The Ultimate Washer And Dryer Set For All Your Laundry Needs

May 12, 2022 – 3 min read

Washers and dryers go hand-in-hand, but whether you’re buying a washer dryer combo, or a washing machine and dryer separately – it all depends on how much space you have in your home. Each laundry pair has its own benefits that appeal to different people depending on their needs. However, if you have a larger family or use your dryer regularly, a standalone set like Fisher & Paykel’s 9kg Heat Pump Dryer and 10kg Front Load Washer, could the best solution as they’re faster, provide a larger drying capacity and can be more energy efficient in the long run.

Read on to discover more of the benefits of standalone washers and dryers and why they are the must-have appliances in any laundry.

Fisher & Paykel Washer and Dryer stacked on top of each other in a laundry room.

A Match Made In Heaven

Some things in life just go perfectly together like bread and butter, wine and cheese and of course, washers and dryers. These days, people are putting more time and effort into their laundry room makeovers, creating Pinterest boards and watching home renovation vlogs to get design inspiration. Fisher & Paykel’s stylish range of washing machines and dryers are designed to match, they suit the modern laundry room and meet all your aesthetic dreams. Sleek, stylish and sophisticated, this 9kg Heat Pump Dryer and 10kg Front Load Washer have a graphite finish that elevates the look of any laundry space.

As well as style, there are a few other benefits of standalone washer and dryers that are worth thinking about …

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is key when it comes to laundry. When you're looking to purchase a new washing machine, we recommend you consider the ongoing water and energy costs for running your new appliance. The good news? These costs can be minimised by carefully choosing an efficient washing machine and by adjusting some of your washing habits. A great example is the Fisher & Paykel 10kg Front Load Washer which will help you save time and reduce water usage with its Optimise Wash options.

When it comes to dryers, heat pump technology has changed the game. Thanks to this type of tech, garments dry at lower temperatures, so you get gentle fabric care. Plus, the Fisher & Paykel 9kg Heat Pump Dryer has auto-sensing that detects moisture levels which prevents under or over drying this coupled with its 9 star energy rating is great for power bill savings!

Better Performance

When you buy matching washer and dryers, you’ll find that they have features that perfectly complement one another, giving you better results. Fisher & Paykel Washing Machines & Dryers are designed to match in both aesthetics and functionality. This not only makes for a complimentary look but makes usage and operation easier. Effortlessly sync them together and you’ll avoid many laundry irritations!

"When you buy matching washer and dryers, you’ll find that they have features that perfectly complement one another, giving you better results. Fisher & Paykel Washing Machines & Dryers are designed to match in both aesthetics and functionality."

Easier Maintenance And Repairs

All home appliances need maintenance from time to time - this includes your washer and dryer. If you replace them together as a set, you can keep them on a matching maintenance schedule. Keeping them in a good working order will be less of a hassle when you’re taking care of both at the same time.

The Secret To Optimal Fabric Care

The rising star appliance of any laundry has got to be the Heat Pump Dryer. As no venting is required, they can be placed almost anywhere, plus they deliver incredible energy efficiency and fabric care. These dryers are definitely next level, especially when matched with the perfect washer… here's why!

Fisher & Paykel Washer and Dryer sitting next to each other in a laundry room.

Take The Heat Out Of Drying

When it comes to the laundry, you want a dryer that is kind to your clothes, heat pump technology gently dries at a lower temperature prolonging the life of your fabrics. No matter what type of fabric, from the most precious and delicate to those heavier essential items, a heat pump dryer has got you covered!

Health and Hygiene

Suffer from allergies? Fisher & Paykel’s heat pump dryer technology removes water from the dryer into a tank to drain, this helps reduce moisture and allergens released into your home, making it a healthier choice for you and your clothes. The 10kg Washing machine’s Allergy Cycle includes extra deep rinse cycles helping to remove allergens so say goodbye to those pesky allergies and say hello to a healthy hygienic home.

Care are In Every Detail

Kinder on your clothes (and the planet), heat pump dryers have sensor drying technologies which protects your clothes and helps with power bill savings - no wonder they have a high efficiency rating! This Fisher & Paykel Heat Pump Dryer shoots for the stars with its 9-star energy rating, making it the perfect choice for all your laundry needs.

With the complimentary features, matching finishes, and quality garment care, you and your household will be happy to spend time in your efficient and updated laundry room. Choose the heat pump dryer range from Fisher & Paykel to give you and your clothing the best care (and your laundry the best style). Visit us in store and online at The Good Guys for all your laundry needs.

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