Design The Perfect
U-Shaped Kitchen

July 26, 2021 - 5 min read

Deciding to renovate your kitchen is a big step, but it’s the first step to an exciting new change. You’re here because you’re interested in a U-shaped kitchen, but what is a U-shaped kitchen and is it the best choice for you? Here are some great tips and tricks to bring your new kitchen dream to life.

Kitchen Design Layout

Every good renovation starts with stepping back and assessing the space to work with, the desired functionality and personal taste. While U-shaped, L-shaped and Peninsula kitchens are great for medium to larger spaces, Galley, Straight-lined and Kitchen Islands work better for smaller to medium spaces. But each style is versatile enough to work with whatever space you have if you have the right design and appliances.

If you have a busy household that loves to cook and gather around the kitchen, the U-shaped kitchen is the one for you. Arranged in a u-shape design with 3 closed sides featuring cabinetry, appliances, fixtures and a benchtop peninsula, and one open side that opens into the living or dining area.

Boasting ample cabinet space and easy access to all sides of the kitchen, U-shaped kitchen designs are perfect for serious cooks who love cooking and serving large family feasts. Define your U-shaped kitchen with the perfect appliances from this carefully selected list from The Good Guys.

“Every good renovation starts with stepping back and assessing the space to work with, the desired functionality and personal taste.”

Appliances for U Shaped Kitchen

Choosing the right appliances is key to making the most of your U-shaped Kitchen. Use built-in appliances that fit flush against the cabinetry or highlight your large kitchen space with stunning freestanding appliances.

Wall Ovens for U Shaped Kitchens

The best feature of U-shaped kitchen designs is the open space within the U for you to move about freely or even cook with the family. Wall ovens help maximise your kitchen space by sitting within the cabinet space. The sleek glass and metallic finish adds a touch of elegance to your cosy kitchen.

Built in Microwaves for U Shaped Kitchens

Microwaves have traditionally battled for space on the benchtop, taking away precious benchtop real estate. Built-in microwaves are the ideal solution, remaining compact as an essential part of your cabinetry. Choose from various finishes like metallic or glass, and colours like black or white, to complement your kitchen style. Ensure you’ve made the right measurements while building the kitchen.

Built in Coffee Machines for U Shaped Kitchens

Every good home cook needs their own coffee machine, and this range of built-in coffee machines for your U-shaped kitchen strike the perfect balance between professional and Sunday morning cosy. Sleek lines, sharp edges and dark finishes add definition and character to your space.

Freestanding Ovens for U Shaped Kitchens

A U-shaped kitchen is a perfect way to showcase your state-of-the-art appliances, and freestanding ovens can make quite a visual statement. Design the ideal workspace for you to create beautiful meals and memories from this extensive range of freestanding ovens. Choose from dual fuel, electric or induction to match the way you cook. Find the finish that complements your kitchen cabinets, whether metallic, colour, black or white. And pick the size from four burner to multi-burner options that works best with your U-shaped kitchen layout.

Kitchen Sinks for U Shaped Kitchens

You’ll love the versatility of U-shaped kitchens when you start planning out the layout. It offers you the freedom to position your larger appliances in an order that feels natural to you. The placement of the kitchen sink is important – whether it’s on the peninsula or against one of the walls, the sink is anything but boring! Explore the range to find traditional ones to suit any style or modern ones that add an elegant edge to U-shaped kitchen designs.

Cooktops for U Shaped Kitchens

The cooktop is where the magic happens in the kitchen, from high-power gas burners to cutting-edge induction cooktops. Look through the wide range of cooktops on offer and you’re sure to find one that’s both a functional and creative addition to your U-shaped kitchen.

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