5 Features To Look For In A Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner

October 18, 2023 – 5 min read

It’s the little things that count when it comes to choosing the right air conditioner. While the simplest reverse cycle split system will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, advancements and extra features can add even further comfort at home and help keep running costs down. Take a look at our top five features to look out for when it comes to buying your reverse cycle split system air conditioner.

Feature 1 – Air Filter

Indoor air quality has never been more important, and it plays a vital part in maintaining good health. Clean, fresh air in your home that’s free of dust, allergens, smoke, germs, mould spores and odours can be achieved with the right air conditioning filter.

While dust filters are standard to keep the unit clean and operational, some units include air purification filters and added protections for better air quality. Samsung’s Tri-Care Filter comprises three layers, including a high-density filter that has been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program.

And while Fujitsu’s Apple-Catechin Filter cleans the air by suppressing the growth of bacteria absorbed, its Ion Deodorisation Filter keeps the air smelling fresh.

Feature 2 – Noise Reduction

A loud air conditioner can be disruptive at home – and not just for your family, but neighbours too. By checking the noise levels of air conditioners before you buy, you won’t need to turn up the television to hear over it or turn it off on a hot night to sleep properly.

Many modern reverse cycle split system air conditioners also have a noise reduction feature that can make them whisper quiet. Fujitsu’s Super Quiet Mode adjusts the airflow of the indoor unit, making it one of the quietest reverse cycle split system air conditioners on the market. Perfect for a good night’s sleep.

“By checking the noise levels of air conditioners before you buy, you won’t need to turn up the television to hear over it or turn it off on a hot night to sleep properly.”

Feature 3 – Movement Sensor

One of the newest features to be added to air conditioners in recent years, a movement sensor can help conserve energy and improve the overall performance of your unit. When there is no-one in the room, your air conditioner adjusts the temperature or switches to low power mode accordingly. As soon as there is movement again, it powers back up to keep the room warm or cool as needed.

Hisense’s I Feel Mode goes one step further, allowing your unit to detect where you are in the room and direct the airflow to your position.

Feature 4 – Wi-Fi Connectivity

There are lots of benefits to having an air conditioner with internet connectivity. Firstly, you can control your unit via an app on your smartphone or device from any room in the house. You can also turn it on before you leave work, the supermarket or anywhere, to arrive home to a cool or warm environment. It’s also handy for when you’ve forgotten to turn the air conditioner off before leaving home or going on holiday.

Kelvinator’s Home Comfort app is designed to do all this and more. It also allows you to link your air conditioner to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, to control your unit with simple voice commands. Try the Kelvinator C7.1kW H8.0kW Reverse Cycle Split System.

A couple relaxes with air conditioner cooling their space

Feature 5 – Energy Efficiency, aka ‘Eco Mode’

The more energy-efficient your air conditioner is, the better it is for the planet and the less it costs to run. While some reverse cycle split system air conditioners cost more upfront than others, their running costs might be lower, meaning you’ll save money in the long term.

All air conditioners have a Zoned Energy Rating Label of up to 10 stars for both heating and cooling, with more stars meaning the unit is better for the environment. These replace the old Energy Rating Labels and provide a seasonal efficiency rating for three distinct climate zones across Australia. This allows you to determine how energy-efficient the air conditioner is in your particular climate, based on whether you’ll be using it more in summer or winter. It also provides noise indicators to show the volume in decibels of the internal and external units. However, some appliances may still show the prior Energy Rating Label, which will be phased out by 2025.

Samsung’s ECO Mode minimises energy consumption by operating at a lower compressor capacity. Many brands have a similar function and are the ideal choice for environmentally friendly and cost-conscious buyers.

Life at home is a whole lot better with an energy-efficient reverse cycle split system air conditioner to provide year-round comfort. Whether cooling your home for the hot summer months or warming it up for winter, visit us in-store or online to find out more about our full range of products.

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