How To Get Your New TV Home And Unpacked Safely

Aug 13, 2021 - 3 min read

We bet you can’t wait to get that new TV home and ready for binge watching your latest fave shows. But if you’ve chosen to pick up your television from the store check out these three tips for making sure you don’t damage your new big screen on the way home.

1: Keep Your TV Upright

If you’ve chosen to pick up your TV you’ll need to make sure that your transportation is large enough to enable the TV to stay upright. Laying the TV flat at any time can cause damage to the product. To help you check if your car or van has enough height we include the box measurements for each TV on our product pages. Handy!

2: Don’t Pinch The Screen

New TV technology has brought us incredibly thin panels - which can easily be damaged from accidental pinching or holding the screen when unpacking and installing.

Please read the unpacking instructions and use the guides supplied by the TV manufacturer for the safe removal of the TV from the box and when installing to avoid damage. And make sure you enlist the help of some family or friends to help you with the process, and don’t forget to keep the TV upright at all times.

3: Follow The Wall Mounting Instructions

Reading instructions is sooo boring – but please do read the instructions when it comes to wall mounting your new TV. The last thing you want to have happen is see your beautiful new big screen TV crash to the floor, or worse still hurt anyone in your family. Follow the instructions to safely wall mount your new television and make sure you have purchased the right mounting gear for the size of your TV and the wall material.

So there you have it … 3 simple steps to getting your TV home and unpacked safely.

Need a hand with Delivery or Installation?

If you’ve worked out that your car is too small, or you’re not sure that you want to tackle the wall mounting yourself – we can help with that.

The Good Guys can arrange delivery or your new TV, and The Good Guys Home Services team can arrange installation.

Choose from wall mount installation or have the TV set up on your entertainment console (Table top installation). All installation services include unboxing, set up and a demo of your new TV, plus they’ll even take away the packaging. Too easy. Learn more about The Good Guys Home Services TV delivery and install options here.

Happy TV Watching!

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