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Need an appliance repaired? Call 1300 748 190

Not sure whether to repair or replace a broken household appliance? The Good Guys Home Services can arrange assessments and repairs for your products by fully qualified and insured professionals. If you didn’t purchase the appliance at The Good Guys, don’t worry—we’re here to help. If the result of your appliance assessment is that buying a replacement is your best option, you’ll get a Replacement Credit to put towards your new appliance at The Good Guys.

Stress-Free Appliance Repairs and Assessments

If your household appliance is in need of repair, regardless of where you purchased it, The Good Guys Home Services can help.
What’s next?

  1. Follow Your Repair Checklist to see if your product is already eligible for remedy under Australian Consumer Law (ACL). If your product is not eligible for repair under ACL, call The Good Guys Home Services on 1300 748 190 and explain the issue with your appliance. The Good Guys Home Services can confirm coverage in your area*, answer any queries, book and take payment for your assessment.
  2. The Good Guys Home Services Appliance Repair Team will then contact you** to assess your household appliance concern over the phone and, if necessary, arrange a suitable time for a fully qualified Repair Technician to perform an in-home assessment of the appliance.
  3. During your in-home assessment, if the Repair Technician determines that the fault:
    Can be repaired within 15 minutes and without any additional parts, the repairs will be completed for you immediately without any additional charges. Cannot be repaired in 15 minutes or requires additional parts, the Repair Technician will provide a quote, listing any parts and labour required before any work starts. At this time, you can choose to either accept or reject the quote.
  4. If a repair is not viable, or you decide not to proceed with the repair, you’ll receive a Replacement Credit to put towards your new appliance at The Good Guys. The Replacement Credit must be used in a single transaction, either in store or online. If you’re eligible for a Replacement Credit, it will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS once the repair service job has been closed by both yourself and the Repair Technician.

*The Good Guys Home Services offers repairs and assessments nationally, however some exclusions may apply for remote locations. Please call 1300 748 190 to confirm availability in your area.

**Customers will be contacted by The Good Guys Home Services Appliance Repair Team within approximately 30 minutes of purchasing the service. This applies Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm AEST. Appliance repair services purchased outside business hours will receive an assessment call the following business day.

Why choose The Good Guys Home Services?

Fully qualified, insured and reliable Repair Technicians will assess and repair your household appliance for you

The Repair Technicians can repair your household appliance, regardless of how old it is or where the appliance was purchased and all work is fully guaranteed

If a repair is not viable or you choose not to proceed, you’ll receive a Replacement Credit to put towards your new appliance at The Good Guys

Your Repair Checklist

The Good Guys Home Services repair service is specifically for older products that are no longer covered for breakdown or eligible for a remedy under Australian Consumer Law (ACL). So, before you book an appliance assessment and repair service with The Good Guys Home Services, it’s worth checking whether your appliance is already covered! Please check the following things:

  • Do you have a receipt or other proof of purchase for your appliance?
  • When did you purchase your appliance?
  • How much did you pay for your appliance?
  • Where did you purchase your appliance from?
  • Have you purchased product protection/extended warranty from the retailer you purchased your product from?

If you are satisfied that you’re not eligible for a remedy under Australian Consumer Law and your household appliance is not covered by an extended warranty, please call The Good Guys Home Services on 1300 748 190 to arrange an assessment and repair service. The Australian Consumer Law

The ACL provides consumers’ basic, guaranteed rights for goods they purchase (“Consumer Guarantees”) at no charge. The ACL requires that, taking account of the nature of goods, the price and other relevant circumstances, the goods must be free of defects, do what they are meant to do, be safe, durable and acceptable in appearance and finish, be fit for any particular purpose that the consumer makes known and comply with any description provided or demonstration model used.

Goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Whether a consumer is entitled to a remedy under the ACL will depend on the circumstances. Consumer Guarantees have no set time limit but generally last for an amount of time that is reasonable in the circumstances, given factors including the cost and quality of the goods and the use made of the goods.

Consumer Guarantees may continue even after the expiry of any Manufacturer’s warranty for the goods. The amount of time that Consumer Guarantees last in the case of a specific purchase varies depending on the circumstances. Consumers with a claim for breach of a Consumer Guarantee should contact the retailer of the goods at first instance. If you are unable to reach resolution with the retailer or manufacturer as to the remedy, you should seek independent advice and/or contact the ACCC or your state/territory fair trading body.

They will take into account a number of factors including but not limited to;

  • The type and quality of your product
  • How much your product cost
  • How old it is
  • How it’s been used

If you feel that your appliance should be covered under Australian Consumer law, we encourage you to contact the retailer where you purchased your product. They’ll be able to assist you in pursuing a claim. If your purchase was made The Good Guys, please click here for the relevant store details.

If you’re unsure if your appliance should be repaired under Australian Consumer Law, we encourage you to contact the ACCC or your state/ territory fair trading body, who will be able to answer your questions.

ACCC Contact Details
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Infoline: 1300 302 502
Indigenous Infoline: 1300 303 143

Quick and Easy Appliance Repairs

Just call 1300 748 190 if you’d like The Good Guys Home Services to make life easier for you by arranging:

  • Washing machine repairs (LG washing machine repairs, Bosch washing machine repairs, Whirlpool washing machine repairs, Fisher and Paykel washing machine repairs, Asko washing machine repairs, LG washing machine repairs, Miele washing machine repairs, Electrolux washing machine repairs and any other brand)
  • TV repairs (Samsung TV repairs, LG TV repairs, Hisense TV repairs, TCL TV repairs and any other brand)
  • AC repairs (Fujitsu air conditioner repairs, Mitsubishi AC repairs, Kelvinator air conditioner repairs and any other brand)
  • Fridge repairs (Westinghouse fridge repairs, Fisher and Paykel fridge repairs, Whirlpool fridge repairs, LG fridge repairs and any other brand)
  • Dishwasher repairs (Fisher and Paykel dishwasher repairs, Miele dishwasher repairs, Bosch dishwasher repairs, LG dishwasher repairs, Asko dishwasher repairs, Electrolux dishwasher repairs and any other brand)
  • Oven repairs (Westinghouse oven repairs, Bosch oven repairs, Electrolux oven repairs, Smeg oven repairs, Miele oven repairs, Blanco oven repairs, Technika oven repairs, Chef oven repairs and any other brand)
  • Cooktop repairs (electric cooktop repairs, ceramic cooktop repairs, gas cooktop repairs, induction cooktop repairs for any brand)
  • Freezer repairs
  • Clothes dryer repairs (Simpson dryer repairs, Fisher & Paykel dryer repairs, Miele dryer repairs, Asko dryer repairs, Westinghouse dryer repairs, Bosch dryer repairs and any other brand)
  • Home entertainment system repairs

Looking for a reliable professional to do your Samsung repairs, Fisher and Paykel repairs, Bosch repairs, Westinghouse repairs, LG repairs, or repairs for any other appliance brand?. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere else in Australia. Call The Good Guys Home Services on 1300 748 190.

The repair call out cost is fixed at just $179 and if additional parts and labour are required these costs will be discussed with you first before proceeding.

How do I buy Appliance Repair and Assessment Services?

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