Boxing Day Sales 2022

The Good Guys Famous Knock Out Boxing Day sale is legendary! Every year we serve up great deals from your favourite brands so you can update or upgrade your home appliances and more. To help you make the most of the Boxing Day sales we've put together some info and ideas so you can prepare well ahead of time to beat the rush.

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Boxing Day FAQs

Should you shop in-store or online on Boxing Day 2022

Every year on December 26, Boxing Day sales kick off around the country. You might be wondering where the best place to shop is – either online or in store? Well with The Good Guys, you can do both! So whatever you choose, we’ll make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to grab the best deals on all your must haves like small kitchen appliances.

If you’re not sure how you want to tackle Boxing Day, checkout some of the benefits below

Boxing Day sales online In-store
Shop from the comfort and convenience of your home, when you want. You can physically see and touch the products and get a good feel for how they’ll fit in your home.
Sales often start at midnight so you can stay up late and be one of the first to see the deals. Enjoy the rush of excitement when the doors open and see what other deals are available that you might not have considered before.
You can sometimes use promo codes on top of the deals and get other bonuses like free shipping. You don’t have to wait for your purchases to be shipped, you can take them home with you on the day.
No big crowds or waiting in lines – simply hit the ‘checkout’ button, make your payment and you’re good to go! You can make a whole day out of it and invite friends and family along to share in the fun.
Online retailers often have more stock in preparation for the Boxing Day sales, so there’s a better chance they’ll have the colour or size you want. Take advantage of the friendly staff, especially if they don’t have what you want – staff can call another store and may be able to get it transferred for you.

How to get the best deals this Boxing Day

When you’re looking for the best Boxing Day sales, it’s important to have a plan ahead of time. There will be lots and lots of deals and discounts happening so get your wishlist together before you start looking. Whether it's Boxing day sales deals on audio, cooking and dishwashers or even smart home technology, make your list and check it twice – it will save you time and frustration when it comes to crunch time!

Don't miss the after Christmas sales with The Good Guys

After the madness of Christmas, we’ll have even more deals for you to take advantage of at The Good Guys. From vacuums and cleaners to computers, tablets and gaming, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to grab yourself or someone you love the perfect post-Christmas present.

Top brands with the best deals to look out for

We stock a wide range of your favourite brands and many of them will offer huge savings during this year’s Boxing Day Australia-wide sales. If you’re hunting down deals on phones and wearables like smartphones, fitness trackers and GPS devices, take note of the products you’re interested in and even consider saving them to your wishlist. That way when the time comes, you can look them up faster.

Upgrade your home with the latest appliances

The Boxing Day sales are the perfect time to upgrade your appliances at home. To prepare, take a look at what you’ve got and make a list of what items could use an overhaul. At The Good Guys, we’ve got a great selection of appliances for your laundry, plus heating and cooling options to beat the heat this summer.

Jump on all the latest tech and TV deals on your wishlist

We’ve mentioned the importance of creating a wishlist already, but it’s especially handy for getting the Boxing Day sales deals on tech, including televisions and digital cameras. These products are usually very popular and tend to fly out the door quickly, so the more you prepare beforehand, the better your chances are on sales day to nab a bargain.

Grab all the best deals you have been waiting for

One of the best things about the Boxing Day sales are the surprise deals you might not have been expecting. While there are obvious areas like home entertainment and the latest tech, don’t forget to check out things like health and grooming or fridges and freezers. You might even like to start thinking about gifts for your family and friends too because it’s a great time to save money and head into the new year a little more organised than the year before!


When it comes to Boxing Day sales, there are a lot of frequently asked questions we receive each year. Take a look at the most popular questions below.

When are Boxing Day Sales?

The Boxing Day Sales start on Boxing Day, which is the day after Christmas, December 26. In 2022, Boxing Day will be on a Monday, but many online sales may start earlier, so if there’s something in particular you’re wanting to get, start planning and researching ahead of time!

How long do Boxing Day sales last for?

Boxing Day Sales start on Boxing Day, December 26, and can last into the New Year. This gives you a week to take advantage of the best Boxing Day deals, but don’t leave your shopping to the last minute – the hottest offers can sell out quickly.

Does Apple do Boxing Day sales?

The Good Guys anticipate a great range of deals across the store, including our huge range of tech products, such as computers, notebooks, mobile phones and more. If you’re after a Boxing Day sales deal on Apple products, including iPhones, iPads and MacBook computers, sign up to The Good Guys mailing list and check back with us as we get closer to Boxing Day.

What time do the sales start on boxing day?

For many retailers, Boxing Day online sales can start as early as midnight Christmas Day. If you’re looking to shop in-store, sales kick off when the doors open in the morning. However, there may be other deals that happen in the lead up to the Boxing Day sales, so stay tuned!

Are The Good Guys Stores open on Boxing Day?

You bet we are! All of our stores around Australia will be open on Boxing Day but check our store locator to confirm the opening and closing times of your local store as they can differ from state to state.

Why are Boxing Day sales so popular?

Boxing Day sales are popular because shoppers can get discounts of up to 80% off products that aren’t normally on sale during the year. Online shopping has become increasingly popular in Australia each year but it still hasn’t got in the way of the popularity of the Boxing Day sales Australia loves and looks forward to each year.