8 Ways a Coffee Pod Machine Can Change Your Life

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Contemplating getting a coffee pod machine? Whether you’re weighing up one of the best coffee pod machines Australia has to offer or one of the cheapest coffee pod machines, a coffee pod machine can change your life in eight great ways.

8 Ways A Coffee Pod Machine Can Change Your Life

1. Café-quality Coffee at Home—Fast

Time is of the essence when you’re rushing around trying to get out the door in the morning. A coffee pod machine gives you café-quality coffee fast. You don’t need to know anything about making coffee. All you need is a few seconds to pop in a pod and press a button, then voila, a perfect coffee is ready.

2. Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

A coffee pod machine couldn’t be easier to use. You don’t need to grind beans or spoon out coffee, because that’s already been done for you and packed into the coffee pod. The hardest part is choosing the pod flavour you want! Coffee pod machines with a milk frother give you creamy cappuccinos and lattes without the hassle of cleaning the whole machine.

“All you need is a few seconds to pop in a pod and press a button, then voila, a perfect coffee is ready.”

3. No Mess, No Fuss

Making coffee with a percolator or French press can be time-consuming—grinding the beans and spooning out the coffee can make a mess, then you have to clean up afterwards—and if you want to use a high-tech coffee machine it requires some skill. Coffee pod machines are so much simpler, automatically giving you lovely coffee without any mess or fuss.

4. Impressive Entertaining

Along with delicious after dinner coffees, coffee pod machines can be used to make espresso martinis at home as well as homemade tiramisu, cappuccinos, macchiatos and affogatos which will no doubt impress your guests and make family get-togethers even more special.

5. Relaxing Weekends

At the end of a long week, instead of heading out for coffee you can stay in your PJs and make countless cups of café-quality coffee at home. Your coffee pod machine is there for you first thing in the morning, and in the afternoon when you need a little pick-me-up. Inviting friends over for coffee is a lovely way to catch up and unwind on weekends too.

6. BYO Coffee

Instead of heading to a café to spend $3-5 on coffee every day, you can use your coffee pod machine to make and take your own coffee with you in the mornings. BYO coffee in your own reusable cup means you’re using less takeaway coffee cups and plastic lids too.

7. Garden Compost

Once you’ve made a coffee with a pod, you can open it up and tip the coffee grounds inside onto your garden to compost and enrich the soil. You can also buy fully compostable pods from Tripod and biodegradable pods for Nespresso pod machines from Urban Brew.

8. Recyclable and Reusable

You can recycle Nespresso pods by dropping them off at one of 19,000 drop-off locations in Australia or by posting them back to Nespresso in specially designed Australia Post satchels. You can also choose to use reusable pods which you can buy from SealPod or BlueCup.

So there you have it, a Coffee pod or Coffee capsule machine will be a great addition to your kitchen. Super easy to use and super easy to brew - the only hard part will be which flavour and strength to choose!

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