Whether you’re looking to rustle up the perfect batch of chips or try your hand at spring rolls or samosas, investing in
a deep fryer should be high up on your kitchen wish list. This guide will show you how to buy a fryer, including a
number of factors you may not have considered.

Features Of Fryers

Basket Capacity

Fryers usually come in small, medium and large, with capacity measured in litres. Smaller units may be around 1.2 litres, while larger appliances can reach 5 litres or more, depending on the make and model. You may also want to opt for a fryer that offers twin baskets, enabling you to fry two separate foods at once.

Rotating Basket

A popular feature on many deep fryers is a rotating basket, as they require much less oil than traditional models. This makes your food crispier and healthier than if it were made in a regular fryer, while also saving you space as you can opt for a product with a lower capacity.

Temperature Regulation

Knowing when your oil is at the right temperature can be the difference between delicious fried wonders and wet and soggy food. So you may want to buy a fryer that has an adjustable thermostat, as well as indicator lights and a timer to take all of the guesswork out of the equation.

More Tips For
Choosing A Fryer

Safety Features

Deep frying food has come a long way since the days when people filled a pan with oil and waited for it to heat up to the right temperature. This method can cause the oil to burst into flames if it gets hot enough, making it a potential fire hazard. Here are just some of the safety features on modern fryers:

  • Cool touch: insulation for exterior handles
  • Locking lid: contains splashing
  • Non-slip base: prevents splashing or spilling when accidentally nudging the fryer
  • Automatic shut-off: cuts power to the appliance to stop overheating
  • Exterior basket control: allows you to lower food in the oil while the lid is closed

Air Fryers a New Healthier Alternative

Manufacturers are now producing air fryers, which use heated air to fry food rather than oil. The air can reach up to 200 degrees C and is circulated around the fryer’s contents to provide a crisped and browned effect. These devices are also able to cook other foods not traditionally prepared in a fryer, such as cakes, vegetables and roasted meats.

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