Winning Kitchen Combinations: A Baker’s Choice

Sept 01, 2021 - 3 min read

Whether you find baking cathartic or consider yourself a pâtissier in training, you’ll know that to get the best results, you need the right tools for the job. Choosing the best-suited cooking appliances for your kitchen is just as important as your choice of whisk and measuring cups – just ask Alex Cadger, Director of Baked by Blonde Butler, whose loaded (and customisable) brownie slabs you’ll recognise from Instagram. Here, Alex shares his team’s top tips and preferences for the ultimate baker’s kitchen and explains how to curate the ideal cooking appliance combination.

Happy mother and daughter-in-law baking in kitchen close together, rolling out dough with a rolling pin.

The Baker’s Oven

It’s “make or break” time when your cooking creations reach the oven, so this is arguably the most important home cooking appliance in the baker’s kitchen. You’ll need accurate and consistent temperatures, even heating and enough space for your biggest baking creations to rise. New technology in residential ovens such as steam cooking and moisture control can also be beneficial to the baker, but it isn’t everyone’s choice. “Our bakers at Baked by Blonde Butler prefer an electric oven for baking, as it’s easier to control than a gas oven,” says Alex Cadger. Another consideration: while a freestanding oven might be appealing, a wall oven at eye height will be easier to keep an eye on.

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The Baker’s Cooktop

Most keen bakers have a set of pots and pans they use over and over again – their trusty, reliable (maybe slightly rusted) favourites. Picturing yours now? Steer clear of an induction cooktop then, as induction cooking uses electromagnetism to heat pans and cook, which means investing in new cookware that’s compatible. But what’s the baker’s choice? “In terms of baking, the team will use a cooktop to melt chocolate or butter, so we prefer gas because we can control the flame ourselves,” explains Alex Cadger.

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The Baker’s Rangehood

There’s nothing quite like a home filled with the aroma of freshly baked goods. One of the beauties of baking is that just about everything you make smells great. This, and the fact that your oven is used a great deal more than your cooktop, takes the pressure off needing a high-powered rangehood. Fixed, integrated and slide-out models are all you really need. “Unless you are deep frying a lot, a rangehood doesn’t come into play much for baking,” says Alex Cadger. Stop and enjoy the smell of cake.

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“Our bakers at Baked by Blonde Butler prefer an electric oven for baking, as it’s easier to control than a gas oven.”

The Baker’s Microwave

Bench space is prime real estate in any kitchen, but especially in the baker’s kitchen, where pastry is rolled and pies are filled. You’ll want to invest in a built-in microwave or a model that will fit neatly into your kitchen cabinetry. “A simple microwave that is very easy to use is all you really need,” says Alex Cadger. “You would need it to soften butter or melt chocolate, so there’s no need for anything too fancy or complicated.” Look for at least 1000W of power for effective heating and a removable glass plate that will allow for easy cleaning when things overflow.

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Finding the best kitchen appliance package for your home is no easy task, but we’re here to help. Browse our wide range of kitchen appliances online or visit us in-store for more. If you’re about to start renovations, we’ve got you sorted with kitchen design inspiration.

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