Welcome HomePod.

The new Apple HomePod is now available online and in store at The Good Guys.

The new sound of home.

HomePod is a powerful speaker that sounds amazing and adapts to wherever it’s playing. It’s the ultimate music authority, bringing together Apple Music and Siri to learn your taste in music.1 It’s also an intelligent home assistant, capable of handling everyday tasks — and controlling your smart home.2 HomePod takes the listening experience to a whole new level. And that’s just the beginning.

A breakthrough
speaker all round.

Apple completely re-imagined how music should sound in the home. HomePod combines Apple-engineered audio technology and advanced software to deliver the highest-fidelity sound throughout the room, no matter where it’s placed. This elegantly designed, compact speaker really rocks the house.

With high-excursion woofer and seven tweeters, Apple HomePod sounds amazing from every angle. Shop now at The Good Guys.

Deep bass. Engineered to bring down the house.

Apple built the high-excursion woofer with a custom-engineered amplifier
to play a wide range of deep, rich bass. A powerful motor drives the diaphragm a full 20 millimetres — remarkable for a speaker this size. Meanwhile, HomePod uses an advanced algorithm that continuously analyses the music and dynamically tunes the low frequencies for smooth, immersive sound.

Seven tweeters. Amazing sound from every angle.

HomePod has a unique array of seven beamforming tweeters. Each with its own amplifier and transducer. And each custom-designed with a precision acoustic horn that focuses sound for tremendous directional control. Creating an all-encompassing sense of space — and consistent, high-fidelity audio everywhere in the room.

A8 chip.The biggest brain ever in a speaker.

An Apple-designed A8 chip powers the most complex audio innovations
in HomePod. Like real-time modelling of the woofer mechanics. Buffering that’s even faster than real time. Upmixing of both direct and ambient audio. Beamforming so the microphone can hear you over the music.
And advanced echo cancellation. So you get amazing sound without
even thinking about it.

Beautiful design with a purpose.

HomePod is wrapped in a seamless mesh fabric designed for both aesthetic and acoustic performance. Available in white and space grey, it’s gorgeous from every angle — yet virtually transparent to the music. And at less than 18 centimetres tall, HomePod can fit anywhere in your home.

Shop Apple HomePod now at The Good Guys. The mesh fabric is designed for a seamless aesthetic and better acoustic performance.

It's easier than easy.
It's automatic.

Setting up HomePod is quick and magical. Simply plug it in and your iOS device will detect it. Equipped with spatial awareness, HomePod automatically adjusts to give you optimal sound — wherever it’s placed. It can even hear your requests from across the room while loud songs are playing. All you need to do is enjoy your music.

Apple HomePod is so easy to set up so you can start enjoying your favourite music sooner. Shop now at The Good Guys.

Senses the room and tunes the music.
All by itself.

Place HomePod anywhere in the room. It automatically analyses the acoustics, adjusts the sound based on the speaker’s location, and separates the music into direct and ambient sound. Direct sound is beamed to the middle of the room, while ambient sound is diffused into left and right channels and bounced off the wall. So your music sounds amazing, wherever you are in the room.

Add a second Apple HomePod to your living room for an immersive, stadium like sound. Shop now at The Good Guys.

Create stereo sound with
a second HomePod.

Put another HomePod in the same room and they automatically detect and balance each other. With advanced beamforming capabilities, a HomePod pair is able to create a wider, more immersive sound stage than a traditional stereo pair.

Coming later this year

Add a second HomePod to your home so you can play the same music in different rooms. Shop now at The Good Guys.

AirPlay 2. Add HomePod to more rooms.

When you add HomePod to more than one room, the speakers communicate with each other through AirPlay 2. Play the same music everywhere or play different songs in different rooms. You can also control any other AirPlay 2–compatible speakers.

Coming later this year

The ultimate
music authority.

HomePod is built to bring out the best in Apple Music.1 With the intelligence of Siri and access to virtually all the world’s songs, it’s like having your very own musicologist who learns and plays what you like, and helps you discover music you’ll love.

Use Apple HomePod to access Siri and Apple Music, giving you endless music at your command. Shop now at The Good Guys.

Over 45 million songs in your home.

Apple Music unlocks virtually every song you can imagine.1 Siri helps you find exactly what you want to hear, and what you want to hear next — including new music across a huge range of genres and moods. And friends connected to your Wi-Fi network can stream their music straight to your HomePod, so everyone has a say in what song plays next.

Learns what you love. And what you don’t.

When you’re really into a song, say “Hey Siri, I like this” or “Hey Siri, add this to my party playlist”. Based on what you say and play, Apple Music learns your taste in music.1 Which means you can also just let it pick the songs. And when you open Apple Music on any other device, your playlists and preferences are exactly where you left them.

Apple HomePod is so smart, it responds not only to your voice, but also to your touch. Shop now at The Good Guys.
Apple HomePod is so smart, it responds not only to your voice, but also to your touch. Shop now at The Good Guys.

Responds to your voice. And your touch.

Tap the top of HomePod to play, pause, skip a song or adjust the volume. Touch and hold the top to talk to Siri. You’ll know Siri is listening by the LED waveform that animates with your every word.

Apple HomePod is not just a speaker, but also an intelligent virtual assistant. Shop now at The Good Guys.

Home to an
intelligent assistant.

HomePod is great at playing your music. But it can also tell you the latest news, traffic and weather. Set reminders and tasks. Send messages. And hand off phone calls. It’s also a hub for controlling your smart home accessories — from a single light bulb to the whole house — with just your voice.2

Apple HomePod is not just a speaker, but also an intelligent virtual assistant. Shop now at The Good Guys.

Siri has all kinds of answers.

Thanks to Siri, HomePod is great at the things you want to know — and do — in your home. Set timers. Convert measurements. Get translations. And get live news, weather and traffic. You can also create lists that anyone can add to.

At home with calls and messages.

Use HomePod to send messages using just your voice. And when you receive a text message, Siri can read it to you. For hands-free conversations, start or receive a call on your iPhone and hand it off to HomePod.

This is how you command a room.

Just say “Hey Siri, turn on the lights” or “Hey Siri, turn off the lights in the kitchen”. You can even ask Siri to set scenes, like ‘Good Morning‘, that put multiple accessories to work — all at once. A wide range of accessories work with Apple’s HomeKit platform. Just add an accessory to the Home app, then control it with your voice on HomePod.

Use Siri and Apple HomePod to remind you of your daily tasks so you’ll never miss them. Shop now at The Good Guys.

1. Siri works with Apple Music. Apple Music requires a subscription.

2. Requires a HomeKit-enabled device.

Not all features are available in all areas. Features and product availability are subject to change.