Sound Preferences



Want to move on from the standard issue earbuds you received with your phone? Here’s what to consider:

Style & purpose

The style of headphones you choose is somewhat dependent on your personal preference, and largely influenced by how you intend to use them. Overhead headphones are comfortable and provide great sound for music fanatics, while if you’re looking for a set that won’t fall out of place as you listen to your favourite beats while enjoying your morning run, a set of wireless ear hooks are a great option.

Budget Headphones

Budget Headphones can range from $15 into the thousands. Factors that impact price include sound quality, noise cancellation capability, and frequency. Generally, bulkier overhead cans provide a better sound than comparatively priced in-ear sets.


It can be tricky to try before you buy headphones — especially in-ear sets. Technical commentator Trevor Long recommends reading multiple reviews and looking for commonalities in opinion to help form your choice.

Sound Preferences
Double up
Sennheiser over-ear HD202-II headphones, SNHD202II
Sound Preferences
Get active
Sony ear-hook sports headphones (black), MDRAS210APB
Sound Preferences
Red head
Blueant bluetooth sports over-ear headphones (red), 3064602
Sound Preferences
Sony bluetooth noise-cancelling over-ear headphones, MDRZX770BNB
Sound Preferences
Wireless workout
Philips wireless headphones, SHC5200
Sound Preferences
Light touch
Philips lightweight on-ear headphones, SBCHL140
Sound Preferences
Budget tunes
Sony in-ear headphones (blue), MDRE9LPL