It's Getting Steamy!

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Getting steamy in the kitchen has a whole new meaning thanks to the latest steam ovens.

So what is a steam oven used for?

Reasons To Love A Steam Oven

1. Restaurant Quality Meals

Combination steam ovens were once the best-kept secret of restaurants worldwide. Now you can make restaurant-quality creations at home thanks to cutting-edge steam oven technology.

2. Tasty, Healthy Meals

As steam enters the oven, it adds moisture to the air which brings out flavours, locks in nutrients and prevents food from drying out during cooking. It also means you can use less oil on meat, fish and veggies for healthier cooking. You can even make perfect poached eggs and risotto in a steam oven.

3. Incredible Roasts

A roast that's not crispy and a bit dry can break hearts. A steam oven gives you incredible roasting results every time; bronzed meat, crisped to perfection, with a juicy, tender centre. Some steam ovens, such as those made by Electrolux, even have a smart meat probe so you'll never, ever overcook a roast again.

"A roast that's not crispy and a bit dry can break hearts. A steam oven gives you incredible roasting results every time."

4. Perfect Cakes

Steam ovens are also ideal for baking cakes and desserts. A burst of steam can make cakes fluffy and moist in the middle, and steam can be used to create richer, glossier colours and delicious textures.

5. Crusty Bread

Fill your home with the aroma of homemade bread baking in the steam oven, then enjoy your freshly-baked bread while it's still warm - savouring the crunchy crust and moist, fluffy middle - all thanks to the steam function.

6. Flaky Pastry

A steam oven gives you delicious crispy crusts on homemade pies, tarts and other pastry creations.

7. Crispy Pizza

Having an oven with the power to add steam can actually create crispier crusts on your pizzas too!

8. Less Guessing

Steam ovens simplify the cooking process so you can make more impressive meals. Intuitive controls, innovative features, and an illuminated display make it easy to select what you want, then just add water to the reservoir and be guided by the smart sensors and thermometers.

9. Easy Oven Cleaning

Cleaning the oven is no fun for anyone. That's why the latest steam ovens make cleaning quick and easy. Steam ovens with pyrolytic cleaning technology are self-cleaning; turning grease and food spills into a fine ash you simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Can A Steam Oven Replace A Regular Oven?

Yes! Steam ovens combine traditional oven-cooking technology with the latest steam-oven cooking technology to give you the best of both worlds and more ways to cook - with or without steam.

So Are Steam Ovens Worth It?

Is it worth buying a steam oven for your home? The answer depends on your priorities and budget. If you want delicious, nutritious meals to be an important part of your life, then the answer might just be yes!

Check out the range of Steam Oven and Combination Steam Oven options available here.

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