Pixma Home Inkjet MFC Printer

A printer, scanner and copier with Wi-Fi, meaning you can free up space on your desk by setting it up in another room.

Canon printer product link

Splurge On Your First Printer

Epson WorkForce Multifunction Printer

For clear, crisp financials and documents, plus signature-ready copies in a flash. Protect the earth and your bank balance with double-sided printing.

Epson printer product image

The Extras

Now that you’ve nailed the essentials, look to these lifestyle extras to add extra pep to your workdays:


For the best home office tech, visit The Good Guys in-store or online, and make setting up your first home office a breeze.

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