How The Right Tech Can Boost Your Mental Health

December 12, 2023 – 3 min read

Managing your mental health can be challenging at the best of times, never mind during a pandemic. Now more than ever, it’s important to have the right tools to look after your wellbeing. While phonestablets and apps can’t replace human contact or a proper mental health plan from a doctor or therapist, they can play supporting roles to keep you connected, on track, and help manage symptoms.

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What Is The Best Technology For Mental Health?

Devices that encourage you to get up and move around, feel connected with friends and family, and tune out the world for a few minutes can be hugely beneficial as part of a broader health plan.

Dr Maggie Kirkman, a psychologist and Senior Research Fellow at Monash University, says: “Some activities are known to contribute to good mental health - finding an exercise you enjoy and taking time to do it most days, communicating with friends and family, and learning how to relax and manage stress.”

Your ideal device will vary depending on your individual concerns.

Fitness Trackers

According to John Wong, The Good Guys Buyer, mobile fitness trackers are the perfect place to start if you’re new to wearable tech.

 “Fitness trackers are great if you just want something simple. They count steps, track workouts, and can encourage you to move around for a few minutes every hour. They look stylish, plus you can add friends to the app so you can share progress and motivate each other.”

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Smart Watches

Smart watches do everything fitness trackers do, plus they can measure other areas of health, for example, detecting falls or walking steadiness. They can even encourage you to meditate for a minute when they sense you’re stressed. Models with cellular connections allow you to stay in touch (receiving calls and text messages) while leaving your phone behind. A great feature if you want to cut down on your screen time or need a break from “doom scrolling” social media on your smartphone!

  • The Apple Watch S9 is a stunning and feature-packed smart watch. It keeps you connected, tracks your health metrics, and provides access to Apple Fitness+ for those feel-good exercise endorphins.
  • Withings ScanWatch keeps the sleek look of an analogue watch and connects to a range of health technologies to keep your health in check.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 BT is the right smart watch for Android phone users.
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Tablets can be a window to the world and introduce you to new hobbies, particularly if you’re in isolation. “Many of the latest tablets allow for using a stylus or Apple Pencil for drawing and increased control,” says John Wong. “They’re also perfect for music creation, games, streaming TV from anywhere, and video calling family.”

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  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is a powerful tablet that will be familiar to Samsung phone users.

  • The iPad Air has similar features to the iPad Pro, including free access to powerful apps like GarageBand and iMovie, but for a fraction of the price.

  • Lenovo Tab M10 10.1" (3rd Gen) has a powerful processor and bright screen for a low price.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether you’re prone to sensory overload, get overwhelmed in crowds, need to be able to tune out the world sometimes, or just want to listen to music, good noise cancelling headphones are key. Look for ones that you, personally, find comfortable, and are tuned for the kind of content you like to listen to.

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  • Sony’s WH1000XM4 are the choice of most technology journalists for their superior comfort, battery life and sound quality.

  • As well as being noise cancelling, the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) have other hearing accommodations that could be great for people with sensory or hearing issues.

“Whether you’re prone to sensory overload, get overwhelmed in crowds, need to be able to tune out the world sometimes, or just want to listen to music, good noise cancelling headphones are key.”

Looking for a device to support your wellbeing? To find out more about the products in this article or for further expert advice on the latest tech and wearables, see us in-store or online.  

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