LG MoodUP: 5 Features You’ll Adore From The Fridge With More

4th of August, 2023 - 5 min read 

It’s colour therapy for your kitchen, a party starter for your gatherings and the freshest kitchen appliance in on-trend homes. Everybody’s talking about the LG MoodUP fridge and its groundbreaking LED door panels that let you match your kitchen vibe to your mood and play the perfect soundtrack too.

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“One of the biggest perks of an LG MoodUP fridge is that it suits any kitchen aesthetic, and you won’t need to replace it when you decide to renovate. With more than 170,000 colour combinations to choose from, the LG MoodUP can look however you need it to, and can change with just the tap of a smart device,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Refrigeration. 

“Our customers love the versatility of a colour-changing fridge just as much as they value the smart technology and convenient interior features.”

With an LG MoodUP, upgrading your fridge has never been more fun. Here are five reasons why the trendiest appliance of 2023 is perfect for your kitchen:

#1 Switch Up Your Style

Kitchen trends change year-on-year, but you’ll always be in vogue with the LG MoodUP, the ultimate customisable French Door fridge. Use your smart device and the LG ThinQ app to curate your favourite colour combinations, then watch the LED-panelled top and bottom doors put your wildest LG fridge dreams up in lights.

Transform Your Kitchen With Colour

Need some fridge colour inspo? Try deep greens or a bold black-and-grey combo for a moody, industrial vibe; or go coastal cool with soft blues and creamy neutrals. Pantone’s Colour of the Year – Viva Magenta – is perfect for a look-at-me fridge with bold, modern vibes; or choose from preset colour themes, including Season, Place, Mood and Pop. With the LED panels switched off, the LG MoodUP impresses with the laid-back, subtle hues of Lux Grey and Lux White – ideal in a Hamptons-style kitchen.

“With more than 170,000 colour combinations to choose from, the LG MoodUP can look however you need it to, and can change with just the tap of a smart device.” Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Refrigeration

#2 Find Your Groove

Shake it till you make it in the kitchen by simply connecting your smart device to the Bluetooth speaker built into the fridge door. Stream your favourite podcast with your morning porridge, or queue up the kids’ picks to coax them in for homework. Can’t agree on a soundtrack for your Saturday night soiree? Let your LG MoodUP fridge decide. A Music Collection playlist to match your LED theme turns your kitchen into a disco, pulsing the fridge door lights in time to the music. 

#3 Get Smart

It’s what’s inside that counts, and this family-sized 617L LG French Door fridge has the smart tech for unrivalled freshness. Just knock twice on the clever InstaView door to see what’s in there ‒ the now transparent door lets you browse, keeping the cold air in and saving energy. 

Those fun LED lights are smart operators too. They can act as a subtle nightlight for easy midnight snacking, or flash an alert when the door has been left ajar. And Wi-Fi connectivity helps you keep maintenance in check with easy troubleshooting and remote temperature control. 

#4 Stay Fresh

With front-to-back Surround Cooling and the LG Inverter Linear Compressor, the MoodUP fridge has you covered for fresh food. “LG’s patented cooling tech is some of the best available for keeping your food fresher for longer,” says Peter Simic. “By reducing temperature fluctuations and moving cold air around every inch of the fridge, you can rest assured it’ll keep the milk in the door as chilled as the fresh produce in the crisper.”  

A fresh-smelling fridge is yours too with a Pure N Fresh air filtration system removing any odours and recirculating clean, treated air.


#5 Go Gold Standard

For a fridge that fits your lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with a French door model. If the MoodUP isn’t your style, the latest LG 700 Series models come in a variety of finishes and capacities, and with a range of must-have features to suit every household. 

For 4-star energy efficiency and family-friendly capacity, the LG 665L French Door Refrigerator in matte black or stainless steel is a winner. You’ll love the ample freezer space, big Fresh Zone crispers and Multi Air-Flow cooling to keep your food fresher for longer.

For a modern showstopper, the dashing LG 637L French Door Refrigerator has a sleek, flat-door design and slim in-door ice maker to maximise space. And for everything you love about the MoodUP minus the LED panels and speakers? The classic LG 642L InstaView French Door Refrigerator ticks every box.

It’s time to turn up the fun in your kitchen with an LG MoodUP fridge. Visit us in-store or online for the best advice and Pay Less prices, and don’t forget to enquire about our range of convenient delivery options.

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