Wall Ovens vs Freestanding Ovens – Which is Best for Your Kitchen?

September 3, 2020 – 5 mins read

If you’re building a new home or renovating your kitchen, choosing the right oven is one of the most important decisions you will make. The oven you choose can affect the entire layout of your kitchen and how you use it for years to come. Which is why here at The Good Guys, we want to help. Our team of kitchen experts have done the hard work for you, comparing all kinds of wall and freestanding ovens to help find the perfect one for your needs. Let’s explore the two different ranges and learn how to choose an oven together.

Wall ovens

As livings spaces change, wall ovens are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike a freestanding oven which is entirely self-contained, a wall oven can be made up of a series of appliances, arranged in any way you desire. Some people may prefer to stack theirs one on top of the other, while others might place them side-by-side, creating a sleek bank of cooking tech. Of course, this flexibility doesn’t come without planning. Work with Kinsman, our kitchen partners, to ensure your cabinetry is built around each component of the wall oven. If you think a wall oven could be just what you need, our experts have two brands that could be perfect for you.

Create a big impact with Bosch

Wall Ovens vs Freestanding Ovens

When it comes to your kitchen, a bank of ovens makes for an impressive showpiece. Black glass appliances provide a contemporary edge over traditional stainless steel and are perfect for those seeking a timeless look that will also set them apart.

Creating a bank of built-in appliances provides not only a visually appealing focal point but allows you to take advantage of the latest cooking innovations – and with Bosch, you can have the best of both form and function, without compromise. The stylish Series 8 Black Glass Range of cooking appliances from Bosch combine premium German-made design with intuitive features. If you love the idea of healthy, nutritious and tasty food that's also quick to prepare, it’s easier than ever with a Bosch steam oven. Cooking with full steam locks in the delicious flavours and fragrances of your food – as well as the all-important vitamins and minerals. Thanks to pyrolytic self-cleaning, the oven even cleans up after itself. Experience the next level of cooking with Bosch.

Complete your kitchen with Miele

Miele is world-renowned for its precision cookware. Manufactured to the highest possible standard, Miele products are the prized possessions of chefs and cooks the world over. The brand prides itself on creating kitchens with flow and space that is easy to use, leaving you free to cook and create to your heart’s content. At the centre of all of this is the Miele wall oven.

No matter what kitchen you dream of building, Miele has an oven to suit your needs. For those making big plans for small spaces, the Miele 90cm Clean Steel Oven’s slender frame can fit into places no traditional oven could, and with 8 functions to help take the guesswork out of cooking, it’s the perfect companion for cooks of all levels. If you’re looking for something with a bit more versatility Miele’s 60cm Steam Microwave Oven offers the best of both worlds, combining microwave functionality with steam cooking to help you create the perfect meal with little time and even less effort. Available in a range of stunning finishes, Miele cookware is both sleek and discreet.

“When it comes to your kitchen, a bank of ovens makes for an impressive showpiece.”

Freestanding ovens

The more traditional choice, freestanding ovens continue to be popular amongst world-class chefs and home cooks alike. As the name suggests, these ovens are freestanding - meaning they can be easily moved around a kitchen to fit within almost any design. Unlike a wall oven, freestanding ovens also include a stovetop, making them the more economical purchase in most cases. While freestanding ovens have a lot of advantages, it’s also important to consider your own needs. A freestanding oven’s low position will require you to bend over repeatedly. If you have poor mobility, this may become taxing over time. If you think a freestanding oven could be right for you, our kitchen experts have two brands you’ll love.

Make a statement with Smeg

Wall Ovens vs Freestanding Ovens

If your style is modern vintage, check out Smeg’s range of Victoria freestanding ovens. Offering the best of the old and the new, each Italian masterpiece houses the very latest in 21st century kitchen technology whilst also embodying beautifully crafted vintage style. The range is perfect for those wanting to make a style statement with a hero appliance.
Available in a variety of colours including black, panna and white with red wine, and pastel green options, Smeg allows you to mix and match to create the exact finish you are looking for. The Victoria collection showcases the best of modern-day technology while maintaining old-world charm, creating a range of appliances sought after for every kitchen.

Emilia, cook with style

Emilia freestanding ovens have been in Australian kitchens for more than 20 years. These Italian-made ovens are crafted in Modena, a city renowned for its food culture and exceptional design.

From compact ovens through to larger options for gourmet kitchens, renovators have the flexibility to install the Emilia freestanding oven that best suits their space and cooking requirements. Not quite enough room for a 90cm oven? The Emilia 80cm Upright oven is no compromise on capacity or performance. In a choice of stainless steel and gorgeous gloss black, Emilia cookers are right on trend for an instant makeover.

Who would have thought picking an oven would come with so many choices? Of course, the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing an oven is to find one that’s right for you. So, whether you’ve got your heart set on a wall oven or freestanding cooker, do your research, make sure it meets your needs, and if you need any help, ask a member of our friendly team.

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