The OPPO Phone You Should Consider

April 4, 2022 – 3 min read

Smartphones are forever evolving, offering incredible technology at your fingertips. It is now possible to own a smartphone that houses all the techy features that matter to you – and it just got even better with the OPPO Find X5 Series. This OPPO phone has amazing photographic abilities, an impressive battery life and thoughtful additions to make your life easier.

OPPO’s newest mobile advancement, the Find X5 Series, showcases futuristic technology and an elegant design to help you get the most out of your smartphone. Keen to know more? Here’s the breakdown on the various models and why you should consider OPPO’s Find X5 Series.

Boy and Girl Playing on their oppo Find X5 phones whilst camping

Photography On-The-Go

Nowadays, you don’t need a big camera to get big shots. We all can enjoy the ease of capturing vibrant photographs from our trusty smartphone and the Find X5 Series is no exception.

Featuring the latest photographic advancements from Night Photography to Portrait Mode, you will be spoilt for choice when wanting to snap that stunning sunset or the perfect selfie.

For an extra premium touch, OPPO have partnered with renowned camera brand Hasselblad, to create Hasselblad Camera for Mobile - you’ll be able to capture studio quality shots just like a true pro on the Find X5 and Find X5 Pro models.

Girl taking a photo with her oppo Find X5 phone of another girl in a car

”Featuring the latest photographic advancements from Night Photography to Portrait Mode, you will be spoilt for choice when wanting to snap that stunning sunset or the perfect selfie.”

Power Up!

Looking for battery power that lasts? There’s nothing worse than your phone running out of power whilst you’re on the go – well now it can become a thing of the past. The Find X5 Series is packed with superior battery life, so you can pack more into your day to day!

Leaving in a hurry? The super-fast charging feature will come in handy, requiring less than an hour to reach 100% charge.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

It’s often the small things that matter, and in the Find X5 Series there are countless well-thought-out decisions that make a world of difference.

This range is made for people, designed to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, so that work and pleasure, become simple to access. Here are some sweet features that could help make your life easier:

On The Go

In today’s day and age, a lot of us look at our phone constantly. This offers a world of convenience but can also take a toll on our eyes.

Bionic Eye Protection featured in the Find X5 Series has dynamic dimming speeds that match the sensitivity of our eyes. This means that you can enjoy comfort when working on the go, or anywhere for that matter!

Oppo Find X5 Phone charging on charger

Enter A New Wave

There’s nothing worse than smearing food or smudging oily fingers on your cherished phone. If you love to follow your favourite recipes on your device while cooking – this makes it even more difficult.

Enter Air Gestures. It’s the revolutionary update from the ‘thumb scroll’ – you’ll be able to scroll through any of your favourite apps with the wave of your hand. This is ideal for answering calls or using your phone whilst out and about, cooking or during an exercise session!

The Chatterbox

If you always want to stay connected, the Find X5 Series has got you covered! With 360° Smart Antenna 3.0 you’ll be able to stay connected no matter how you hold your phone.

Someone cooking using their oppo Find X5 Mobile

Choosing The Right Model For You

Starting to think this range might be the perfect fit for you? The next decision will be which of the three models is right for you. Here’s a deep dive into each model to help you choose!

The Find X5 Pro

Want the best of the best? The top of the range OPPO Find X5 Pro has all the impressive features - from 4K Ultra Night Video to superior battery power, you will be spoiled for choice with amazing capabilities. If taking high quality pictures matter to you, you’ll love the Hasselblad Camera alongside Bionic Display and stacks of storage!

Find X5

Don’t call yourself a tech guru but still love capturing the perfect snap then this might be your match … still housing 4K Ultra Night Video, a Hasselblad Camera for Mobile and Bionic Display you will be more than able to capture all those life moments, and with stunning clarity!

Find X5 Lite

Finally, the OPPO FX5 Lite is great for trendy users such as gamers. Featuring Integrated 5G SoC + HyperBoost empowered gaming, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favourites! Whilst still having some improved photographic elements like portrait mode, Bokeh flare portrait video and AI highlight video.

Someone pulling the oppo Find X5 out of their bag

Want to be sure before you make the switch? Check out our Mobile Phone Buying Guide for all our handy tips and advice. Find out more information on our mobile range and offers, visit us in-store or online for further details.

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