Best TVs For Watching Sport

February 7, 2024 – 4 min read


Want to make it a finals night to remember? Enhance your sports experience with the best TVs for footy, soccer, cricket, tennis, cycling and so much more. Every year sees a new era of viewing quality and reduced lag time with 4K TVs8K TVsOLED TVs and QLED TVs. Upgrade now to have your new screen in time for all the latest sporting action.

A group of friends watch a soccer game on TV.

What TV Features Are Best For Watching Sport?

Screen Technology

Whether you choose to watch sport on an OLED or QLED TV, you will experience clean and crisp imagery that makes the action look great from every angle. OLED and QLED TVs may be very similar in name, yet their technology is actually very different. In simple terms, OLED TVs use self-lighting pixels whereas QLED TVs require a LCD backlight. This means that OLED TVs can be thinner and lighter due to having no backlight, and QLED TVs can typically be cheaper for bigger sizes.


Samsung 77" S90C 4K OLED Smart TV

LG 83" G3 4K OLED EVO Smart TV

Toshiba 65" X9900MP OLED 4K Smart TV

Sony 65" A80L 4K BRAVIA XR OLED Google TV

product image of the Samsung 77" S90C 4K OLED Smart TV 23
product image of the Hisense 75" UXAU 4K ULED X Mini-LED QLED Smart TV 23

Ultra High Definition

Get the on-pitch experience with a sharp and vibrant colour palette and crystal-clear picture quality with a 4K or 8K TV. 8K delivers 16 times more pixels than a Full HD TV and therefore 16 times more High Definition Resolution, making that final lap or winning goal that little bit more rewarding.

TIP: If you see 'UHD' in a TV name, this means the TV has 4K or 8K resolution

“Whether you choose to watch sport on an OLED or QLED TV, you will experience clean and crisp imagery that makes the action look great from every angle.”

Bigger Is Better

With the arrival of 4K and 8K TV technology, gone are the days where you were forced to choose between a big screen and picture quality. Now you can experience all the big sporting moments in the comfort of your own home with an epic-sized screen and pristine image quality.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a 75” TV85” TV or even a massive 100” TV, you won’t regret making the jump to a more immersive entertainment experience for all the family to enjoy.

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Stadium Like Sound

Bring the roar of the crowd to your lounge room with a TV that has a Dolby Atmos speaker system. Dolby Atmos is designed to fit in a limited space yet still produce powerful sound, so you will never have to compromise your ultra-thin screen for an immersive audio experience again.

Alternatively, if you have a TV that doesn’t have Dolby Atmos, or if you want to take your home cinema sound to the next level, why not try a sound bar? A sound bar produces powerful, encompassing sound with an easy set-up and a stylishly sleek disposition.

A group of friends watch soccer on their television.

Go Smart

Streaming your favourite sports could never be easier with the built-in internet connectivity feature of a Smart TV. Forget wires or additional streaming devices, Smart TVs have the compact ability to provide live sports entertainment so that you never miss a winning goal again.

Whether you stream via Kayo, online or via an app, watch live or catch up on the latest scores before the next big game.

Our team at The Good Guys are always happy to provide expert advice on the best TV to cater your needs. Feel free to come in-store or explore more online. Don’t forget to check out our other tips on finding the best TV for gaming and best TV for streaming movies.

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