Everything You Need to Know About Combi Ovens

April 12, 2022 – 3 min read

Searching for the latest innovations in cooking? Whether you’re wanting to cook the perfect roast or a picture perfect omelette, combi ovens give you precision and functions to accomplish all your cooking needs! If you’re wanting to up your kitchen game, read on…

A group of friends cooking at home with combi oven in the kitchen.

What Is A Combi Oven?

A Combi Oven, derived from Combination Oven, is an innovative kitchen appliance that cooks food by using steam, convection or a combination of both. They are seriously versatile and can be a time and space saver for any avid cook. Depending on the model, they can roast, poach, steam, grill, bake, shallow fry and even smoke food. Elevating any meal – whether it’s at breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

So, how does it work? A Combi Oven uses a fan, or multiple fans, to dispense dry heat evenly throughout the oven. Then, if needed, the Combi Oven will release water/ steam to raise the humidity. This mix of steam and heat creates faster cook times, unlocks more flavour, and helps to seal the moisture into your creation … yes please!

”A Combi Oven, is an innovative kitchen appliance that cooks food by using steam, convection or a combination of both. They are seriously versatile and can be a time and space saver for any avid cook.”

Are Combi Steam Ovens Worth It?

In short answer – yes! The benefits gained from Combi Ovens are invaluable. Providing healthier cooking, tastier flavours, textures and much more. They have been a top pick of chefs for years, offering skilled performance and options, and now you can utilise this appliance in your everyday household cooking too!

Say goodbye to boring weeknight dinners and hello to endless options! If you’re looking to get creative with your cooking, or already consider yourself a MasterChef – Combi Ovens are definitely worth the splurge.

Combi Ovens combine multiple devices in one, this in time can help you save on space and money. Who doesn’t love the convenience of all the cooking devices you need in one!

What Can You Cook In A Combi Oven?

The easier question is: what can’t you cook? From fish, meat to indulgent desserts – Combi Ovens offer Steam Cooking, Convection Cooking and Combination Cooking, giving you a huge variety of choice. Here’s a deep dive into what these three options offer …

Steam Oven Cooking

Steam ovens can be used to cook enjoyable, restaurant-quality food with the added advantage of locking in more nutrients and goodness. By cooking with steam, your meals will always have locked in moisture, so your food won’t dry out. If you’re looking for a healthier way to cook, steam oven cooking is the way to go, as you won't need to add extra oils to keep your dishes juicy!

Master anything from delicious fish to flavoursome vegetables. Thanks to steam cooking, it’s easy to ensure your food keeps more of their nutritional value and natural flavours.

Convection Cooking

The convection option evenly distributes and circulates heat throughout. Convection cooking is perfect for finishing off all sorts of food, from breads to pastries, or even searing meat!

Combination Cooking

Want the best of both worlds? You can have it, with the combination cooking function. This option suits high volume cooking and is the unique hero feature of a Combi Oven.

Both dry heat and steam are used together with an automatic mode to ensure that the right levels of moisture are reached for the food you’re cooking. This means you can cook at higher, ‘more humid’ temperatures for less time, without the risk of burnt edges or shrinkage.

Asko 60cm combination steam oven in black steel

What Are The Best Combi Ovens?

Many kitchens can benefit from a Combi Oven but it’s important to find the right fit for you and your family - the best Combi Oven for you depends on your intended use.

If you’re after all the bells and whistles, the Miele 60cm Combi Steam Oven will not disappoint. With 21 oven functions, you can explore the world of intelligent cooking, finished off with a slick and simplistic design. This model is also ideal for bigger families, with a 68-litre capacity you’ll be able to cook for a crowd!

Alternatively, the Smeg 60cm Classic Compact Combi-Steam Oven will offer all the great essentials. With a Vapour clean and thermal protection system options, as well as a 50-litre capacity and 1.2 litre water tank. Meaning you will be able to cook up a feast with ease! Whether it’s with steam, convection, or a combination.

So, are you ready to welcome the new cooking essential into your kitchen? To find out more about the Combi Ovens mentioned in this article or for further expert advice on the latest cooking and kitchen must-haves, visit us in-store or online.

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