Haier Power: The Must-Have Dishwasher For Healthy Households

June 6, 2023 - 3 min read


Looking for a do-more dishwasher that’ll bring next-level hygiene to your new kitchen or reno? Want the peace of mind of cleaner-than-clean dishes for you and your family? It’s here! Haier has created the perfect dishwasher for our hygiene-centric times, with the Haier Freestanding Dishwasher Satina letting you add a sanitising blast of steam to any cycle. Say hello to healthier dishes – every day!

“The Haier Freestanding Dishwasher Satina is a great option for people who want to know their dishes are exceptionally clean and hygienic,” says Tania Grillinzoni, The Good Guys Buyer – Cooking and Kitchenware. “The Steam wash modifier can be added to any program to break down oil and grime – killing bacteria and delivering squeaky-clean, sanitised dishes.”

The Haier Dishwasher Satina matches a Haier fridge in a white kitchen.

Why Buy Haier

When it comes to Haier, their range of future-focused yet affordable appliances is the reason many customers come back for more. “When people ask if Haier dishwashers are any good, we point out Haier’s international reputation for designing stylish and innovative appliances that customers love,” says Tania Grillinzoni. “Haier focuses on creating smart products that are made for everyday living in Australia, and has been voted the world’s top-selling appliance brand for a number of years.¹”

If you’re ready to transform your kitchen hygiene with Haier, read on for five reasons why the Haier Freestanding Dishwasher Satina is your household’s new sudsy superhero.

#1 Steam Work Makes The Dream Work

Want to supersize your dishwasher’s cleaning power? Add the Steam wash modifier to any cycle and see off germs in a flash! Both the Steam wash modifier and the special Hygiene wash program swiftly sanitise your dishes, and are proven to help kill 99.99% of bacteria nasties including E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus². Also, steam is the perfect ‘gentle giant' for cleaning fine china and other breakables without doing damage.

#2 Quick Dry Dishes

For the ultimate in kitchen hygiene, you need a dishwasher that deals  with the excess moisture germs love.  Enter stage left, the Haier Freestanding Dishwasher Satina – a smooth operator that automatically opens at the end of each cycle, to quickly help dry dishes. If that wasn’t enough, a +Dry modifier can be added to any cycle for an enhanced dry that’s ideal for plastics.

“The Haier Freestanding Dishwasher Satina is a great option for people who want to know their dishes are exceptionally clean and hygienic. The Steam wash modifier can be added on any cycle to break down oil and grime – killing bacteria and delivering squeaky-clean, sanitised dishes.” Tania Grillinzoni, The Good Guys Buyer – Cooking and Kitchenware

#3 Maximum Cleaning, Minimal Effort

When it comes to dish-duty, let your washer do the thinking for you. The Haier Freestanding Dishwasher Satina’s Auto Wash program uses smart sensors to detect how dirty your dishes are and set the ideal wash program. Combined with a 5.5-star WELS water rating and 4.5-star energy rating, this means less power and less water is wasted – delivering sustainable savings at bill-time.

#4 Results That Stack Up

Did you know the way you stack your dishwasher affects your dish hygiene? For dishes to get really clean, there needs to be adequate space between each item so both water and air can circulate. That’s why Haier has combined a roomy, interior capacity (there’s space for up to 15 place settings!) with an innovative, height-adjustable middle basket that makes short work of tall dishes, plus a full-width cutlery tray for maximised cleaning of individual cutlery.

A cleans up after dinner with the help of the Haier Dishwasher Satina.

#5 Work Smarter, Not Harder

Dream of hitting ‘go’ on a load of dishes from the comfort of the sofa? Or starting a wash from work, so you get home to freshly cleaned dishes? Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity and Haier’s Smart HQ app, you can start a load from your smartphone, plus get handy real-time alerts on everything from the program selected to the time left.

Call In The Haier-d Help!

So you’ve selected your dream machine – now you’re wondering how to install a dishwasher. The answer is, with The Good Guys of course! Freestanding dishwashers slot simply into the space you have, and our friendly home services team can even help make your installation super easy by organising a skilled professional to set it all up for you. They'll even take away your old appliance – how’s that for service! 

If you’re ready to upgrade your cooking appliances and supercharge your family’s kitchen hygiene with the Haier Freestanding Dishwasher Satina, come to The Good Guys. Head in-store or shop online and snap up this healthy household hero today.


¹Source Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliance 2022 ed, % unit share, 2009-2021 volume sales data. Major Appliances category is the sum of dishwashers, home laundry appliances, large cooking appliances, microwaves and refrigeration appliances.

²Independently tested to eliminate more than 99.99% of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli using the Steam wash modifier or Hygiene wash program.

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