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Bring the café to you and enjoy your favourite coffee at home whenever you need it with De'Longhi manual and automatic coffee machines - available at The Good Guys.

he Delonghi Rivelia in 3 colourways in a modern kitchen.

Switch The Way You

A black delonghi rivelia

New Rivelia By De'Longhi

Spotlight On Rivelia

Introducing the spotlight on Rivelia by De'Longhi - your ultimate coffee companion! Easily explore the world of fresh beans with the innovative Bean Switch System. Rivelia's sleek, compact design and intuitive interface make it the perfect centrepiece for any coffee enthusiast's kitchen. Plus, enjoy customisable drinks and personalised profiles for unparalleled coffee enjoyment. Elevate your coffee experience with De'Longhi's cutting-edge technology. Click the 'Read More' buttons below to discover more about Rivelia.

Rivelia's Features

The Rivelia By Delonghi on a modern kitchen bench with headphones and paper.

Your Coffee, Your Way

Craft your perfect cup effortlessly, whether it's classic espresso or frothy cappuccino. Personalise your coffee experience every time. Click "Read More" to dive in.

The Delonghi Rivelia and its interchangeable Bean Hoppers

Switch It Up

Effortlessly switch beans and optimise flavour with Bean Adapt Technology, all at the touch of a button. Click "Read More" to discover the magic.

The Delonghi Rivelia in Pebble Grey in a modern kitchen

Convenient & Compact

Create creamy, smooth milk with LatteCrema Hot Technology in just one touch. Every sip is a delight with effortless cleaning and a sleek design. Click 'Read More' to learn how

Note: *Check product Technical Specifications for specific features.

Real Reviews About
De'Longhi Coffee Machines

De'Longhi Primadonna Soul

Susan's Customer Review

"Easy set up, on screen instructions, quick trial runs to find best coffee strengh for myself. Easy profile set ups. Love that you can purchase spare parts example, milk container for different milks."

De'Longhi Eletta Explore

Jeff's Customer Review

"Great coffee and do simple to use. Having barista coffee readily on hand is great. My daughter was not a coffee drinker but has been converted and has bought an Eletta herself!"

De'Longhi Magnifica Evo

Kat's Customer Review

"100% guaranteed, the best coffee you can have at home. The machine has multiple functions so you can make the coffee to your taste and style"

De'Longhi Dinamica

Liz's Customer Review

"Super easy and quick. Just need the perfect coffee bean which we have!!"

More Reviews & Information

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Bean Switch System

Easily explore fresh beans by switching between two interchangeable bean hoppers.

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Slimline & Stylish

Elevate your kitchen aesthetics with the De'longhi Rivelia.

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Ultimate Control

Simply swipe and touch to savour your personalised cup of coffee.

A woman sipping espresso made on a Delonghi Rivelia

Elevate Your Coffee

Here's 7 reasons to switch to a De'Longhi automatic coffee machine.

De'Longhi Coffee Machines FAQs

De'Longhi Automatic
Coffee Machines

De'Longhi Rivelia

Enjoy the perfect balance of convenience and flavour with the De'Longhi Rivelia. Switch between the two interchangeable hoppers effortlessly with its Bean Switch System, while the integrated milk carafe creates creamy froth with just one touch.

de'longhi eletta explore

Every possible coffee at the touch of a button? Meet the Eletta Explore, a bean-to-cup fully automatic coffee machine with over 50 pre-set recipes including hot and iced coffees, and cold brew in under 5 minutes.


There's no sacrificing delicious taste for convenience with the Magnifica Evo Titanium. The integrated grinder grinds the perfect amount of beans ensuring only the best coffee aroma is extracted, while the LatteCrema system creates perfectly textured hot milk for delicious coffees.

De'longhi MAGNIFICA evo

Make your morning routine as convenient and easy as possible with the De'Longhi Magnifica Evo. Prepare and customise your favourite coffee at the touch of a button, and let the machine do the rest so you can enjoy the perfect coffee every time.

De'Longhi magnifica s

The easy way to enjoy quality coffee at home. Select your favourite coffee from the easy to use panel and let your Magnifica S expertly grind your chosen coffee beans and extract a perfect shot of coffee. The built-in steam wand gives you full control over milk temperature and texture.


Craft cafe-quality coffee at home with the De'Longhi PrimaDonna Soul. This elegant automatic coffee machine features an intuitive touch screen with a wide selection of fully customisable recipes, from espresso to cappuccino.


The fully automatic The fully automatic De'Longhi Dinamica makes it incredibly easy to enjoy your favourite café coffee in the comfort of your home every day. The customisable Smart Touch Display, adjustable grinder and milk texturing system guarantees this coffee machine will become a much-loved feature of your kitchen.

Features of De'Longhi
Automatic Coffee Machines

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Hot Coffee, Iced Coffee. Perfetto.

Consistently texturing velvety milk froth, the LatteCrema automatic frother will allow you to enjoy smooth milk perfection every time at both hot and cool temperatures.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Coffee's On The Go

The unique To-Go function knows how to fill your mug to go. With three sizes to choose from and a liftable tray, every mug fits in perfectly.

