Smart Washing Just Got Smarter

November 30, 2022 – 4 min read


It’s a well-known fact hygiene and cleanliness is key. This extends to our everyday items including clothes, towels and bedding. That is why leading brands like LG are offering more intelligent and intuitive appliances that get your laundry done faster.

LG have unveiled one of its most advanced innovations in the laundry, incorporating smart artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver excellent, precise washing for maximum washing experience - without having to drop a sweat or worry about energy and water. If there was a reason to get excited about laundry – this would be it!

Thinking about upgrading your laundry? Here are four reasons why you should consider a Smart Washer and Dryer.

Man and son in eclectic style laundry washing sheets with their LG WashTower.

ezDispense Technology

Fill once. Wash loads. And loads. And loads with LG’s ezDispense. The LG 9kg Front Load Washer and LG 10kg Front Load Washer come with a clever auto dose functionality that detects the weight of each load and releases a pre-set dose according to the load size for up to 35 medium loads*. Now you can minimise the hassle of manually filling the detergent dispenser for every load.

Want a washer that can be flexible whilst still giving you the perfect wash every time?  The dispenser in selected LG 9kg and 10kg Front Load Washers can be used individually or linked to cover your maximum loads. Store two types of detergent for easy switching per clothing type or enjoy the use of a manual dispenser for powder, gel or other liquids - talk about versatility!

Shop The LG 9kg Front Load Washer

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LG Washing machine and heat pump dryer

Quicker Washing

When it comes to washing, we want it done and we want it done FAST. Many smart washers and dryers now cut down your washing duration which means you save time, money and energy.

LG’s latest range of front load washing machines offer the TurboClean feature - a speedy 39-minute wash, so you can worry less and embrace the messy moments in life! For the all-in-one solution, we suggest the smart and seamless LG WashTower 17kg-10kg Combo Washer Dryer. This smart combo of washer and dryer not only comes equipped with TurboClean 360, it also has AI Direct Drive and smart pairing, which automatically sets the dryer cycle based on the last wash cycle completed by your washing machine.

And that’s just the washer, you also get a super-efficient 10 Star Energy Rated Heat Pump Dryer with this WashTower. What is heat pump dryer you ask? This is one of the latest types of dryer that uses heat exchanger technology, making them much more energy efficient and cheaper to run. Always have big loads or have a large family? This WashTower is definitely for you!

Woman loading her basket of washing into an LG WashTower in her modern laundry.
"When it comes to washing, we want it done and we want it done FAST. Many smart washers and dryers ... save time, money and energy."

Intelligent Fabric Care

No longer do you have to settle for selecting "cold" or "hot" depending on whether you're cleaning your white sheets or blue jeans. You can say goodbye to tedious and remedial laundry tasks and let the machine do it all for you!

Smart washers like the LG 9kg, 10kg and 12kg Front Load Washers are equipped with AI Direct Drive technology. This smart tech means these machines do more that wash, they can weigh the load and assess fabric softness to automatically select the optimal wash motions for thorough cleaning and clothing care.

Deeper Clean

Does your home have allergy sufferers to consider when it comes to choosing home materials or appliances? No stress, LG has got you covered. Allergy Care and Steam cycles utilise the natural power of steam to reduce allergens such as dust mites, bacteria, and pollen, removing up to 99.99% of Allergens. That’s wonderful news and peace of mind for the health of your family!

What’s more, steam washing not only softens your clothes fibres, it can also help remove wrinkles. Get the best of both worlds with powerful performance and a gentler way of washing. Check out this LG TWINWash Dual Washer System which has steam cycles to reduce allergens and the capacity for you to wash two loads at the same time!

LG black TwinWash in chick white laundry.

Smarter Control

Hey Google “start washing my clothes”. You better believe it - voice commands for your laundry is here. LG’s exclusive Smart ThinQ technology means there’s a variety of Google voice commands you can enjoy. Everything starting and stopping a cycle, to checking the status or time left on your smart washer. Yes, it’s now possible to check how much time’s left until your kids need to empty the washing machine, whilst sitting on the couch enjoying our favourite snack. That’s living the dream…


From remote connectivity to personalised settings via machine learning that reflect changes in our usage patterns, the routine chore of doing the washing has been simplified. If you are looking to make your laundry a smart laundry, shop our extensive range at The Good Guys. Considering an LG front load washing machine or an LG dryer? Visit us in store or online to find out more.

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