Create Your Perfect Modern Kitchen

February 20, 2024 - 4 min read

Creating the modern kitchen of your dreams is easier than you think. With a few tips from The Good Guys, you can create a kitchen that will function as the centre of your home for entertaining, and where friends and family come together to eat and socialise.

A light timber and white modern kitchen with black appliances.

Kitchen Design Layout

Modern kitchens start with the right layout. More than just the look and feel, creating a space that operates efficiently in your home is important. Before you start thinking about your new modern kitchen design, here are some of the popular layout styles for modern kitchens:

U-shaped: The largest style of kitchen for modern homes, this is the chef and entertainer’s kitchen. With all of the latest appliances and loads of bench space, a U-shaped kitchen can help you to cook up a storm.

L-shaped: You’ll love the extra bench space that an L-shaped kitchen provides. It’s perfect for modern, open plan living homes that want to show off some flair and good taste.

Galley kitchen: Ideal for small kitchen spaces, it features a long narrow walkway with smart, modern cabinetry and appliances on either side. Use the vertical height to your advantage to fit more in. With a few stools on the side of the bench – it’s a great social spot to gather together.

Kitchen Island: A kitchen island helps you to create an entertainer’s kitchen. A freestanding bench space, you can hide cabinetry, appliances and sinks and taps within it. Best of all – it’s ideal for sitting around and entertaining.

Peninsula: A peninsula kitchen offers you all of the benefits of a kitchen island, except it is connected to a wall rather than being freestanding. This is often easier to create from an existing kitchen that you are renovating.

Appliances For The Modern Kitchen

We recommend starting your new kitchen project by selecting your appliances first. Then you can build your cabinetry around them to fit. There’s nothing worse than selecting a double oven that won’t fit into the existing cavity in your cabinetry. Check out some of the latest appliances that are perfect for modern kitchens.

Fridges For Modern Kitchens

A black French door fridge in a black and cream modern kitchen.

A modern kitchen needs one of the coolest fridges on the market. Here are some of our top picks;

Samsung French Doors

You’ll love the French doors of this Samsung 648L fridge. Its sleek design opens up to a huge space for the busy and hungry family. With an auto-fill water jug and dual ice-maker, it’s the perfect entertaining fridge.

LG Instaview

The slim-line design of the LG 642L InstaView French Door Refrigerator is ideal for saving space at home. Knock twice on the glass panel door to see inside and access snacks and drinks without having to open the fridge up. This also makes it more energy efficient.

Samsung Family Hub

The Samsung 640L Family Hub Refrigerator is like the hub for the family kitchen. Connected to the internet as a smart device, the fridge can offer you recipes, stream music and help you with your shopping list. And with space saving features internally, you’d be surprised how much can fit into it.

Vintec Wine Cellar

For the wine connoisseur, Vintec wine cellars are the experts in climate control and wine preservation technology. Loved all over the world, your guests will love how it cares for your wine collection even more.

Cooking Appliances For Modern Kitchens

Entertaining at home in your modern kitchen just got a lot easier with the latest ovens, cooktops and rangehoods.

90cm Freestanding Ovens:

A green Smeg Portofino freestanding cooker in a white and grey modern kitchen.

Freestanding ovens are perfect for modern kitchens and those who love to cook and bake at home. You’ll love their width and size, which makes them ideal for cooking multiple dishes at the same time. Choose the style that suits the kitchen you are creating, from sleek stainless steel to matte black for the industrial chic look.

Gas Cooktops

The workhorse of the modern kitchen, a gas cooktop is an essential appliance for modern-day living. We recommend choosing a gas cooktop that matches your oven, in colour, brand, style and size. Modern black appliances look great together as a set, as do appliances from the same brand and material that it’s made from.

Induction Cooktops:

A pot of water boils on a Miele induction cooktop.

Induction cooktops are perfect for families looking to create a modern kitchen. They remove the heating up process of the cooktop and reduce their heat faster after use – minimising the risk to wandering little fingers. With their glass-top appearance, they suit sleek and sophisticated kitchens that are looking to show off their design.


A black integrated rangehood in a white modern kitchen.

You can even make a statement in your modern kitchen with the rangehood that you select. Industrial kitchens benefit from the rangehood being set within architectural elements, whereas some modern kitchens are suited to a freestanding one, so choose the style that suits your design. For those looking to add some flair to their kitchen, a colourful canopy rangehood can really make a statement. Alternatively, you can hide an undermount rangehood away within your cabinetry or in the ceiling to reduce the visual clutter in your kitchen

Create Your Modern Kitchen With The Good Guys

Find everything you need to create the modern kitchen of your dreams online or at your local The Good Guys store.

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