How To Switch To eReaders And Audiobooks - And Why You Should

April 14, 2022 - 4 min read

Here’s the thing about the real book versus eBook debate. You don’t have to pick a side. Go hybrid and get the best of both worlds. Pile your bookshelf with treasured titles, then feed your book habit with an eReader, tablet or audiobook app so you’ll always have a story to dive into – or listen to – wherever you are.

Audiobooks and eReaders simply can’t be beaten for portability, convenience, and ease. Carry a whole library around in your handbag, or enjoy the latest bestsellers read aloud on your smartphone to enliven long commutes or dreary chores. Here’s how to join the eBook revolution.

Woman reading an e-book while sitting on steps.

Best Reasons To Switch To eReading 

No matter how devoted you are to the feel of paper in your hands, eBooks have perks that traditional books don’t. Digital books can boost your vocabulary with their built-in dictionary, switch up font size to be easy on your eyes, provide personalised picks just for you, and supply an instant holiday reading stash that won’t weigh down your suitcase. Plus, you can double down on all those psychological thrillers or romance romps you’d rather the whole world didn’t see!

“Carry a whole library around in your handbag, or enjoy the latest bestsellers read aloud on your smartphone to enliven long commutes or dreary chores.”

eReader Versus Tablet

Both devices will put a world of books at your fingertips, but eReaders and tablets deliver quite different reading experiences. Ask yourself these questions to help decide which category is best for you.

What Size Screen Do You Need?

Want a reading device that’s trim enough to slip into a purse? Maybe you’re after a larger-screen device that can also stream your favourite shows. For comfortable reading, we recommend going no smaller than 6 inches.

Do You Need A Long Battery Life?

If you intend to use your reading device mostly on the move, look for a model with a long battery life (eReaders are prized for this, with some running for months between charges).

Do You Want An All-In-One Device?

Tablets have a glossy colour display, function like mini-laptops, and you can swipe, pinch or tap your way through an eBook or magazine. Would you rather read without the distraction of social media alerts and incoming emails? Designed primarily for reading, an eReader is your best bet. 

Do You Prefer To Read Without Glare?

If you love reading outside, it’s definitely worth investing in an eReader or a tablet with an anti-glare, paper-like display. Built-in backlight is also great for night readers and insomniacs (no need for the bedside lamp).

Shop Best eReaders And Tablets

  • With a whopping 32GB of storage, 10-week battery life, and built-in backlight that adapts from warm amber to cool white for comfortable reading day or night, the Kindle . Paperwhite Signature Edition is a bookworm’s best friend.
  • The Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus tablet has a 10.3-inch screen and supersharp pixel resolution to keep your eBooks easy on the eye.
  • Store all those must-reads on the great value Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. With an 8.7-inch screen, it weighs only 0.37g so your hands won’t get tired, even after hours of reading.
  • Looking for an eReader, a tablet and a powerful laptop rolled into one? The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 lets you read, write and draw on the run, while the 13-inch screen makes light reading of newspapers and e-magazines, too. 
  • Love reading enhanced eBooks with added animation or videos? The splashy Apple iPad Pro boasts best in show Liquid Retina display and anti-glare mode to devour those page-turners, even in bright sunlight. 
Woman listening to an audiobook through her headphones at the beach.

How To Start Out On Audiobooks

Audiobooks bring all the best stories (or nonfiction crackers) straight to your ears and are great for calming the mind before bedtime. Download the Harry Potter audiobooks to enjoy skilled narrators bringing beloved characters to life, or hear gripping memoirs read by the stars who wrote them. 

Simply download an audiobook app to your smartphone or other mobile device (the Big Three are Amazon’s Audible,, and Google Play’s audio library), grab a good pair of headphones, earbuds or portable speakers and hit play!

Shop Best Audiobook Devices

  • Say goodbye to the outside world with the Audio Technica Premium Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. The handy fold-flat design is perfect for readers on the go.
  • Powered by Dolby Digital, the popular Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa Gen 4 delivers crisp vocals and 360-degree audio, so you can submerge yourself in storytime in any room (tell Alexa to dim the lights for extra atmosphere).
  • Top of the best-seller list when it comes to playing audiobooks, the AppleiPod Touch 32GB lets you switch between audiobook platforms without changing devices. With Bluetooth connectivity, it lets you maintain the action anywhere!

Your next page-turner awaits. Head to your nearest The Good Guys store for the best range of eReaders and accessories and tablets or browse the best online.

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