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L-Shaped Kitchens

July 26, 2021 - 4 min read

Everybody loves an open plan home, with wide spaces that flow for entertaining and enjoying each other’s company. An L-shaped kitchen is perfect for this style of home. Your stylish kitchen will be on show for all to see, as well as bringing your dining table closer to where you prepare. It’s the perfect layout for medium to large families that love to cook and create at home while socialising.

L Shaped Kitchen Design Layout

An L-shaped kitchen features cooking, appliances and wet areas spread across two walls in an L-shape. It hides away plenty of storage, provides loads of bench space but also allows you to entertain while working in the kitchen, with no walls acting as a barrier.

Best of all, you can really set up your ‘kitchen golden triangle’ easily in this kitchen layout. In a nutshell, this is when your fridge, sink and oven are in an evenly spaced triangle. It helps you to keep your kitchen organised and lets you multitask between the three zones.

Appliances For The L Shaped Kitchen

With loads of bench space at your disposal, picking out the appliances for your L-shaped kitchen is exciting. You have the full The Good Guys range of appliances at your disposal. We always recommend an appliance-first approach when updating your kitchen. That’s because its expensive to change your cabinetry if you pick the wrong sized appliances. By allocating enough space in your kitchen for your appliances, the cabinetry and storage space that you need will also become apparent.

You also have the chance to really make a style statement with the appliances you choose. If you opt for sleek black appliances, you can create the modern black kitchen of your dreams. Whereas a large freestanding oven and a statement coloured rangehood are perfect for the Hamptons look or an industrial kitchen.

Fridges For L Shaped Kitchens

For the modern entertainer who is choosing a L-shaped kitchen, a fridge with French doors is a delight. They open up to reveal loads of storage space and smart shelf solutions for your next party or gathering. The L-shaped configuration allows for plenty of space for your doors to open wide, not cramping you for space.

Cooktops For L Shaped Kitchens

There’s more to the latest cooktops than you may realise. The three general types of cooktops to choose from are;

  • Gas cooktop: Instant heat, easy to control and features a naked gas flame. Gas cooktops are the most common type on the market, and there’s a huge range to choose from.
  • Ceramic cooktop: For a sleek and modern look, you can’t beat ceramic cooktops. They use coiled metal elements under the glass surface to heat electronically.
  • Induction cooktop: The fastest cooking method, however this method may need suitable cookware with a ferrous base to use.

When decking out a L-shaped kitchen with a cooktop, we usually recommend matching brands with your other appliances like ovens and rangehoods for the best look. There are many styles, colours and brands available so choose what suits you best.

Freestanding Ovens For L Shaped Kitchens

The oven is the workhorse of your kitchen, so spending some time to get your choice right is important. Luckily with the space of L-shaped kitchens, you have the freedom to pick the one that’s right for your needs.

A freestanding oven is a good idea in this kitchen format, which combines the oven and cooktop into a single unit. Blended seamlessly into your benchtop and cabinetry, it will look fantastic and be a true kitchen focal point for you.

Simple to install, freestanding ovens are generally less expensive than other styles and are easy to replace. A good tip when deciding on oven placement is to think where your utilities are located. Moving gas and electrical lines can be expensive, so this might impact on your oven location.

Bank Of Wall Ovens For L Shaped Kitchens

A great use of your L-shape kitchen’s wall space is installing a bank of ovens. The chef in your home will be forever grateful. A true chef’s paradise, a bank of ovens is a variety of appliances that are all placed together with complimentary features. For the best look, try to match brands, colours and styles.

We recommend a panoramic layout for this style of kitchen, comprising a combi steam oven, conventional oven, a built-in microwave and a built-in coffee machine for the perfect bank of four appliances. Underneath you could also add a warming drawer for the ultimate luxury.

Sinks For L Shaped Kitchens

With loads of generous space in an L-shaped kitchen, you have the opportunity to really splash out with your sink choice. That double basin and swivel tap you’ve always dreamed of is now within reach! Popular skink materials to choose from at the moment include stainless steel, composite materials such as Fragranite or Tectonite, classic chrome or classy moulded granite.

Whichever style of sink you choose, make sure that it matches the design and style of your whole kitchen layout. If you are creating a sleek black kitchen with dark cabinetry and matching appliances, then go for a matching sink as well. Whereas a Hamptons style kitchen demands a farmhouse style sink.

For something bold and a little different, you could even place your sink at the corner of your L-Shaped kitchen. This is a great space-saving idea that fully utilises a dead area of your benchtop.

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