Haier Laundry Range

Make laundry day more enjoyable with the latest Haier front load washing machines, top load washing machines, condenser dryers and energy efficient heat pump dryers. Featuring stylish good looks and innovative washing and drying technology - there's a Haier laundry appliance to suit every home and lifestyle.

New chic white Haier top load washing machine in white laundry

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New chic white Haier top load washing machine in white laundry

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Close up shot of Haier top load washer on an angle.

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Haier Washing Machines

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Make wash day easier with the latest Haier washing machines. Featuring a range of wash programs to care for and protect your clothes and water and energy saving features to care for the environment. Available in top load and front load styles - perfect for every laundry.

Features of Haier
Washing Machines

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Intelligent Washing

Smart Dosing automatically uses the correct amount of detergent, depending on the wash cycle which reduces waste and helps to take better care of your garments.

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UV Protect Fabric Care

Haier's UV Protect wash option utilises UV light to help kill more than 99.99% of bacteria, whilst the low wash temperature results in long-lasting fabric care1.

Reduced Vibrations = Less Noise

Specialised Wash Cycles

Take extra care of your clothes with12+ dedicated wash cycles including Wool and Hygiene. Plus, download Haier's latest wash cycles (perfect for fabric care!).

Hygienic Cleaning

Smarter Than Before

Haier's washers now come Wi Fi enabled for convenient (and remote) washing. Use the SmartHQ ™ app on your smart phone and get alerts and complete control of your washing!

Hygienic Cleaning

Gentler On Clothes

Now featuring a gentle pulsating wash action, pillow drum and intelligent wash algorithm, Haier washing machines are designed to clean while reducing tangling.

Hygienic Cleaning

Attention to Detail

Haier loves clever features - from the spray nozzle design for the perfect rinse, to the bionic filter that helps to capture lint and prevent it from flowing back into the wash.

Hygienic Cleaning

Stunning Design

Chic and oh, so stylish! Haier washing machines feature intuitive touch controls, sleek black and white colourways plus toughened glass as a durable finish to your laundry.

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Note: Technology may vary on each Haier Washing
Machine - check product Technical Specifications for more information.

Haier Dryers

Haier Dryers | The Good Guys

haier dryers

Features of
Haier Dryers

Refresh With Steam

The short Refresh cycle uses ultrasonic technology that releases steam into the drum – great to refresh clothes that have been folded or stored.

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Smart Drying

Selected Haier dryers are Wi-Fi enabled allowing you to operate your dryer from your phone, tablet or though voice assistant.

Person touching the control panels on a Haier dryer

Choice Of Drying Programs

Different fabrics require different drying conditions. Your Haier dryer comes with a selection of drying programs to look after even delicate fabrics while drying.

Anti-Crease Function

Anti-Crease Function

The anti-crease function on your Haier dryer uses the latest drying technology to minimise creases in fabrics and cut down on ironing time.

Efficient Heat Pump Dryer

Efficient Heat Pump Dryer

Haier heat pump and condenser dryers feature a large capacity water reservoir or external drainage hose to easily remove moisture collected during the drying process.

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Note: Technology may vary on each Haier Dryer - check product Technical Specifications for more information.

¹ Independently tested to eliminate greater than 99.99% of staphylococcus aureus and E. coli using the Durable cycle + UV Sanitise wash option