4 Steps to Planning Your Perfect Kitchen Renovation

September 1, 2020 - 5 mins read

Thinking of taking on a kitchen transformation but not sure how to get started? Enjoy panic-free planning with our four-step guide to get the ball rolling, including tips from the experts at Kinsman, Omega, Delonghi and more.

4 Steps to Planning Your Perfect Kitchen Renovation

1. Choose Your Appliances

If it’s been a while since you bought some new appliances, you may be surprised what’s now available. A double oven is perfect for feeding your family. And what about a warming drawer on your oven before serving your Sunday roast? User-friendly French doors on a fridge are popular but may need a larger space. Choosing the right size and location of your appliances can save you time and hassle in the long run.

Inspiration for your new kitchen appliances is easy – simply read on for tips from Omega, Delonghi, Schweigen, Vintec and Chef.

“If new appliances are part of your kitchen makeover then it’s important to plan ahead and select these first, as these will dictate your choice of cabinetry and layout.”

Creating Balance in Your Kitchen with Omega

4 Steps to Planning Your Perfect Kitchen Renovation

With over 35 years' experience supplying Australian homes with quality appliances, Omega understands what modern homes need - reliable appliances packed with features to make cooking and cleaning up afterwards easy.

Omega believes contemporary kitchens should be places that not only look beautiful but are environments where cooking is enjoyable and simple. With that in mind Omega has developed a design-led philosophy created to enhance people’s lives in terms of how a product looks and how it performs.

This philosophy can be defined as balance. Balance between beautiful, minimalist form and innovative, yet simple to use function.

Omega’s carefully designed appliances deliver the pared-back, straight lines and minimalism sought after by modern, style-conscious Australians.

It is Omega’s story, and the story of a modern and sophisticated homeowner, one who values elegant style matched with effortless simplicity.

Timeless Integrations with Delonghi

4 Steps to Planning Your Perfect Kitchen Renovation

2020 has heralded a return to the kitchen, and across Australia, now more than ever the kitchen is the hub of family life. A new wave of home cooks have emerged, they desire a space where they can create a culinary masterpiece or just knock up a batch of cookies.

Whilst kitchen trends are dictated by individual tastes and styles, De’Longhi kitchen appliances feature a timeless design that will complement all kitchen configurations and cabinetry finishes, now and well into the future.

Of course with the cooking comes the cleaning, and both the De’Longhi semi integrated, and fully integrated dishwashers deliver on performance and functionality. The semi integrated model DEDW6015SI, has no outside walls or door, and is built into the cabinetry with only the control panel visible on the door. The fully integrated model DEDW6015INFI, effortlessly blends into your kitchen as it is built into the cabinetry with the control panel placed inside the top of the door.
Exceptionally quiet thanks to the direct drive motor both models bring style and seamless design to your kitchen of choice.

Go Seamless with Schweigen

4 Steps to Planning Your Perfect Kitchen Renovation

Seamlessly integrated rangehoods bring a modern aesthetic to your kitchen by helping to preserve clean design lines and uninterrupted views across your kitchen.

A popular choice for cooktops set along walls is the silent undermount rangehood that is installed discreetly into overhead cabinetry. These are neither seen nor heard as they pull airborne grease, oils and odours outside the home with externally mounted German-made motor systems.

Another option to consider is the modern silent ceiling cassette that is designed to be admired. Ideal for island benchtops, ceiling cassettes are integrated into the bulkhead or ceiling for a sleek, seamless profile.

To choose the rangehood that is perfect for you, do consider the following:


Reclaim the hub of your home with a silent rangehood that lets you entertain even as you cook. No more missing out on conversations ever again because of a noisy rangehood.


Find a rangehood motor with the right extraction power and energy-efficiency for your cooking style. This ensures you enjoy adequate air extraction to protect your health, home and contents.


Consider useful features like LED lighting, auto-shutoff timer, variable speeds and choice of dishwasher-safe filters so you get the most out of your rangehood.

Don’t Forget to Plan for a Wine Cabinet with Vintec

4 Steps to Planning Your Perfect Kitchen Renovation

Whether you like to drink your wine young or let it age gracefully, it’s a fact that you must store it in a climate-controlled environment to protect it from spoiling.

It doesn’t matter how much wine you drink or keep, as even an occasional wine drinker needs somewhere to keep their wine and to protect it from fluctuating temperatures, insufficient humidity and excessive light (especially in Australia’s hot climate).

So if you’re building a new home or renovating a kitchen, it’s important to consider including a wine cellaring solution into your home to get the best from your wine.
With underground cellars being excessively expensive to excavate, insulate and build, wine storage cabinets are often the best way to protect your collection and they don’t need to impose on your living space. If you choose the right style, they can even become a feature or highlight of your home.

This most likely explains why built-in wine storage cabinets, primarily installed in the kitchen area, are among the fastest growing trends. Vintec offers a large range of wine cabinets, acting both as sleek and attractive pieces of furniture, with many styles and capacities available.

Renovating on a Budget with Chef

4 Steps to Planning Your Perfect Kitchen Renovation

Renovating your kitchen can be quite overwhelming. There are so many decisions you need to make and so many options to choose from, and more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean more value.
If new appliances are part of your kitchen makeover then it’s important to plan ahead and select these first - before you make any other purchases, as the size of the appliances, will then dictate your choice of cabinetry and layout.

Often, kitchen appliances can be the most expensive part of the makeover, so consider trusted brands like Chef which has a range of easy to use appliances, with modern design and features that matter, without needing to break the budget.

Layout is an equally important part of your kitchen as you want to make sure the floor plan is functional. Consider if you need to move existing services like plumbing or electrical.

When it comes to selecting materials for your kitchen make sure they are fit for purpose. Use robust materials for areas such as benchtops and cabinetry. And finally storage, if you can fit an extra cupboard, do it! No one has ever said ‘I hate how much storage this kitchen has’.

2. It’s Time to Design

After you’ve picked your appliances, it’s time to get creative and select your layout, benchtop, cabinet style and colour. Add your own personal touches when it comes to door handles and cabinetry. Then experiment with benchtop finishes to see what matches. If you need a hand, just ask your Kinsman Kitchens expert design consultant who can help you bring your perfect kitchen design to life. And for some extra inspiration, explore the different Kinsman ranges online here.

3. Add Loads of Storage

4 Steps to Planning Your Perfect Kitchen Renovation

There’s never enough storage in the kitchen! Do you want your microwave and coffee machine built into place? What about a drawer for all of those plastic containers? You should also think about how you use your kitchen. Consider a 'Kitchen Triangle' layout to optimise your space.

What’s a ‘Kitchen Triangle’ I hear you ask… Basically, the three areas that you spend the most time in the kitchen should make up an evenly spaced triangle; the fridge, sink and stove. It’s a great way to keep your kitchen organised, and helps you multitask while you’re working by giving you space to rotate between the three zones. If they’re too close, you’re creating congestion, and too far apart isn’t efficient.

4. Lock It All In and You’re Ready

Once you’ve picked out everything you love for your kitchen, it’s time to talk timelines. Make sure that you plan ahead, taking into account manufacturing times. Then after you’ve approved everything and confirmed delivery, don’t forget to book in your tradies to complete the installation and you’re ready to go.

Congrats – you’ve now completed the first task in creating the perfect kitchen! Now you’re set on the planning, head over to our Kinsman partners here to put your plan into action. Or continue to get kitchen inspiration with our renovation guide here. Your chef’s paradise awaits!

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