The Inside Scoop: Samsung’s 2022 TV Launch

May 24, 2022 – 4 min read

Get Smart With Neo QLED

Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs will put you on the edge of your seat. Your favourite movies and TV shows can be enjoyed in impressive light, with Samsung’s Quantum Mini LED technology across its 4K and 8K Neo QLED Smart TV range. The result? The ultimate viewing experience for you and your family.

Samsung’s new Neo QLED TV range is powered by a Neo Quantum Processor that provides you with unbelievable colour and brightness and crisp lifelike pictures that can be enjoyed even in the brightest rooms.1 With an ultra-slim bezel that pushes the picture right to the edge of the TV, you can watch your favourite movies with almost no border, just pure ultra-high definition entertainment.

“Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs will put you on the edge of your seat. Your favourite movies and TV shows can be enjoyed in impressive light, with Samsung’s Quantum Mini LED technology across its 4K and 8K Neo QLED Smart TV range.”

Have we mentioned the sound? Be prepared to lose yourself in the breathtaking realism of cinematic sound, right in your own home! With in-built up-firing speakers and world-first wireless True Dolby Atmos,2 it delivers a larger than life audio experience. From stunning colours, incredible brightness and unreal sound, this new TV range is ready to take your family movie nights to the next level.

A lady in her living room watching her Samsung QLED TV

A Whole New Lifestyle

If you haven’t heard, Samsung’s latest technology has been incorporated into its innovative range of lifestyle televisions. Samsung Lifestyle TVs are more than just a TV, they bring unique style into any space so you can truly make it your own. The Lifestyle TV range unleashes vibrant colours, offers deep and detailed blacks and vivid brights for an unreal viewing experience like never before.

The Frame

The home of entertainment, but make it stylish. How does Samsung’s The Frame TV work? The Frame delivers a world of immersive colour and incredible contrast, allowing you to discover details you haven’t before. Want a TV that’s always ready to give you a fresh new look? With The Frame’s Art Mode setting, you can cleverly transform your television to display artwork, photos or paintings rather than keep the screen black when not in use. For gallery standard display of your artwork, the Anti-Glare Matte Display Film spectacularly scatters light to create a premium matte finish that looks as good as a real canvas. Now you can match your TV to the aesthetic and style of your space. Very chic! With Samsung’s The Frame TV, you also have the option of a range of customisable frames3 that come in different colours, simply snap on and off, to complete the transformation from TV to stylish art. The Frame ranges in size from 43” to a huge 85” for those wide scale masterpieces, all featuring that crisp 4K resolution.

The Samsung Lifestyle Frame TV hanging up in a kitchen

Bring Cinema Home (Or Anywhere)

Experiencing cinematic entertainment on the go or at home has never been easier with Samsung’s new projector range. If you’re after BIG entertainment right in your living room or home theatre, look no further, Samsung's The Premiere Triple Laser 4K Smart Projector as it’s a game-changer in big screen entertainment. Or if portability is more your style, The Freestyle can bring big screen movie night fun wherever you are.4

The Premiere 4k Triple Laser Projector

With precise colour accuracy and incredible brightness levels, The Premiere displays up to 130” of big-screen entertainment.5 The Premiere is designed to sit right in front of the wall5, with no mounting required, just a surface to sit upon and project from. Simply plug it in and play, without the need to wait a lengthy warm-up time. Watch a movie with the family exactly how the director intended with Filmmaker Mode that smooths out the display and picture settings for ultimate viewing. The cinematic experience doesn’t just stop at visuals, the built-in audio brings true immersion through consistent and brilliant sound quality, turning your living room into a movie theatre instantly. And lastly, there’s no need to connect a separate device to experience your favourite apps because they’re all built in with Samsung’s innovative smart TV platform, so content is at your fingertips.6

A group on teenagers watching the Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector on their roof

The Freestyle Portable Projector

Don’t let its small size fool you – The Freestyle Portable Projector is a true lifestyle screen that knows no boundaries. You can play movies, shows, sports, games and more within minutes with its instant set-up – so you’ll be immersed in the action in no time! Whether you’re after more intimate 30” screen size viewing or prefer a big home cinema experience with a 100” screen size - thanks to The Freestyle, you can do both!7 Of course, no perfect movie night would be complete without incredible audio, The Freestyle has a detailed 360-degree built-in speaker that distributes sound evenly around the room, for an immersive audio experience wherever you are sitting.8

1Samsung The Frame TV colour volume is certified by VDE.
2Source content must be Dolby Atmos® enabled for Dolby Atmos® playback. Samsung has partnered with Dolby Atmos to create the world's first TV range to include True Dolby Atmos and Wireless Dolby Atmos. Samsung define 'True Dolby Atmos' as featuring an upwards-firing directional speaker for three dimensional sound. Wireless Dolby Atmos compatible only for selected Samsung soundbars.
3Customisable Frames sold separately. Brick Red and White Customisable Frames are available for 55” & 65” Frame TVs only.
4Freestyle must be connected to power outlet or a compatible battery pack (50W/20V) with USB PB to operate. External battery sold separately.
5The Premiere LSP9T must be at least 11.3cm from the wall.
6Internet connection and app subscriptions required.
7The Freestyle must be 79.5cm from the wall to project a 30" image and 260.4cm from the wall to project a 100" image.
8Audio quality and performance may vary depending on environmental characteristics (e.g. room size, product placement and ceiling height) and quality of source content.

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