How To Match Your Smartwatch To Your Style

February 15, 2024 - 3 min read 

Serious arm candy when it needs to be and working as hard as the perfect white T-shirt, a smartwatch is as much a wardrobe staple as a good pair of jeans – and the latest models are ready for their close-up.

“We all want a wearable that alerts us to messages, keeps on top of our diary, tracks our health and fitness and makes speedy, smart payments, but the big brands know it’s got to look stylish too or we’re not going to wear it,” says John Wong, The Good Guys Buyer – Mobiles & Plans. “That’s why smartwatches are now a bona fide fashion accessory, letting you display your personal style.”

Ready to get snazzy, slick or suave with the best smartwatch? Here’s how to do it:

The mid-section of a well-dressed woman in a cream winter jacket and wearing a smartwatch with a white band and black face.

Choosing The Right Smartwatch

Smartwatch, fitness tracker, health monitor – there’s a swag of options when it comes to wearables, so find the right fit for your style and needs.

First, choose a model that performs the functions you’re after. A smartwatch is like a smartphone for your wrist, packed with features such as call functions, GPS, heart rate monitoring and mobile payments. If you’re more interested in kick-starting your fitness goals, a fitness tracker is the one for you. And for tracking sleep cycles, hydration and blood oxygen levels, medical wearables are perfect.

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Choosing The Right Smartwatch Face

Now, make your wearable work with your wardrobe! To do this, Melbourne-based fashion stylist Merrin Schnabel says to look at your high-rotation wardrobe favourites. “If you have jewellery that you wear every day, find a smartwatch face with hardware that ties in,” says Merrin. “Black is timeless and works with everything, but you’ll find many, like Garmin smartwatches, have a silver, gold or even rose gold framed face,” she says.

“It’s also best to try on a few different styles for size. Dainty wrists can get swamped by an oversized watch face and, likewise, smaller designs can look out of proportion on a wider wrist.” Experiment too with round faces – look to Garmin and Samsung smartwatches here – or rectangular watch faces – Apple and Fitbit – to see which hit your style cues.

But the benefit of many smartwatches is you can customise the face as often as you change your socks! “If you’re looking for a fashionable watch face, choose a smartwatch that lets you switch between analogue and digital displays, change up with widgets, and even download different face colours and designs from linked apps,” says John Wong. “That way, you can set your smartwatch to a digital design for easy reading of stats at the gym, then switch to a classic analogue display that suits your evening wear.”

Close-up of a woman holding up her wrist to check the time on her black smartwatch.

Choosing The Right Band For Your Smartwatch

Next, consider the colour and material of the watchband. Most importantly, says Merrin Schnabel, think about where you’ll be wearing your watch. “If you’re looking for an all-rounder, something sleek and stylish that you can wear to the gym or for a night out and to the office, you’re best to go for something durable – like stainless steel or rubber – in a colour that works with everything, like black, white, silver or gold,” she recommends.

“Alternatively, pick a smartwatch that has changeable strap options so you can switch between an easy-clean silicone and a high-end leather to go with different outfits and occasions. Collecting a range of different straps is a cost-effective way of expanding your wardrobe and letting you experiment with your style. Why not try a fun pop of colour?”

And don’t forget, your smartwatch needs to fit. “For body monitoring sensors to work, they need to stay comfortably in contact with your wrist,” says John Wong. “Measure your wrist and make sure you find a band that can adjust to fit."

Ready to step up your fashion game with a do-it-all (in style!) smartwatch? Visit us in-store or online to find your best accessory yet.

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