Fighting Fit: How To Live Your Best Life With The Latest Health Tech

June 17, 2022 - 3 min read 

Taking care of yourself has never been easier, thanks to leaps and bounds in lifestyle technology. Back in 1952, when The Good Guys first appeared, it was mostly your doctor, dentist and your mum who monitored your wellbeing. But now there’s also a tag team of smart health devices to support you in ways your parents and grandparents never dreamed of.

This year marks 70 years of The Good Guys, seven amazing decades at the cutting edge of home and personal tech that makes a difference in people’s lives.

“When it comes to health and wellness tech, the one constant is constant innovation and the knowledge that every year, there will be something new that makes your lives easier and better,” says David Linehan, The Good Guys Buyer – Tech Accessories.

“However you want to improve your health, there’s a gadget that can make your journey easier. These devices cover everything from training you to be a better runner, to making sure you stop missing that one awkward tooth when you brush your teeth. They literally have you covered from top to toe.”

Here’s some of the best health-boosting devices to help you feel better for the long-term:

two girls getting ready for a run outside while they wear noise cancelling headphones

Smart Speakers

These devices would have sounded like science fiction just a decade ago, but now it’s hard to imagine life without smart speakers. From David Linehan’s perspective, there really is something for everyone when it comes to smart speakers. “Being able to sync smart devices with your speaker means you can use simple commands to set the mood for work or romance. But it’s also a huge help for accessibility. For example, saying ‘Hey [smart assistant], turn on the news’ might be easier for someone with arthritis than navigating a TV remote.”

Smart speakers are also great for fitness fanatics. You can set them up so that you can just say ‘Hey [smart assistant], let’s run!’ and have it automatically play your running playlist, change the lights and start a timer for your treadmill run.

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There are so many hidden health benefits to smartphones, beyond just what we expect from health and fitness apps. Did you know that iPhones can detect sounds like a baby crying or a fire alarm, and send you a notification? This is a huge help for people who are hard of hearing, or just have really good noise-cancelling headphones. The iPhone Magnifier app can also tell you how far away people are, magnify small print, and even identify doors if your vision is not 20/20.

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Fitness Trackers And Medical Wearables

People love health trackers because they not only give you actionable health information, but also keep you motivated. A recent study showed that more than 80% of fitness-tracker users found the motivational cues and general health information useful. Trackers can tell you your blood oxygen levels, do an ECG, track your heart rate, fitness and workouts, and set it up to notify people if you have a heavy fall off your bike or down the stairs.

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a lady on a run drinking water out of her water bottle


You might be surprised to learn that headphones are one of the most important gadgets you can have when it comes to wellbeing. Why? They can help you block out the world through noise cancelling, so you can get lost in a song, and they can keep you connected to friends, family and work by helping you communicate more clearly. They can also keep you motivated on a run, help you learn with audiobooks, and even help you, through the Live Listen feature, keep up with the conversation in a noisy restaurant. A good pair of headphones can be life-changing.

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Electric Toothbrushes

If you still haven’t switched from manual, you are missing out on toothbrush tech that can help earn you a gold star at your next dental check-up. The Oral-B app and Oral-B Junior app sends info to your phone to let you know how your brushing stacks up and how you can improve. That’s good news for your pearly whites, and bad news for decay.

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Smart Weighing Scales

Just knowing how much you weigh without knowing how that breaks down isn’t very helpful. For instance, in straight BMI terms, many weightlifters would be considered obese. Smart scales not only keep track of your weight journey by syncing to your phone over Wi-Fi, but also give you a break down of your fat, muscle and bone percentages – the more important numbers.

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Withings Body Weight & BMI

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“These devices cover everything from training you to be a better runner, to making sure you stop missing that one awkward tooth when you brush your teeth.” David Linehan, The Good Guys Buyer – Tech Accessories.

Water Filters

Now that we’re aware of how much damage plastic bottles can do in landfill, it’s more important than ever that we switch to using filtered water instead of bottled. It tastes the same as expensive bottled water, but at a fraction of the cost. Purifying water filter jugs and tap filters reduce the taste and odour of bacteria, viruses, chlorine and impurities such as pesticides. You can even get portable, refillable filter bottles so you can have that great fresh taste on the go.

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With 70 years of experience in home and personal appliances, The Good Guys know all there is to know about technology to make your life easier, healthier and happier. So head in-store or online for expert advice, the best range and the best prices.

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