Upgrade Your Cleaning Game With The Revolutionary Dyson Robot Vacuum 

January 31, 2024 - 5 min read 

Had your envious eye on a robot vacuum for some time, waiting for the right moment to snap up one of these magical cleaning fairies for yourself? Waiting to switch out an older model for an all-star upgrade? Your moment is here!  

Introducing the Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ Robotic Vacuum, the most powerful, most evolved robot vacuum yet from global vacuum wizards Dyson

With game-changing suction to rival regular vacuums, superior mapping skills and an advanced design that can clean your home corner-to-corner, the Dyson 360 Robotic Vacuum is your golden ticket to next-level, next-gen floorcare. No effort required!

a woman sitting on her couch controlling her new Dyson robot vacuum from her phone

The Robotic Vacuum To Help You Clean Smarter, Not Harder  

“Customers chasing the dream of hands-free floorcare often ask, ‘Are robot vacuums worth it?’ and I always tell them, ‘Yes, absolutely they are’,” says Nick Trajkovski, The Good Guys Buyer – Floorcare. 

“Robot vacs can be set to patrol your home every day, picking up dust, dirt and pet hair as they go, so they’re a lifesaver for everyone – from working couples and busy families to time-poor pet owners – because they let you get on with things you’d much rather be doing,” says Nick. 

“Plus, the cleaning performance of robot vacuums is improving all the time. Case in point the latest Dyson robot vacuum, which is powerful enough for all your day-to-day floor maintenance, as well as those more time-consuming deep cleans.”    

Looking for the ultimate home helper to do the dirty work for you? Here are five reasons why the Dyson 360 Robotic Vacuum has everything you need to look for in a robot vacuum – whether you’re scaling up or jumping on the bot bandwagon for the first time. 

“The latest Dyson robotic vacuum is powerful enough for all your day-to-day floor maintenance, as well as those more time-consuming deep cleans.”

#1 More Suction, Deeper Cleans 

What is the best robot vacuum? One that offers much more than mere surface appeal! A true workhorse, the revolutionary Dyson robot vacuum boasts a 110,000rpm Dyson Hyperdymium™ motor for serious suction power that can happily hold its own against a standard vacuum. And with Dyson’s first ever, triple-action brush bar (combining soft nylon, stiff bristles and antistatic carbon fibre filaments), you can rely on your Dyson wonder bot for uncompromising cleans on everything from tiles and hardwood floors to deep-pile carpets. 

#2 Wall-To-Wall Floorcare 

One of the biggest challenges any robot vacuum cleaner faces? Cleaning right to the edge of your room. No sweat for the Dyson 360 Vis Nav Robotic Vacuum! An extending side duct automatically redirects suction strong enough to capture all your dust and debris right up to the wall. Genius!

Dyson 360 Vis Nav Robotic Vacuum

#3 Panoramic Views 

In 2023, robot vacuums need serious navigation skills to make the A-league. Enter the Dyson 360 Vis Nav Robotic Vacuum. Thanks to 360° vision and 26 sensors, this super-savvy robot vac knows exactly where it’s been, where it’s yet to clean – and which objects it needs to avoid (hello, stairs!). Cleaning in low light? No problem! An LED light ring helps the machine navigate dark rooms and corners. 

“Because it can see all around your room at once, in any lighting, and intelligently map and navigate your home, the Dyson 360 Robotic Vacuum doesn’t have to constantly turn itself to see where it’s going, so it can clean very systematically and efficiently,” says Nick Trajkovski.

#4 A Clean Home From Your Phone 

Fancy coming home to pristine floors every night? Or kitchen tiles that magically rid themselves of dinner crumbs while you crack on with more enjoyable things? Simply hook your Dyson robot vacuum up to the MyDyson™ app so you can control, customise and schedule your cleans from your smartphone or smart home hub, from wherever you are.  

With multiple power modes to choose from, you can enjoy effortless floorcare your way, all the way. Need to get the job done pronto? Or peacefully around a nervy pet? Program your Dyson robot vacuum cleaner for Quick or Quiet mode. Got a heavy-duty mess to tackle? Select Boost mode – and chill.  

Dyson 360 Robotic Vacuum

#5 A Healthier Household 

Struggling with indoor allergies? The Dyson 360 Vis Nav Robotic Vacuum has a best-in-class, fully sealed HEPA filtration system that traps dust and seals in 99.99% of tiny particles, expelling cleaner air so everyone can breathe easier.

Always losing the battle to rid your rugs of your pet’s hair? A full-width brush bar picks up pet hair from all floor types, while that fine HEPA filtration also captures pet dander and other animal allergens. And when you're bang in the middle of shedding season, you can program your Dyson miracle machine to clean any room multiple times a day. 


Time to upgrade to the vacuum cleaner of tomorrow? Visit us in-store or online to check out the Dyson 360 Vis Nav Robotic Vacuum, or any of our other future-fit Dyson vacuums, and start enjoying more precious minutes for yourself, today!

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