The 5 Best Heat Pump Dryers

April 14, 2022 – 3 min read

What is a heat pump dryer? Only an energy-saving wizard and the rising star of the laundry! Kind on clothes and the planet (some score a perfect 10 in energy efficiency), they’re a lifeline for hectic households churning through endless laundry loads. With no need for ventilation, heat pump dryers can be installed anywhere, and many come armed with smart AI features to further lighten your load and power bill. No moisture means no more clammy laundry walls either. Let’s find the perfect heat pump dryer for your needs:

For Maximum Energy Efficiency

Features to look for: Shoot for the stars (or at least as many as you can afford). More stars mean more savings on your energy bill. Speedier cycle options will also slash your electricity spend. A program range that distinguishes between your gym kit and doona will optimise drying efficiency. An auto sensor halts a cycle before it overdries your clothes, while some brands offer a digital display mode that keeps tabs on your actual energy consumption to help you dry as economically as possible (such as Miele’s EcoFeedback).

Best in show: Bosch 8kg Heat Pump Dryer

Why: Top of the class 10-star energy efficiency, Super 40 rapid dry option, Allergy Plus setting for sensitive skins and noses, and AntiVibration side walls for a quieter performance.

For Bigger Families

Features to look for: A higher-capacity drum (9-10kg) cuts down on the need for multiple cycles, and a high energy efficiency score will offset frequent use. Anti-tangle and anti-crease options can help liberate you from laundry duty (and the ironing board). Load size options will offer you greater flexibility and minimise electricity waste for energy bill savings.

Best in show: Asko 10kg Logic Heat Pump Dryer

Why: This heavy-duty, family-friendly model combines a plus size 10kg capacity with slick Scandi-inspired design and an incredible 9-star energy rating. The Butterfly Drying system moves wet clothes in a figure 8 motion, so your sheets won’t emerge in a tangled mess. And, you can switch between full, partial or small loads - super handy for those “no clean school uniforms on a Sunday night” emergencies.

“Kind on clothes and the planet (some score a perfect 10 in energy efficiency), heat pump dryers are a lifeline for hectic households churning through endless laundry loads.”

For Smaller Households

Features to look for: A smaller drum capacity, a high energy efficiency rating for lower bills, speed drying for those times you need a quick turnaround of your favourite frock, and for luxury lovers, a fragrance feature to perfume your laundry while drying.

Best in show: Miele 7kg Heat Pump Dryer

Why: Its 9-star energy rating and economical 7kg capacity. The EcoSpeed option promises shorter running times, even with full loads. The FragranceDos system will scent your clothes with your favourite fragrance for a fresher finish.

For Making Clothes Last Longer

Features to look for: Sensor Dry (auto-sense) technology allows your dryer to adjust temperature and humidity for a gentler dry, so clothes come out softer and colours stay brighter for longer. A drying rack will protect heavy or delicate items such as shoes, hats and soft toys from tumble trauma. Anti-crease (or Wrinkle Prevent) reduces wear and tear on your garments caused by frequent ironing. Low heat settings cut down on the risk of fabric shrinkage. 

Best in show: Samsung 8kg Heat Pump Dryer

Why: Clothes horses and techies will love Samsung’s AI Dry system with 8 sensors to calibrate the ideal dry time and temperatures for your load (you can also personalise your preferred settings with its AI control feature, or pair your dryer with a Samsung washer for integrated laundry efficiencies). With 15 program options, there’s a cycle for almost every garment. The Self Tub Dry cycle spares you the fuss of cleaning the drum, and Air Wash lets you refresh outfits to delay washes.

A mother and baby sit on the floor in their laundry to fold fresh laundry near their dryer.

For Covering All The Bases

Features to look for: Auto clean lint filters to improve long-term machine efficiency and reduce allergens, noise reduction, Sensor Dry, reverse tumbling to ensure your load dries more evenly, diverse cycle options, and a high energy efficiency score for bill savings.

Best in show: LG 8kg Heat Pump Dryer

Why: Loaded with great features, a 9-star energy rating and AI smarts, this LG model is a top all-round performer. Choose between saving time or saving energy with 13 program options to suit the moment: go for Gentle Care mode to prolong the life of garments; Allergy Care to remove common household allergens like dust mites (ideal for bed linens and baby clothes). The Auto Clean Condenser also tackles lint build-up and dirt to boost appliance performance and hygiene.  

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