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September 8, 2023 - 4 min read


At The Good Guys, we are all about finding new ways to help you Pay Less for the home appliances and tech you need to keep your household (and life!) running smoothly. Our StoreCash> program is just another way we are helping Aussie families with the cost of living, by unlocking great rewards that help you Pay Less on a future purchase. Here’s what you need to know to start earning StoreCash> today.

A woman opens The Good Guys StoreCash digital wallet on her smartphone to check on latest offers and deals.

What Is StoreCash>?

StoreCash> is another way to Pay Less at The Good Guys, by earning StoreCash> on qualifying purchases to Pay Less on a future purchase!

To earn StoreCash> you must first sign up and download the StoreCash> Digital Wallet – it’s easy to do and free, then check The Good Guys’ website and catalogues, for terrific StoreCash> offers. Don’t forget to also stay opted in to receive marketing material so that The Good Guys can let you know about great offers and when your StoreCash> payments are made.

How Do I Earn StoreCash>?

It’s easy! First you must get The Good Guys StoreCash> Digital Wallet. It’s super easy to sign up and download to your phone! Then each time you make a qualifying purchase of products or services at The Good Guys, you’ll instantly earn StoreCash>. You can use the StoreCash> for your next purchase, and remember StoreCash> expires, so keep an eye on it! 

StoreCash> is another way to Pay Less at The Good Guys, by earning StoreCash> on qualifying purchases to Pay Less on a future purchase!
a woman sitting on her couch looking at her phone excitedly

How Does The StoreCash> Digital Wallet Work?

The StoreCash> Digital Wallet lives in your smartphone’s Google Wallet or Apple Wallet, and that’s where all your StoreCash> is stored until you’re ready to use it (or it expires!). Just be sure your phone Wallets are up to date and you can check out smart phone requirements in our FAQs here.

Be sure to turn on notifications to be alerted to new offers to earn more StoreCash>.  

Want to see what offers and StoreCash> you have? Simply open your StoreCash> Digital Wallet and tap the ‘more’ button on Apple devices or ‘Details’ on Google devices to see at a glance how much StoreCash> you have at any one time.

How Do I Redeem My StoreCash>?

Now for the fun bit! Each time you earn StoreCash>, it comes with a unique code that is valid for 90-days (unless otherwise stated). You simply use the code when making your purchase online, over the phone or at the check-out if you are in-store.

A lady opening up the StoreCash wallet on her mobile

Can I Use StoreCash> Online Too?

Absolutely. No matter where you earn your StoreCash>, you can spend it online, in any The Good Guys store or over the phone.

To use your StoreCash> online or over the phone - simply open your StoreCash> Digital Wallet and tap the ‘more’ button on Apple devices or ‘Details’ on Google devices to access your StoreCash> code and pin, which you can use online in the cart or tell the Team Member when making your purchase over the phone.

Does StoreCash> Expire?

All good things come to an end, and so does StoreCash>, it has a 90-day expiry (unless otherwise stated) – so you’ll need to spend it before it expires. But don’t worry, it’s easy to keep track of your StoreCash> expiry dates by checking the details in your Digital Wallet.

Can I Use StoreCash> To Buy A Gift Card?

That’s a no. You cannot spend StoreCash> on gift cards. 

Can Businesses Use StoreCash>?

Sorry, no! StoreCash> is for personal shopping only (limits apply). Businesses and commercial transactions are not eligible for the StoreCash> program.

A family sitting on their couch happily looking at their phones and laptops

Getting Started With StoreCash>

STEP 1: Sign Up

To sign up, all you need to do is fill in a quick form and agree to the terms and conditions. Access the sign-up form online, or in-store via the QR code. Just remember, you'll need to remain opted into The Good Guys marketing communications to stay up to date on your StoreCash> payments to your digital wallet and exciting offers. 

STEP 2: Download Your Digital Wallet

Once you’ve submitted your form, stay tuned to your mobile. We’ll send you an SMS with a link to download your unique Digital Wallet to your compatible Apple or Android smartphone.

STEP 3: Add Your Digital Wallet

Tap the SMS link and follow the simple instructions to add your Digital Wallet to your smart device wallet.

For Apple Wallet: Tap the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button. Once your card appears, click ‘Add’ on the upper right-hand corner to install. Once installed, open your Apple Wallet to access your new StoreCash> Digital Wallet.

For Google Wallet: Tap the ‘Save to Google’ button. Sign in to your Google account (if not already signed in). Click Save. Once saved, open your Google Wallet to access your new StoreCash> Digital Wallet.

STEP 4: Start Earning!

Earn StoreCash> on qualifying purchases made at The Good Guys. Look for offers on the individual product pages of The Good Guys’ website, as well as special offers sent directly to your Digital Wallet or inbox. Just remember, to be eligible for a StoreCash> reward you must make your qualifying purchase before the ‘offer ends’ date and have your eligible product/s collected/delivered within 60 days of purchase. All items on the receipt must be collected/delivered, so look out for products on back order that may delay your reward.

STEP 5: Start Using Your StoreCash>

The sweetest step of all! Your earned StoreCash> will be deposited directly into your Digital Wallet 5-business days after your qualifying purchase is collected/delivered. Then, you’ll have 90-days (unless otherwise stated) to use your StoreCash> at The Good Guys! (Some exclusions apply).

To see your StoreCash>, open your Digital Wallet and tap tap the details icon (for Google) or the details icon (for iPhones) to find your available StoreCash> and Offers.


Are you ready to join StoreCash>? Yes! Sign up here or learn more about the program and see the full StoreCash> Terms and Conditions here.


>Qualifying conditions, including signing up to StoreCash and downloading Digital Wallet before purchase. Individual product pages on The Good Guys website show which products earn StoreCash. StoreCash expires 90 days after issue and is issued within 5 business days after delivery/collection of qualifying purchase which must be within 60 days of purchase. Personal purchases only. Exclusions and purchase limits apply. Each StoreCash reward must be used in one transaction and no change/credit for any unused balance. Refer to StoreCash T&Cs & Digital Wallet T&Cs for details, including how to be notified about StoreCash deposits to your Digital Wallet.

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