How To Future-Proof Your Fridge: The 5 Must-Have Features

June 23, 2022 - 5 min read

Is your fridge running? You better go catch it – and while you’re at it, catch up with the latest smart features that we promise are way cooler than this ancient dad joke. Today’s fridges are designed to suit our modern lifestyle. They can do everything from tweaking temperature zones from afar to ordering your groceries and suggesting what recipes to cook with them. This makes the latest fridges one of the most efficient and intuitive household appliances around.

After 70 years in the kitchen appliance business, The Good Guys know just how far fridge tech has come – and where it’s going. That’s why we’re perfectly placed to help you pick the best new fridge for your needs.

Woman controlling her smart fridge using an app on a tablet.

Meet The Modern Fridge

“Over the years we’ve gone from bulky, basic iceboxes to fridges that have become the star of the kitchen – with exciting new tech that boosts the quality and longevity of your food, while saving on your energy spend,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Refrigeration.

“And while appliance technology does move quickly, there are certain staple features that are worth investing in now if you want years of top-flight efficiency from your next refrigerator.”

Upgrading? These are the 5 features that will help future-proof your new fridge:

“Fridges are about 70 per cent more efficient than they were 30 years ago and continue to improve. So if you’ve got an older model and want to save on running costs, it could be time to upgrade.”

Feature #1: Wi-Fi Connectivity

It’s 2022, which means almost anything can benefit from an internet connection – your fridge included! A Wi-Fi-enabled appliance is all about getting your smartphone and fridge talking, and lets you remotely control things like temperature, or engage your freezer’s quick-freeze functions via an app. Just a swipe and a tap from the grocery aisle can have your fridge extra-chilled when you arrive home, or on the way to defrosting tonight’s dinner. Not sure if you’re out of milk? The smartest fridges let you knock twice, or activate an interior camera, to check without opening the door. 

Shop Wi-Fi-Enabled Fridges

Samsung 637L Family Hub Refrigerator

LG 847L InstaView Refrigerator

Electrolux 609L French Door Refrigerator

Feature #2: Cooling technology

Gone are the days of patchy cooling (and fridges that take forever to manually defrost!). This game-changing technology keeps the whole fridge evenly chilled with special sensors designed to automatically balance temperature and humidity levels. It even keeps tabs on your usage habits, so it can adjust temperature accordingly. Perfect for keeping the contents of your fridge optimally chilled while you stare into it, looking for a quick afternoon snack.

Shop Fridges With Cooling Technology

Fisher & Paykel 494L Bottom Mount Refrigerator
Samsung 424L Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Hisense 496L Top Mount Refrigerator

Feature #3: Energy Efficiency

No longer the energy hogs of yesteryear, modern fridges are packed with thrifty eco-smart features designed to save you dollars, while caring more for the planet. Going away? Holiday mode will maintain your cleared-out fridge at a more economical temperature. Brands such as Fisher & Paykel and Samsung use savvy inverter technology that automatically detects what’s going on inside your fridge, and only cools and defrosts as needed. Other fridges offer a self-closing door feature to amass further energy wins come bill time.  

“Fridges are about 70 per cent more efficient than they were 30 years ago and continue to improve,” says Peter Simic. “So if you’ve got an older model and want to save on running costs, it could be time to upgrade.”

Shop Energy-Efficient Fridges

Haier 419L Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Hisense 578L Side By Side Refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel 569L French Door Refrigerator

Woman putting a container with frozen mixed vegetables into the drawer of her fridge-freezer.

Feature #4: Designer Looks

Modern refrigerator brands have your back. They know they have to bring their A game when it comes to fridge functionality; but in this post-The Block world, your fridge needs to look stylish, too. It is the biggest appliance in the room, after all, and sets the tone for your kitchen aesthetic. Cue an exciting new realm of sophisticated design features to choose from: slick, black glass or stainless steel exteriors; fingerprint-free doors; recessed handles; and discreet water dispensers you’ll barely know are there!    

Shop Modern Design Fridges

Fisher & Paykel 538L Quad Door Refrigerator

Haier 628L Quad Door Refrigerator

LG 664L French Door Refrigerator

Feature #5: Endless Ice

Nothing worse than running out of ice in summer (or halfway through your drinks party!). But who needs the faff of always remembering to keep those ice trays filled? Fridge manufacturers have kept pace with our love affair with built-in ice makers – and the smartest models can now dispense pre-prepared ice at your convenience and to suit any cold beverage. Regular cubes for your smoothie? Classy ice balls for that scotch on the rocks? Step right up.   

Shop Fridges With An In-Built Ice Maker

Samsung 648L French Door Refrigerator

Westinghouse 609L French Door Refrigerator

LG 635L InstaView SxS Refrigerator

With 70 years of experience in home appliances, The Good Guys know everything there is to know about fridges and their latest features. Come see us in store or online for expert advice, the biggest brands and the best prices. 

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