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Refresh, deodorise and respect your clothes with the power of steam. Fisher & Paykel front load washers with Steam Refresh1 revive
and dewrinkle your clothes in minutes. Plus, complete your laundry suite with a matching Fisher & Paykel heat pump or condenser dryer for the ultimate fabric care.

Stylish graphite coloured washer and dryer side by side in laundry.

Ultimate Fabric
Care Solutions

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4 Reasons To Make The Switch To F&P Laundry

Close up of F&P Graphite Washing Machine.

Fabric Care 101: Laundry Tech You Need To Have

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Revealed! The Tips To Make Your Clothes Lasts


Spotlight On Fisher & Paykel Laundry

Discover our spotlight on Fisher & Paykel's Front Load Washing Machine and Heat Pump Dryer - the perfect solution for families. The Front Load Washing Machine features the innovative Steam Care function with 25 fabric care cycles and a 4.5-star water and energy rating! That's not all, with an 11kg capacity, ActiveIntelligence™ and the sleek graphite colourway, it will help you care for every corner of your wardrobe and seamlessly integrate to your home. Designed to match, the 9kg Steam Care Heat Pump Dryer will bring next level energy efficiency and fabric care. Learn more about Fisher & Paykel's Laundry Range innovative features in the cards below (click the 'Read More' buttons to find out more!).

Features of Fisher & Paykel Laundry

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Perfect Pairs

Fisher & Paykel's Laundry range are quite simply better together. Click 'Read More' to discover how this complimentary pairing can make a difference to your laundry.

Ultimate Fabric Care Solutions

Pairing Fisher & Paykel's Steam Care Suite will bring new levels of fabric care and convenience to your daily laundry. Click 'Read More' to discover all the incredible features!

Fisher & Paykel Washer dial twisted to Steam Refresh mode.

Energy Efficiency

Never choose between results, convenience and environmental impact with F&P's laundry range. Meet all of the energy efficient features F&P has to offer by clicking below.

Black garment being washed with perfect detergent thanks to F&P's auto-dosing

Auto-dosing Technology

Every wash is unique with ActiveIntelligence™ technology. Intelligent sensors determine the right amount of detergent based off the load - click 'Read More' to learn more.

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Optimise Wash Options

The pinnacle of fabric care, Fisher & Paykel machines feature LCD display screens with different cycles to choose from. Click 'Read More' for everything you need to know!

Inside a F&P Dryers drum turning back and forth to avoid tangling

TangleProtect Technology

Your wardrobe deserves specialised care, TangleProtect tech in F&P's Heat Pump Dryers will prevent tangling and balling during the dry cycle. Want to learn more? Click 'Read More'.

Note: *Check product Technical Specifications for specific features.

Real F&P Laundry Reviews

9kg Heat Pump Dryer

Haydene's Customer Review

"Dries all items very well without any item feeling dehydrated and stiff. Minimal noise during use more like a low humm. Can't believe how much water is extracted post use. Fantastic!"

10kg Front Load Washer

Owens's Customer Review

"This washing machine is by far the best I have ever own. Quick 1hr cycle, clothes clean and soft. Auto dosing, saved a fortune in laundry liquid. App connection to phone brilliant. 10 out of 10 machine"

9kg Heat Pump Dryer

Mlml's Customer Review

"My first heat pump dryer and it's amazing. Make sure you use the sheets setting so they don't ball up, very gentle on all items also."

10kg Front Load Washer

Michelle's Customer Review

"This is the best washing machine I've had, love how the machine automatically dispenses the liquid and conditioner, its quiet, and the machine cleans the clothes perfectly."

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White F&P Washer and Dryer side by side in modern laundry.

Fabric Care 101

Revealed! The tips and tech to make your clothes last.

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Fisher & Paykel Laundry FAQs

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Laundry Range

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Fisher & Paykel front load washers take the science of fabric care seriously, balancing water, temperature, detergent and movement for stunning results. With Auto-Dosing and Steam Refresh models to choose from - get ready for perfect results!


Fisher & Paykel top load washing machines are ergonomically designed for easy loading and unloading and use SmartDrive™ technology with fewer moving parts for a quieter and faster wash.

F&P Dryer in Graphite in sleek white cabinetry


Care for your clothes and the environment while you dry. Using a highly efficient heat exchange system, Fisher & Paykel heat pump dryers operate at a lower temperature to conserve energy while offering the best care for all fabric types.


Fisher & Paykel condenser dryers keep your laundry free of steam and moisture by collecting water in the dryer's reservoir that is easily emptied at the end of a cycle or plumbed in to your laundry sink while gently and efficiently drying your favourite fabrics.


Fisher & Paykel washer dryer combos feature a large washer and a condenser dryer in one. Great for smaller laundries, they feature excellent water and energy efficiency and a range of programs.