How To Future-Proof Your Oven: The 5 Must-Have Features

June 23, 2022 - 5 min read 

What does a “1950s kitchen” mean to you? To us, it conjures up a perfectly coiffed Marion Cunningham from Happy Days, hauling a pot roast out of a pastel-coloured oven. Roll on to the ‘60s and wall ovens were all the rage, providing easier access (and happier knee joints). Next up? Convection ovens that could regulate temperature with exhaust fans – suddenly, it was no longer pot luck whether a roast came out tender or slightly tough.

As The Good Guys celebrates 70 years of leading the way with cooking appliances, we ponder how far these kitchen workhorses have come – and how the latest models are making us better home chefs.

Woman opens the door of the wall oven in her modern kitchen.

Introducing The Modern Oven

Roast on Sundays, spag bol on Mondays… There's no excuse anymore for a meal rut. Modern ovens have so many exciting features that anyone can become a creative home cook.

Thanks to great leaps in technology, the gap between professional ovens and the modern home oven will continue to close. Even now, home cooks can enjoy many of the same features as pro chefs. The latest ovens combine sleek, futuristic finishes with precise control, versatility and intuitive operations. And they do everything like bake, grill, steam and expertly roast, as well as air-fry healthier versions of our favourite takeaways. Some even clean themselves afterwards or come with Wi-Fi connectivity for remote-controlled cooking.
Upgrading? These are the 5 features you need to consider to future-proof your new oven:

“Thanks to great leaps in technology, the gap between professional ovens and the modern home oven will continue to close. Even now, home cooks can enjoy many of the same features as pro chefs.”

#1 Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning

Why you need it: An oven that cleans itself? You’re welcome. A pyrolytic oven uses high temperatures and pressure to turn all that built-up gunk (even hard-to-shift grease) to ash. Once your oven has cooled, you simply wipe out the inside with a damp cloth. No nasty chemicals required. The pyrolytic function used to be limited mainly to premium appliances, but these days you’ll find a self-cleaning oven to suit any budget.

Shop Pyrolytic Ovens

Technika 60cm Pyrolytic Oven Dark Stainless Steel

Smeg 60cm Classic Thermoseal Pyrolytic Oven

Miele 60cm Pyrolytic Oven Brilliant White

#2 Steam Cooking

Why you need it: Steam cooking has spilled out of professional kitchens to take root in many Aussie households. Upgrade to a steam oven and you, too, can enjoy healthier, restaurant-quality meals and superstar roasts, with locked-in flavours and nutrients. Steam ovens combine steam with hot air, cutting down on cooking time and keeping food moist, without the need for extra fats and oils. They’ll do just about anything, including boil eggs, sous vide a cut of meat, cure yoghurt or revive your leftovers. For ultimate flexibility in the kitchen, go for a Combi Oven that steams and functions like a conventional oven.

Shop Steam Ovens

Asko 60cm Combination Steam Oven Stainless Steel

Bosch Compact 45cm Steam Oven Series 8

Electrolux 60cm Duo Steam Oven Dark Stainless Steel

Modern white kitchen with two black wall ovens.

#3 Double Oven

Why you need it: Are you a born entertainer? Have a big mob to feed? Double ovens have two separate cooking cavities that can operate simultaneously at different temperatures so you can divide and conquer all your catering. Roast a leg of lamb at 180℃ in one section and bake a sticky toffee pudding at 160℃ in the other. Sleek and stylish, a double oven will raise your kitchen aesthetic, too.

Shop Double Ovens

Haier 60cm Double Oven Stainless Steel
Westinghouse 60cm Double Oven

Chef 60cm Multi-Function Oven Stainless Steel

#4 Air Frying

Why you need it: A speedy cooking technology that lets you indulge in crispy, crunchy fried food? Without the guilt or the grotty pans to scrub out? Yes, please. Our love affair with air fryers isn’t ending anytime soon.

The canniest ovens now incorporate a built-in air fryer tray, so you can achieve the same results as a benchtop air fryer, but in bigger batches.

Air frying uses circulated, heated air with little to no oil compared to conventional deep frying, and can be used for everything from golden fried chicken and juicy roasts to baked brownies.

Shop Ovens With Air Fryers

Westinghouse 60cm Pyrolytic Oven Dark Stainless Steel

Electrolux 60cm Duo Steam Oven Dark Stainless Steel

#5 Futuristic Finishes

Why you need them: These days, the most fashion-forward kitchens are more The Bold and the Beautiful than Happy Days. Embrace the dark appliance trend and choose from eye-catching ovens with sophisticated finishes such as black, brushed stainless steel; matte black; or black glass. Best of all, the new finishes are easy to clean, fingerprint-resistant and often include cool-touch exteriors to keep little hands safe.

Shop Sleek-Finish Ovens  

Miele 60cm Pyrolytic Oven Obsidian Black

Electrolux 60cm Double Oven Dark Stainless Steel

Fisher and Paykel 60cm Pyrolytic Oven


With 70 years of experience in the kitchen, The Good Guys know all about the latest oven and home-cooking trends, and how to find the right appliance for you. Visit us in store or online for the most cutting-edge oven brands and models at the best prices.

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