Marvellous Minis! The All-New, Space-Saving Appliances For Small Kitchens

February 4, 2022- 3 min read

Short on space? The good news is, the latest appliances come in all shapes and sizes to suit every kitchen, including the pint-sized ones. In fact, slimline appliances can wield just as much cooking, cleaning and cooling power as their bigger counterparts. It all comes down to choosing the right space-saving kitchen appliances for your needs. Create an area that’s big on looks and functionality with these small kitchen appliances designed for compact kitchens.

Small but luxurious kitchen in a modern apartment.

The Mini Cooktop

While four- or five-burner cooktops might be the norm in family kitchens, petite versions could be a better solution for smaller households, or when space is tight. Just think of all the bench space you will free up for meal prep. “When choosing a cooktop, think about how many people you cook for, the type of meals you cook and how often. This will help you decide how many burners you really need. Why try to squeeze in four burners if two will do the job?” says Geraldine Gillespie, The Good Guys Buyer – Cooking & Kitchenware.

Shop Mini Cooktops

Fisher & Paykel 30cm LPG Gas on Glass Cooktop Sleek and svelte in on-trend black glass, this designer cooktop features dual burners in different sizes, so it’s up for any culinary challenge. 

Miele 57cm Induction Cooktop Small in size, big on speed, this three-burner cooktop boasts a TwinBooster function that redirects the power of two cooking zones into one for rapid heating.

Breville The Quick Cook Induction Cooker Perfect for smaller homes, caravans and one-pot meals! Just plug in this itty-bitty, portable induction cooktop and when you’re done, pop it back in the cupboard to clear your benchtop.

The Microwave That Does It All

A small kitchen's best friend could possibly be this multitasking champion: the convection microwave oven. Not only does it reheat and defrost, it also bakes, roasts and grills with the best of them.

Shop Convection Microwaves

Panasonic 27L 4-in-1 Flatbed Convection Oven

This marvellous overachiever adds Turbo Steam to the standard grill, microwave and oven baking options. Its flatbed design (no turntable) makes cleaning a breeze.

Breville 32L 1200W the Combi Wave 3 in 1 

Whip up crunchy chips with the Air Fry function; roast a chicken with the Convection Oven function; or reheat your lasagne with the Inverter Microwave function.

Sharp 32L Inverter Convection Microwave - Black Stainless Steel

A handy sequence cooking feature lets you program up to four different cooking stages and times. So, you could defrost, microwave, then oven bake a frozen meal without leaving the couch.

A woman opens her dishwasher to replace her cutlery basket

The Slimline Fridge

When it comes to keeping things cool in your pool cabana kitchen or compact apartment kitchen, a slimline fridge just makes sense. “To make the most of the space in a smaller fridge, look for flexible shelving arrangements that let you adjust the interior space to your needs, whether that’s more room for fruit and veg or champagne,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Refrigeration & Laundry.

Shop Slimline Fridges

CHiQ 231L Bottom Mount Refrigerator This one hits the sweet spot between bar fridge and standard fridge with a separate freezer below. Its tall, slim design means big capacity in narrow spaces. Also perfect as a second fridge in a butler’s pantry.

Samsung 326L Top Mount Refrigerator With flat front doors and recessed handles, this fridge fits comfortably in most fridge cavities without protruding into valuable floor space. The detachable Ice Maker in the freezer can be removed to make more space for frozen produce.

Fisher & Paykel 104L Cool Drawer Save floor space and hide a drawer-style fridge in your kitchen cabinetry. This Cool Drawer converts to a fridge, pantry or freezer at the push of a button. Genius!

“To make the most of the space in a smaller fridge, look for flexible shelving arrangements that let you adjust the interior space to your needs.”

The Slimline Dishwasher

Life without a dishwasher? Never. No matter how small your kitchen, there’s room to fit a slimline dishwasher or a single drawer model.

Shop Slimline Dishwashers

Fisher & Paykel 60cm Single Dishwasher

Small but mighty, this hard-working drawer, which fits full-sized dinner plates, features six wash programs, plus Quick wash, Sanitise and Extra Dry options.

Bosch 45cm Freestanding Dishwasher

Get smart with the kitchen space in your rental with a compact freestanding dishwasher that can move house with you when the time comes. This one has Wi-Fi, so you can turn a load on from the office via your smartphone.

Miele 45cm Semi Integrated Dishwasher

A clever interior layout fits up to 10 place settings behind a svelte 45cm-wide door. Select the QuickPower Wash setting for sparkling clean and dry dishes in under an hour.

For more small but mighty fridges and cooking appliances that not only save on space but are big on style and performance, visit us in store or online. Be inspired by our kitchen bench styling ideas for big impact in a small kitchen.

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