Sustainability In The Kitchen

14 April, 2022 – 5 min read

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As we become more food-savvy, many of us are looking to learn about sustainable food practices. The easiest way to start is to cook our food ourselves - it puts you in control of your food sourcing and food wastage practices. If you’re looking for a simple (and delicious) way to be more sustainable in the kitchen, a good place to start is with your cooking practices. Brands like Electrolux offer a range of cooking appliances with versatile options to help you make the most of your food, and they've built in technology to help you reduce cooking time – who doesn’t want that?

Man living sustainably by using fresh produce from his own garden

How To Be Sustainable While Cooking …

Why Choose Electrolux For Sustainability?

Electrolux has put a focus on sustainability across their whole company, with climate goals and frameworks around material sustainability issues and more. They have done the hard yards in making their appliances eco-friendly so you can enjoy more sustainable living.

Make It Last

In saying this, cooking sustainably also goes beyond the appliances you use. Want to find out how to cook sustainably? There are a few easy things you can adopt into your kitchen!

  1. Plan ahead! Minimising your food waste through planning your meals around how many people you are serving. Also utilising leftover ingredients from previous meals is a great (and simple) way to stay eco-friendly.
  2. If you do have food waste, implementing a good recycling system will help make the most of your food scraps!
  3. Finally, consider going more meat-free – even if it’s only for a few nights a week, a plant-based meal is often good for the waistline and the earth.
Man and son using their chicken coup

If you want to enhance your sustainability in the kitchen these products might just be the perfect fit for you and your family.

The Oven

Ovens aren’t just ovens anymore – they have so many different features, making the sky the limit when it comes to experimenting with your cooking! Electrolux ovens are no exception, with selected models featuring steaming and air frying features plus many more helpful additions like pyrolytic cleaning to keep your oven looking as good as new.

If you want innovative appliances that help bring out the best in your food, read on.

What Is An Air Fry Oven?

Frying without excess oil? Yes please! Air Fryers have been an appliance favourite for years now and having it as an integrated option with an oven is a great space saver.

Enter the Electrolux ovens, with the Air Fry Plus option. The design of the Air Fry Plus Mesh Tray means that hot air can enter, crisping the exterior of your food – so you get that fried crunch, minus all the oil! Hello guilt free fries and perfectly toasted veggies.

Air Fry Plus also adds steam during the cooking process so that your food keeps the moisture inside, never have to compromise on flavour again!

What Is A Steam Oven?

Cooking with steam tends to be another healthier option when it comes to food preparation. Many contain a water canister inside the oven cavity to create the steam – moisture is kept at an optimal level to help cook the food and reduce the need for seasoning and oil. If you are looking for a good steam oven, Electrolux ovens have got you sorted with SteamRoast, SteamReheat and SteamBake on selected models features.

Bring the bakery to your kitchen! Electrolux’s SteamBake option will have you cooking bread to perfection – with the steam allowing dough to raise with ease. Available on selected models.

By introducing steam alongside the traditional oven, you will get a crispy outside and a tender, flavour-filled inside … delicious!

Are Electrolux Ovens Good?

Electrolux offer some of the best combination ovens with intuitive tech. Whether you want to grill, bake, or roast to perfection, Electrolux have the right oven for your cooking style.

Roast baking in the Electrolux Oven

Bring The Combo To Your Cooktop!

If you want to continue the theme of having the best of both worlds, you need to meet the best innovation in cooktops … the best hybrid cooktop! Combination Induction and Gas cooktops mean that you can pick your preference: if you love the speed induction offers but are also used to the performance of gas, then you’ll adore this versatile option.

Hybrid gas and induction cooktops are part of Electrolux’s Cooking Range and are both fast and energy efficient and feature a sleek design to blend seamlessly into your kitchen design.

Electrolux’s innovative hybrid cooktop

The Electrolux Hybrid Cooktop has a combination of induction zones and high-powered gas burners, so you can tailor your cooking technique to suit your meal. This is a perfect option for home cooks that are wanting to experiment or perfect infamous dishes.

“If you want to continue the theme of having the best of both worlds (in one device) then you need to meet the newest innovation in cooktops … the best hybrid cooktop!”

If you want to heighten your sustainability in the kitchen these products might just be the perfect fit for you and your family. Want to learn more about Electrolux’s cooking range? Check out the range here or visit us in-store or online for more information.

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