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December 1, 2022 - 5 min read

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We all know having good drinking water is important. Most of us get our water either from the tap directly, from water deliveries or by boiling water. However, having your own personal water purifier at home might just be better for you. 

Appliances like water purifiers have been gaining serious attention, providing ultimate ease all year round. If you want to welcome more benefits into your kitchen, brands like Breville have got you covered. Keep reading to find out more about the top benefits of water purifiers as well as Breville’s the AquaStation™ Range which has all the bells and whistles!

Woman getting hot tea from her water purifier.

Why Choose A Water Purifier?

Among all the things needed to live a healthier life, water is at the top of the list. Water purifiers not only make water taste better, but they also help remove harmful contaminants. While drinking from the tap is convenient – a great way to add more cleanliness to your daily routine is with clean, filtered water. If you’re looking to up your water intake, Breville’s water purifiers combine cleanliness with convenience, giving you instant filtered water with fast dispensing at the touch of a button.

"With the AquaStation™ Purifier no plumbing is required – just place it on your kitchen benchtop or in your home office and it’s ready to use."

How To Choose The Best Water Purifier For You?

Choosing the right filter will depend largely on your budget and water purification needs. You should consider whether a purifier that can chill or heat your filtered water might also be a good option for you.

A quality water purifier is a valuable investment that is low maintenance, will help you save money in the long run, improve the taste of your water, and help improve your health. If you want a family friendly-friendly water filter that is easy to use and has the latest innovations, consider Breville’s AquaStation™ Range.

For a refreshing, filtered drink whenever you want, the AquaStation™ is the product you need. If you’re after the convenience of both hot and cold filtered water, the AquaStation™ Hot even allows you to personalise your tea, coffee or hot beverages – making it ideal for cooler days too! With advanced settings to set your favourite temperature and cup size, you will be able to make the perfect hot or cold beverage every time! Also featuring variable temperature and customisable volume settings, as well as different pre-set drink menu options - this appliance will be your best friend year-round.

If refreshingly chilled, filtered water is a must have, the AquaStation™ Chilled might be exactly the product for you. The extra-large 8L water capacity includes a 2L internal chilling chamber and delivers more great-tasting filtered water with less refilling. If you like the sound of that, but also want the convenience of hot filtered water, the AquaStation™ Chilled + Hot is what you’ve been waiting for. This 3-in-1 benchtop filtered water dispenser provides cleaner, great-tasting water 3 ways: filtered, chilled or hot. In addition to the great features of the AquaStation™ Chilled, the AquaStation™ Chilled + Hot delivers hot water in seconds, while heating only the amount of water selected by you.

If you’re thinking a water purifier might be the right fit for you, check out some of the great benefits below.

A woman uses a Breville AquaStation Chilled + Hot

6 Benefits of Water Purifiers:

1. Encourages Hydration

One of the keys to good health is staying hydrated. As a result, many families opt to installing a water dispenser and purifier in their homes. It helps make it easier for everyone to meet their daily water requirements. Plus, it eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles by converting tap water into highly filtered, great-tasting water that can be consumed daily.

The use of a portable benchtop water purifier like the AquaStation™ Purifier by Breville, with 3x faster filtration* and 3x longer lasting filters^ means you can drink water carefree. The 4-stage filtration with Activ360 ™ filter will remove any odd taste or smells that are sometimes present in tap water. This helps encourage you to drink more, which can have a positive impact on your overall health.

* Compared to traditional jug filter flow rate claims.

^ Compared to traditional jug filter claims, based on recommended monthly replacements.

2. Skin Appearance

Want glowing skin? One of the key ingredients – hydration! Drinking lots of water not only benefits your internal organs but also your external organs. Healthy skin starts from the inside out and adopting a good uptake in clean water will help create that healthy glow.

3. No Need For Plumbing

One of the water dispenser’s best benefits is that it doesn’t require any plumbing work to operate. As a result, it eliminates the chance of contamination from your home’s plumbing system.

With the AquaStation™ Purifier no plumbing is required – just place it on your kitchen benchtop or in your home office and it’s ready to use. It has a compact and portable design but still includes a large 3L water tank so there’s less refilling throughout the day.

4. Eco-Friendly

Having a filtered water dispenser for household use provides a lasting solution that lowers the use of plastic in the home. Purchasing plastic water bottles or jugs as an alternative to drinking tap water has been common for years. However, the amount required to meet a family’s water needs can mount up. Consider eliminating the use of plastic and have endless pure, cooled water anytime you need it with an at-home water purifier.

5. Family-Friendly Due To Ease Of Use

A good water purifier is one that is easy to use. Breville’s the AquaStation™ Purifier has a 3L water tank that is simple to refill, and includes a detachable magnetic drip tray that can easily be removed to accommodate different sizes of cups and bottles. The recessed nozzle is another great feature that keeps it from coming into direct contact with the water bottle’s mouth.

For kids, the shiny appearance and one touch button will entice them to use the dispenser themselves - with parent’s supervision of course!

6. Sanitising Made Easy

Certain items take the extra time to ensure they are clean and sanitised properly. From baby bottles to various kitchen items, using filtered water is an extra step you can take to ensure these items are completely safe and clean.

Using water filter to sanitise a baby bottle.

For more health and wellness inspiration check out our blog or this article on air purifiers. Want to know more about our range of water purifiers? Visit us in-store or online to find out more.

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