Man pouring coffee beans into the top of his De'Longhi Automatic Coffee Machine.

Grinding Technology

Your De'Longhi automatic coffee machine features integrated grinding technology and always grinds beans freshly for each cup. The conical steel grinders are calibrated to 100% accuracy and grinding levels can be adjusted according to taste.

Woman using control panel touch screen on her De'Longhi Coffee Machine.

Intuitive Display

With a colour 3.5" TFT display and soft touch menu clusters, exploring and selecting the perfect coffee has never been so easy and intuitive. Save your favourites for quick and easy access.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Your Perfect Coffee

Your De'Longhi automatic coffee machine lets you select from a wide range of pre-set popular coffee styles including short black, cappuccino and many more. You can even create and save your own personalised coffee settings.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

The Freshest Coffee

The De'Longhi patented brewing system reduces the amount of ground coffee powder left inside your grinder to a minimum so only freshly ground new coffee is used to extract your espresso.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Grinding Technology

Your De'Longhi automatic coffee machine features integrated grinding technology and always grinds beans freshly for each cup. The conical steel grinders are calibrated to 100% accuracy and grinding levels can be adjusted according to taste.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Temperature Control

Coffee is extracted at the optimal temperature thanks to Delonghi's high precision, electronically controlled heating system to create the perfect shot of espresso every time.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Milk Texturing

Enjoy your favourite milk based coffees with finely textured, professional quality milk every time at the press of a button. The large milk container is easily attached and can be stored in the fridge when not in use.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Wifi Connectivity

Wirelessly connect your smartphone or tablet to your compatible De'Longhi coffee machine* to setup your machine, adjust settings, select a coffee recipe, turn your machine on and off and so much more.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Easy Cleaning

For easy cleaning and optimal hygiene, your milk carafe comes with an integrated cleaning function. After use, any parts in contact with milk are automatically washed with hot water and steam.

*Selected machines only, check product Technical Specifications for more information.

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De'Longhi Manual
Coffee Machines

Enjoy a quality shot of espresso or your favourite cappuccino, café latte or macchiato whenever you like with a De'Longhi manual coffee machine. Manual coffee machines give you full control over coffee strength, coffee size and coffee style as well as full control over milk froth and texturing.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys


With a simple and authentic process from grinding, dosing, tamping and texturing, create barista quality coffee from home with De'Longhi's La Specialista Arte. Plus, with the latest technologies and intuitive features, achieve in-cup results that perfectly match your personal taste.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys


The perfect blend. Enjoy the control of a manual coffee machine with convenient features of an automatic coffee machine. The De'Longhi La Specialista Maestro features a built-in coffee grinder, a smart tamping station ensuring perfect pressure and cold extraction technology for an ideal cold brew blend.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys


Small but mighty! This De'Longhi Dedica espresso machine features everything you love in an ultra-thin design - Thermoblock technology for perfect espresso extraction, a milk frothing wand for barista quality foam or hot milk and can take either ground coffee or Easy Serving Espresso Pods.

Features of La Specialista
Manual Coffee Machines

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Perfect Grinding

Features 8 grind settings, specifically developed to fit all varieties of coffee beans. The inbuilt grinder is consistent and precise, delivering the optimal dose for the selected size.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Active Temperature Control

Helps to maintain a consistent water temperature throughout the brewing process to ensure the perfect extraction. Select from different temperature settings to tailor to different bean blends and roasting levels.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Mess Free Dosing and Tamping

Smart technologies to make dosing and tamping mess-free and easy. Choose to manually tamp with a dosing and tamping guide or the smart tamping station to provide consistent pressure at the pull of a lever.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

LatteArt Steam Wand

The Steam Wand generates powerful steam to produce the perfect, silky textured microfoam to suit your coffee preference. It’s also perfect for experimenting with latte art creations! Plus, the steam wand is dual insulated for cool touch.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Pre-Set Recipe Selections

Personalise your coffee experience to suit your taste. Choose from pre-set beverages, programmed to perfection to provide a creamy balanced latte or robust espresso, no matter your preference.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Easy To Clean And Maintain

With dishwasher safe parts, save time and effort when it comes to cleaning your coffee machine.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Thermoblock Technology

The unique Thermoblock technology featured on your De'Longhi coffee machine keeps water at exactly the right temperature required to brew and extract perfect espresso.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Extract One or Two Coffees

Easily swap the filter basket on your De'Longhi portafilter to extract a single shot of espresso, two single shots or a large double shot - great for larger coffees or people who love their coffee strong.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Barista Quality Milk

De'Longhi manual coffee machines feature a built-in steam wand to make barista quality milk foam or hot milk for café quality cappuccino, café latte, flat white or wow the kids with their favourite hot chocolate at home.

Delonghi Coffee Machines | The Good Guys

Enviable Crema

The tell-tale sign of a perfectly extracted espresso is a layer of velvety crema. De'Longhi coffee machines feature high bar pressure to create authentic espresso shots with a rich aroma and velvety crema.

Note: Check product Technical Specifications for more information.

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