Air Conditioning Guide

A step-by-step guide to getting the right air conditioning solution for your home. These five simple steps make choosing air conditioning easy!

1. Choose the type and size




To calculate the approximate size of the room you wish to cool, simply multiply the length of the space in metres by width in metres.
For example 4m x 6m = 24 sqm.
See in store for expert advice on which air conditioner is right for you.
The buying guide makes choosing an air conditioner easy
2. Consider energy efficiency
Energy efficient appliances help you save on power bills. Heating and cooling appliances can use up to 40% of your household energy, so it’s wise to shop around before making a purchase. When comparing different air conditioning models, it’s important to consider the following:
The energy efficiency cooling guide has even more tips
3. Explore payment options
Payment options to suit your needs.
When shopping at The Good Guys, whether online or in store, there are a number of payments options you can choose from – cash, eftpos, credit cards, PayPal or interest free finance – so making a payment is easy and you get the item you need when you need it.
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With the interest free finance available at The Good Guys, you can pick up your new air conditioning today and pay later.

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4. Get it home, installed and protected
Cooling your place down fast is a breeze with The Good Guys’ help. For a stress free installation process, The Good Guys can organise delivery and installation of your new air conditioning. The installation process is completed by a certified installer, so you know everything is done safely and you’re covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Your installer will also show you how everything works, so you can start using it sooner. And for ongoing product protection and lots of extras, simply add Concierge to your purchase.
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Buying an air conditioning? The Good Guys delivery service to saves you time.
Buying an air conditioner? Make the most of The Good Guys installation service for added convenience.
Protect your new air conditioning with Concierge from The Good Guys.