Why Upgrade Your Home Theatre System To Wireless

February 6, 2024 - 8 min read

If you’re looking to upgrade your home theatre’s sound system, this guide can help you navigate this exciting world of incredible tech. The Good Guys range of home audiowireless home theatre systems, and home wireless speakers (including portable speakers) offering Bluetooth connectivity will have you covered for all your home theatre requirements. Read on for more tips and info on what to buy and how to set up your home theatre for the best family movie night experience.

A modern style living room with a large TV and soundbar mounted on the wall.

What Is A Wireless Home Theatre System?

Wireless home theatre systems use different radio frequency (RF) systems to transmit the sound output from your receiver to the surrounds, or they can also use the Bluetooth technology.

How Wireless Is Wireless?

Wireless never actually means completely wire-free, but you certainly won’t need wires running from the front to the back of your TV room.

Why Upgrade To A Wireless System?

Surround sound stimulates the senses from all angles, creating a more immersive entertainment experience. Utilising a wireless surround system will allow you to configure your speakers in the manner which best suits your audience, without any unsightly cables in the way to distract you during your latest Netflix binge.

Benefits Of Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers can be easily installed to an existing wireless network in seconds. This gives you the ability bolster your existing home theatre or begin the process of creating a new home theatre experience without the inconvenience of running cables.

Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth is very popular and works by using radio waves instead of wires or cables to connect with your television. Bluetooth is found in many products we use every day, including headsets, smartphones, laptops and portable speakers.

Connectivity In Multiple Rooms

Significant improvements in the RF transmission of wireless surround sound technology ensure that your speakers are never out of range in the family home. You can take control of these speakers from one central hub, giving you the option to play the audio from your favourite film clips all across the house, or you can mix things up and play different audio in different rooms.

Modern Technology

Wireless surround sound technology continues to improve at a very rapid rate. Be sure to regularly check-in with The Good Guys either online, or in-store, for access to the latest and greatest wireless surround sound equipment.

Exceptional Sound

From the time the first wireless speakers hit the market, it was generally accepted that wired speakers offered better sound quality. But that was quite a while ago. Improved connectivity through infrared technology has reduced the initial gap between wired and wireless sound systems by improving sound quality and significantly reducing the likelihood of signal interference. Having the freedom to move your speakers to best suit what you’re watching will create a more immersive atmosphere and improve your viewing experience tremendously.

When To Upgrade To Wireless Speakers

If you’re growing tired of the sight of wires and looking for a more aesthetically appealing way to produce high-quality audio in your home, it’s time that you upgrade to wireless speakers.

What To Consider When Choosing A Wireless Theatre System

The important things to remember are how large your room is, the TV you have, your TV setup and your budget.


There are options for every budget, but avoid skimping on the receiver if possible because a good quality receiver will ensure that all wireless components of your surround system system have the best possible connection. If the budget is tight, you can always start your wireless setup with one or two speakers. The improvement in cinematic experience will be instant!


There’s a sound system to suit homes of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to continual improvements in modern technology, now even the most compact of speakers can produce amazing sound. Head into The Good Guys closest to you and have a chat with one of our home theatre experts about how to configure wireless speakers in your home to maximise sound quality.

Current Setup

Have a good look at your room. Where is your big screen TV in relation to you seating area? Consider where you will be sitting when you watch TV and configure your wireless surround sound to ensure that you experience sound in the way that best suits you.

How You Use The Space

A subwoofer is the speaker responsible for producing the bass sounds of your audio experience. These speakers can sit almost anywhere in the room. However, surround sound speakers should be situated behind your seating area for optimum effect. When possible, try to ensure that the distance between your front speaker and your seating area is the same distance that separates your surround sound speakers from your seating area.

Types Of Wireless Home Theatre Systems

From full home theatre and surround systems, to rear speaker kits, tower and portable speakers and soundbars, read on for the lowdown on the different types of wireless home theatre systems

Full Home Theatre Systems

The Denon 2Ch Stereo Amp Bookshelf Speaker Pack delivers the highest quality audio experience. It’s just like a trip to the movies, without the annoyance of someone kicking your seat!

Surround Systems

A living room with an extensive Logitech surround sound system.

With surround systems, you can add more audio channels so sound comes from three or more directions - without rearranging your room to enjoy great audio.

Rear Speaker Kits

Rear speakers connect to a soundbar to emit sound.

You can expand your home theatre sound system with rear speaker kits like this one from LG which will completely immerse you in high quality theatre sound.

Tower Speakers

Two tower speakers stand next to a TV.

A tower speaker comes with two left and right channels to deliver a full, natural and authentic sound. Made in Germany, these Loewe speakers are an excellent example of this technology.

Portable Speakers

A portable Sonos speaker sits on a console.

Portable speakers are versatile and can be taken outside or to another room. You can connect these Sonos speakers through Wi-Fi and create a home sound system which brings every room together.


A soundbar sits on a television console and projects audio around the living room.

A soundbar is a type of loudspeaker which projects audio from a wide enclosure. It can be mounted above or below your home theatre screen and add a rich layer of sound from the front of your seating area. This Sony soundbar will add a new dimension to your home cinema experience with its impressive 200W total output.

How To Set Up A Wireless Home Theatre System

A helpful way to think of home theatre equipment connections is in terms of roads that deliver goods from a producer to a distributor. Source components, such as cable boxes, media streamers and Blu-ray players are the beginning points and the TV and loudspeakers are the endpoints. You need to get the audio and video signals from their source components to your sound system and video display, respectively.

Fit Out The Right Theatre Furniture

Once you have a comfy couch or recliner lined up, either have your TV mounted or position it on an entertainment unit at eye level.

Connect The Surround Sound

Each product might have a slightly different setup. So, if your surround sound setup has built in Wi-Fi, you can connect straight to your TV, but if your surround sound products are Wi-Fi enabled, you might need a Wi-Fi adapter. Be sure to read the instructions step by step.

Use A High-Quality Projector

There are variety of projector types that have been customised to project specific forms of media. The first step to ensuring high-quality imagery in your home is making sure that your projector is purpose-built for home theatre.

Add A Mini Bar Fridge For Snacks

The Good Guys have a great range of bar fridges to make your home theatre even more inviting.

Create The Ultimate Home Theatre System

Find out more with our helpful how to.

The Good Guys Can Help Install Your New Home Theatre System

Let us take the stress out of your home theatre set up with one of our fully licensed installers.

Shop The Latest Home Theatre Tech With The Good Guys

Now you’re up to date with all the latest info on audio and home theatre systems, just drop into your local store and ask one of our friendly team members for a demo today.

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