Can A Washing Machine Make Your Clothes Last Longer?

October 01, 2021 – 4 min read

Being kind to clothes is something next-generation washing machines take very seriously. And the fact is, the right laundry appliances can help extend the life of your favourite outfits. “Fabric care technology has come a long way in recent years and it’s worth keeping in mind when shopping for a new washing machine,” says Peter Simic, Refrigeration and Laundry buyer at The Good Guys. “Every manufacturer takes a slightly different approach to this, so it pays to compare models to make sure your new purchase is equipped to clean clothes well, without damaging fabrics.” Here are the smart washing machine features to look for.

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Steam Refresh – The New Way To Clean Your Clothes

Washing garments frequently causes wear and tear. So what if we told you there was a way to make clothes feel like new without the full wash and dry? New Steam Refresh programs do just that, and offer a great solution for clothes you’ve barely worn or last season’s outfits you’ve had stored in the wardrobe and just need to freshen up. The Fisher & Paykel 11kg Front Load Washer features a 20-minute Steam Refresh program that deodorises and de-wrinkles clothes, leaving them fresh-smelling, wrinkle-free and ready-to-wear. “The less intensive cleaning option is perfect for clothes that aren’t dirty enough to require a full wash, as well as reviving stored garments and soft furnishings,” says Roseanna Langtry, Refrigeration and Laundry Marketing Manager at Fisher & Paykel.

The steam deodorises clothes without using detergent, which is better for fabrics, less allergenic and kinder on sensitive skin. “The de-wrinkler gently eases the creases out of clothes, saving you time on ironing, unless you want a super-crisp finish,” says Roseanna Langtry.

“Reducing the number of full-cycle washes will help preserve the colour, shape and quality of your garments, extending the life of your favourite items. And using steam will save water and reduce overall degradation, being kinder to the environment as well as your clothes and soft furnishings.”

Maximise your steam cleaning power with the Fisher & Paykel 9kg Heat Pump Condensing Dryer with Steam Freshen cycle as well as Advanced TangleProtect technology to ensure clothes dry evenly, with fewer tangles.

Auto Dosing For The Perfect Wash

Did you know that too much detergent can damage clothes? That’s what makes Auto Dosing washing machines ideal, because they take the guesswork out of measuring for each load. You just fill the reservoir at regular intervals and the machine does the rest.

“Auto Dose dispenses just the right amount of detergent to suit the level of soil while ensuring your clothes are clean and soft,” says Roseanna Langtry. “This is important as dispensing the correct amount of detergent results in less detergent residue on your clothes, preventing garments from being damaged and giving you confidence that your favourite clothing will stand the test of time.” Find this technology in the family-friendly Fisher & Paykel 11kg Front Load Washer.

“Auto Dose dispenses just the right amount of detergent to suit the level of soil while ensuring your clothes are clean and soft. This is important as dispensing the correct amount of detergent results in less detergent residue on your clothes, preventing garments from being damaged.”

Customised Wash Cycles

More choice in wash programs can only be a good thing when it comes to caring for clothes. That way, everything from delicates to dance party looks get the five-star treatment with a dedicated wash program. “Fisher & Paykel washing machines offer a range of varied wash cycles to cater for your garments’ unique properties, such as the Wool cycle and the Sports cycle, designed for activewear,” says Roseanne Langtry. “Cycle options such as Allergy, Sports and Wool ensure you get the best results for the chosen garments.”

Sensor Technology

Some washing machines take it even easier on clothes through sensor technology. In addition to Auto Dosing, the Fisher & Paykel 11kg Front Load Washer features intelligent sensors that determine load size and soil level before dispensing just the right amount of detergent and adjusting the wash time, for more than 1200 possible wash combinations.

Gentle Drum Designs

The latest front-load washing machines take drum design to new heights with contours that make the ride less stressful for clothing. The Haier 8kg Front Load Washer features a stainless steel, wave drum design that cushions the fall of laundry for a gentler wash.

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Cold Water vs Hot Water

When it comes to caring for clothes – and keeping energy bills under control – cold water is generally the best choice. “Cold water is gentler on all garments, especially ones that are prone to shrinking and fading, and ones with elastic components,” says John Molloy, General Manager – Laundry Product Line at Fisher & Paykel. “However, there is an interaction between garment wear and tear from washing and the length of the wash cycle. In cases where clothing is dirtier, a cold wash may not be as effective. A higher wash temperature can help to get the clothes cleaner faster, and hence keep the wash cycle short and effective. When in doubt, especially for those special items, we always recommend reading the care label.”

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Other Tips For Making Clothes Last Longer

Above all, resist the urge to cram too many clothes in a single load. “Not only is overfilling bad for the lifespan of your washing machine, it’s also bad for the lifespan of your clothes,” says Peter Simic. “The clothes will not wash properly and will also rub against one another, causing unnecessary wear and tear.” Worried about your favourite jeans or tees fading too soon? Wash them inside out to keep the colour vibrant for longer.

Visit us in-store or online for more advice on choosing the perfect appliances for your laundry. If you are planning a new laundry or renovation, and are looking for inspiration, check out our laundry design ideas.

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