6 Reasons To See The Good Guys For Your Mobile Phone Plan

August 13, 2021 - 3 min read

In 2021, data makes the world go round and mobile phone plans are essential for keeping us connected to family, friends and work in uncertain times. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the best mobile phone plan for your needs and budget, whether that’s contract or pre-paid.

Mum and Dad have given their teenage daughter a new phone with a great plan for The Good Guys

At The Good Guys, we pride ourselves on helping customers find exactly what they need. It’s why we’ve partnered with Telstra to provide the best plans, with the best coverage and service. Here are six reasons to come in-store when the time comes to get a new plan:

1. For Great Advice

Sales staff at The Good Guys are trained to give you the best advice possible, based on your circumstances. “Because we spend all day, every day with the latest phones, and dealing with the plans, we know the tips, tricks and secrets that others might not be privy to,” says John Wong, Mobile Buyer at The Good Guys. “Our people are experts in their field and can suggest things that you might not have known about or considered otherwise.”

2. For Added Benefits

Because The Good Guys is one of biggest technology retailers in the country, we have access to deals and offers that you can’t get anywhere else. “It’s definitely worth signing up to The Good Guys e-newsletter to keep up to date with the latest special offers. You’ll get this regular newsletter delivered straight to your inbox, so you never miss a deal,” says John Wong.

3. For The Best Solutions

Not only does The Good Guys sell a range of mobile plans – something to suit everyone – we also offer home broadband and mobile broadband data plans. So, whether you’re adjusting to the work from home life, or would rather work from your garden, local park, or next to the pool, there’s an option for that. John Wong’s tip? “If your home internet connection isn’t what you’d like it to be, or you travel a lot, consider mobile broadband,” he says. “It gives you the freedom to work and play from almost anywhere in the country. Telstra offers the most coverage of any telco in Australia, and has the most robust 5G network, offering you flexibility and fast speeds.”

4. For Tailored Plans

If you come in-store, we can tailor the right plan to suit your individual needs, but here are some things to think about on your way in. “People use their phones and devices in so many ways, there can’t be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution,” says John Wong. “That’s why we work with customers to make sure they have everything they need.”

Which data profile is your ideal fit?

For Singles

Singles need a phone plan they can rely on, with plenty of data and unlimited calls to stay in touch with the people who matter most. Folks living alone might want to maximise their international calling plan, so they can keep in contact with friends and family overseas.

For Couples

Look for plans that allow sharing, with no excess data charges. Also, The Good Guys plans often come with a welcome bonus – such as a store credit, so you can upgrade your shared plan and get your partner that new phone they’ve been eyeing off.

For Families

Data sharing and the great value extras often offered with The Good Guys plans are also perfect for families. For example, a family might want to be able to pool their data so they’re covered if one month Dad is glued to the footy, and the next month Daughter gets into playing games online. Mobile phone plans at The Good Guys can even include store vouchers, so you could pick up a set of headphones for home schooling or work-from-home Zoom calls.

For Teens

Whether they’re video chatting with friends, consuming Twitch streams or are a budding social media star, teens need a lot of data and fast speeds. A 5G phone with data pooled from the whole family should be enough to keep them going.

For Professionals

Professionals need access to fast data at all times to keep them connected to work and family. Add in some international calls for keeping in contact with clients in a global world, and your workday connectivity is sorted.

For Small Business Owners

The only thing more important than lots of data and unlimited calls for owners of small businesses in these crazy times is keeping costs down. You need a reliable plan so customers and suppliers can always reach you, and a mobile data plan so you can keep working on the road meeting clients and suppliers. We can help you with plans to help unlock value when it comes to the cost of doing business.

For Seniors

Seniors might want a big data cap so they can video call their grandkids to read them a bedtime story every night, or maybe they just want the most basic plan possible so they can call in an emergency during their cross-country adventure. Whatever you need, we can make it happen.

“At The Good Guys, we pride ourselves on helping customers find exactly what they need. It’s why we’ve partnered with Telstra to provide the best plans, with the best coverage and service.”

5. For All The Accessories

There are so many great accessories available for phones these days, whether it’s a Cygnett tripod and ring light so you can make great content and win the prize for “Best looking employee” on the Zoom call, or a rugged UAG case for your next outdoor adventure. “If it exists and would help you in your day to day, there’s a good chance we have it in stock,” says John Wong.

6. For All The Options

“We know you’re busy and want to jump straight to getting the benefits out of your new device,” says John Wong. “And who wants to comb the web and go from store to store to find the right mobile data plan? Our mobile experts will help you choose between pre-paid and contract, they will help you work out how much data you need, and then determine the perfect plan for you. We’re also conveniently located, thanks to our huge network of stores. We make it easy for you.”

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