The Top 6 Trending Appliances For 2022 And Why You Need Them In Your Life

November 15, 2021 – 4 min read

Whether you’re attempting a new dinner party recipe or trying to get the dishes washed and dried fast, kitchen and laundry appliances are our trusty sidekicks, helping us spend more time enjoying life’s simple pleasures. From coffee machines, steam ovens, washing machines and rangehoods to wine fridges and dishwashers, find out why these six appliances will be the shining stars of our kitchens in 2022.

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1. Steam Ovens And Why You Need One

Chefs have been using steam ovens in restaurants for years and they’re now making their way into domestic kitchens. A healthier cooking alternative, steam ovens allow foods to retain nutrients that might otherwise be lost by baking or boiling.

“We’re much more health-conscious these days and care about how our food has been prepared. Steam ovens are becoming more and more popular,” says The Good Guys cookware buyer Geraldine Gillespie.

The One You Want

When it comes to steam ovens, it’s hard to beat the Electrolux 60cm Pyrolytic Steam Oven. Not only does it include a large 72-litre capacity for big family meals, it also comes with a self-cleaning function.

The Good Guys customer, Cheryl, gave it a five-star review. “Fabulous culinary results. I love all the features of this oven. It’s made me realise I was limping along with an outdated appliance. That’s all changed,” she says.

And as Geraldine Gillespie points out, steam ovens now come with added functionality, such as the Westinghouse 60cm Pyrolytic Oven with 10 cooking functions, including air frying, steam and, of course, pyrolytic cleaning. “Yes, that’s right, you can now air fry in your pyrolytic oven,” says Geraldine. The future is now!

2. Fast-drying Dishwashers And Why You Need One

Innovations in dishwashers have addressed the problem of having clean but wet dishes at the end of the cycle. “Fan-assisted dishwashers or auto-opening doors that allow steam to escape the machine have changed the game,” says The Good Guys buyer Geraldine Gillespie.

“Innovations in dishwashers have addressed the problem of having clean but wet dishes at the end of the cycle.”

The One You Want

The Bosch 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher features an Efficient Dry function that automatically opens the door at the end of the cycle. The Good Guys customer, Danielle, gave it a five-star review. “This is a fantastic dishwasher. I love how it lets me know when it’s finished and it’s the quietest I’ve ever heard,” she says.

3. Built-in Coffee Machines And Why You Need One

Chances are if you don’t already have a home coffee machine, you’re looking for one. With a built-in unit, you can make the most of your bench space and keep your countertops clean. “Built-in coffee machines make the kitchen look more luxe,” says The Good Guys buyer Geraldine Gillespie “But there are also some great countertop options if it’s sitting out of reach.”

The One You Want

Built-in coffee machines don’t come any better than the Miele VitroLine Built-In Coffee Machine. Its plumbed-in water supply alleviates the need to refill jugs and its EasyClick system automatically heats and froths milk. It also has three bean containers, an in-built grinder and a self-cleaning system for optimal performance and longevity.

For those of you who don’t want to go fully plumbed in, you can still go fully automatic and experience the benefits. Look to the DeLonghi Compact Fully Automatic Coffee Machine, with a removable brewing unit for easy cleaning and a simple set-up. Customer Chris stated: “A little customising and it produces a great, consistent coffee.”

4. Statement Rangehoods And Why You Need One

Rangehoods are back out of the cupboards, taking pride of place in the kitchen once more. Their interesting sculptural forms provide the perfect opportunity to add style and flair to your space. “There are lots of different shapes and a rainbow of colours to choose from now,” says The Good Guys buyer Geraldine Gillespie.

A built-in coffee machine in a contemporary kitchen

The One You Want

Sleek and sophisticated, the Smeg 90cm Black Canopy Rangehood catches your attention for all the right reasons. The Good Guys customer, Jenny, concurred: “Certainly makes a statement. Glad I paid the extra money for a quality product. Plenty of light and a number of exhaust options,” she says.

5. Wine Fridges And Why You Need One (or two)

Keeping wine at the right temperature is the best way to ensure you enjoy it at its Wine fridges also allow you to save money by buying in bulk. “Wine fridges are great in the butler’s pantry, but a lot of renovators are making room for them in the main kitchen these days too,” says The Good Guys refrigeration buyer Peter Simic.

The One You Want

With its timber shelves, glass door and black finish, the Vintec 35 Bottle Wine Cabinet is a stylish addition to the kitchen. The Good Guys customer, Edwin, gave it a five-star review. “Good buy. Perfect fridge. Fits the 35 bottles and runs silently. Stylish cabinet,” he says.

6. Anti-bacterial Washing Machines And Why You Need One

It’s been a year. Hey, it’s been two. “Cleanliness is top of mind, and in the laundry, that means washing machines with added cleaning functionalities that can guarantee peace of mind,” says Peter Simic, laundry buyer at The Good Guys. Look to one with antibacterial properties that can also deliver a perfect wash.

The One You Want

The sleek black good looks of the Haier 8kg Front Load Washer make it one well worth considering, but it has a host of other great features, too. “Before you purchase any washing machine, you need to take into consideration the WELS water rating and energy ratings, as well as its capacity,” advises Peter Simic, laundry buyer at The Good Guys, who points to the range by Haier as a great example of star performance in all areas, including auto dosing. The UV Protect wash option is the one that will do away with nasty bacteria: utilising UV light, the machine claims to kill more than 99.99 per cent of bacteria while being kind to your clothes.

Looking to update your kitchen or laundry with these must-have items? Visit The Good Guys in-store or online for a huge range of the latest kitchen and laundry appliances.

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