Quick tips for choosing an energy efficient dishwasher

Dishwashers Energy Efficient

Choosing the most energy efficient dishwasher

There are many factors to consider when choosing a new dishwasher for your home. Choosing an energy efficient model can help you save on your power bills, remember that dishwashers have two costs - the purchase price and the ongoing running costs.

Energy Rating

Look for the energy efficiency star ratings and WELS water efficiency ratings.
More stars = more savings!


Look for the energy consumption numbers on dishwasher star rating labels – this tells you the expected energy use in kilowatt/hour per year so you can compare different models and choose the most energy efficient dishwasher.


Choosing the right size dishwasher for your house is important – too big and you’ll waste energy doing half loads, too small and you’ll have to do lots of loads – and dishes will pile up in the sink. Double drawer dishwashers are great for large and small households because you can stack dirty dishes into one drawer while the other dish drawer is doing a load.

Water Connections

Models that only have a hot water connection use a lot more energy so dishwashers with hot and cold connections are more energy efficient.

Cycles & Options

Some dishwashers have an eco-friendly or economy cycle for washing lightly soiled loads to save extra water and energy for lower bills.
Some dishwashers have a Delayed Start option so you can set the cycle to start during off-peak power periods for utility bill savings.


Some dishwashers have sensors that detect how long the cycle needs to run for and how hot the temperature needs to be for perfectly washed dishes without energy or water wastage.


Air-drying circulation fans use less energy than dishwashers with a heat coil. Some models have an auto-open feature so the door opens to naturally air dry dishes when the cycle is done.

Racks & Baskets

Some models have cutlery racks and adjustable baskets so you can fit pots and platters in – make sure the slots fit in both your plates and utensils.

Did you know?

Dishwashers use significantly less water than washing by hand.


Dishwashers have two costs – the purchase price and ongoing running costs.

Did you know?

Dishwashers today use half as much water and 40% less energy that dishwashers made in the ‘90s.


With rising energy costs, an energy efficient dishwasher saves you money.

Did you know?

Pre-rinsing dishes wastes water – manufacturers say just scrape and stack.


Using cold water cycles wherever possible saves energy.

Did you know?

Overloading the dishwasher results in a poor wash performance.


An efficient dishwasher + using it wisely = ultra low power and water bills.

Did you know?

You need to clean the filter between each wash – a clogged filter can increase your utility bills and affect the dishwasher’s performance.


Eco-friendly energy and water efficient dishwashers reduce your bills.