Real Home Offices: 5 Looks To Inspire Your Own Sanctuary

January 7, 2022 – 3 min read

The remote working revolution changed the world indelibly: it saw multitudes of people steer away from the major cities; it sparked the Zoom boom; and it shifted the way we designed and decorated our homes. In short, the home office has become one of the most important zones in the house.

Smiling businesswoman with cat on desk having a coffee in her home office

“Creating a serene work from home space is more essential than ever,” says Kinsman Kitchens ambassador Lysandra Fraser. “It’s about getting that perfect blend of cabinetry, to reflect your own personal style, with the all-essential office tech – computer and laptops and even smart home devices.”

Keen to give your study a promotion? Take notes on these five covetable spaces, packed with home office inspiration and style ideas to try at your place.

Scandi Studio

A Scandi-inspired home office adjacent to a modern kitchen

This simple yet homely set-up makes working from home an inviting prospect – especially with the added bonus of a kitchenette, coffee machine and wall-mounted big screen.

“Neutral tones and textural wall finishes lend a sense of calm, while the open shelving and cabinetry provide plentiful storage,” says Alisa Fraser, ambassador for Kinsman.

"Creating a serene work from home space is more essential than ever.” - Lysandra Fraser, Kinsman ambassador

All that’s needed is a whiz-bang computer such as the HP Pavilion x360; it’s as light as a laptop but boasts the power and smarts of a desktop – ideal for flexible working.

Classic Elegance

A classically elegant-styled home office

“Luxurious fabrics and furniture make this a restful spot to work and read,” says Alix Helps of Alix Helps Interiors, who designed this sophisticated study. For home office style ideas, look no further. The space has all the warmth and personality of a living room – courtesy of striking prints and bold colour – but it’s also been carefully considered for the nine-to-five. The joinery is deep enough to house the printer and other tech, while hanging files are stowed neatly at arm’s reach. We’d complement the chic navy scheme with a pair of JBL T500BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones Blue, to log onto video calls in style.

Hamptons Chic

A white Hamptons-styled home office with gold accents

Refined luxury meets cool coastal accents in this home study, from the traditional white cabinetry to the touches of gold and rattan. “The L-shaped layout was a clever design decision,” says Lysandra Fraser. “The desk is masterfully built into the joinery and makes the most of every inch of space – as do those cabinets!”

Cords and clunky gadgets are kept out of sight, so a sleek and easy-to-store laptop paired with a laptop stand would be a fitting accompaniment.

Art House

A two-person art house-styled home office

Want to take your study to new style heights? Literally? Add a floor-to-ceiling work of art.

“The mural was chosen to bring in some colour and to inspire our clients’ daughters with a love of adventure and travel,” says interior designer Alix Helps.

The sweet set-up boasts homework zones for two, with ample storage overhead. To turn up the technology, we’d add a smart home automation hub, which can set reminders, monitor screen time and even assist with homework!

Modern Minimalism

A large minimalist-styled home office

“This space is proof that a home study needn’t mimic a soulless corporate office,” says Alisa Fraser, pointing to the blonde timber desktop and white panelled cabinetry finished with gleaming gold hardware.

The overall feel is fresh, light and uncluttered – just the vibe for getting down to business. For a long day at the desk though, the Wishbone Chair could be swapped out for something more ergonomic – and the Homedics Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat or the Homedics Vibration Neck Massager could come in handy.

Kitting out your study is easy with our extensive range of devices, gadgets and accessories. Visit us in store or online to find out more about the products in this article – and check out our Technology Buying Guides for the latest innovations to bring home.

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