11 Reasons Big TVs Are Now A Big Hit

March 18, 2022 - 2 min read

Thanks to the latest television technology, bigger is now so much better.

What exactly makes big screen televisions so popular these days?

Bigger Is Better

1. You Don’t Need a Big Room for a Big Screen TV

Big TVs used to be really chunky, but the teeny-tiny technology inside today’s big screen televisions has given us incredibly thin large screen televisions that can be wall-mounted to save space and for safety, because kids can’t pull the TV down on top of them.

2. You CAN Have a Big Screen TV in a Small Room

A small room used to limit you to a small TV. The picture would look pixelated and fuzzy if you sat too close to a big screen TV with old-school technology inside. The size of your room doesn’t matter as much anymore. Thanks to advanced technology and brilliant, crisp picture quality you can have a king-size TV in a small room.

3. The Picture is Crystal Clear

You’ll see crisp quality on big 4K TVs, 8K TVs, OLED TVs and QLED TVs, when you’re 2.3 meters away from 75” TVs, 2.7 metres back from 85” TVs, and 3.2 metres from enormous 100” TVs.

"The size of your room doesn’t matter as much anymore.
Thanks to advanced technology and brilliant, crisp picture quality, you can have a king-size TV in a small room."

4. Sporting Action is Extra Thrilling

Watching sport on the weekend or having mates over for the big game is so much better on a big screen TV. Everyone gets a good view of the action, and you feel so immersed it’s like you’re cheering from the sidelines.

5. Cinematic Movies in Home Comfort

Watching movies on a big screen TV creates a cinematic experience in your own home. Perfect for unwinding with the Oscar-winners, rom-coms and blockbusters after a long day.

6. Go Big and Get Smart Too

Big Smart TVs (that connect to your home Wi-Fi) give you the world of online entertainment on a big screen, so you don’t have to watch catch-up TV, Netflix or YouTube clips on a laptop or phone screen anymore. Smart TV menus also make it easy to find what you want fast.

7. Host with the Most (Impressive TV)

When you’ve got the best TV with 4K technology, 8K technology, OLED or QLED technology, you can have everyone over for the big game or final episode, or for movie or game nights. (Get those snacks ready for your next Netflix binge!)

8. Binge Watching is Better

With busy lives, the occasional TV-series binge brings much-needed rest and relaxation. Streaming TV shows to a big screen TV via catch-up TV or subscription services like Netflix and Stan makes binges so much more satisfying.

9. Displays Photos and Art Too

When you’re not watching one of the latest big screen televisions they can be turned into a photo frame or artwork. Just leave it on standby and put it in art mode or ambient mode.

10. Some TVs Even Talk Big

Some of the latest large-screen Smart TVs have AI voice activation, so you can use your voice to turn the TV on and off, and ask the TV questions you would usually have to Google.

11. Affordable

It’s a competitive market – and that means consumers win. There are great deals to be had on big screen TVs, so you don’t need to limit yourself to a small telly. That 55” screen that used to be the pride and joy of your lounge room can now be relegated to your bedroom and replaced with a television that your whole family can enjoy.

Here’s A List Of Some Of Our Favourite Picks For Expanding Your Entertainment In 2022:

Samsung 55” 4 QLED Smart TV

Sony 77” 4K OLED Google TV

LG 77” 4K UHD Self Lit OLED Smart TV

Hisense 85” 4K ULED Smart TV

Choosing a TV is easier now with so much helpful information online. Find out more about the best TVs, read the TV Buying Guide, and see how much big TVs cost to buy. You can also head to The Good Guys nearest to you for help working out which television is best for you.

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